Dinosaur Free Printable Kids Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is almost here and that means I am on the hunt for adorable kids valentine cards. I have four kids so that means finding budget-friendly options is at the top of my list. These dinosaur free printable kids valentine cards aim to be uber adorable and trendy while still being on budget and […]

Free Printable Valentine’s Day Treat Bag Topper!

My kids are looking forward to Valentine’s Day celebrations at school and that means it is time for me to get creative and figure out some fun (and tasty!) treats to share with their friends at school. I’ve already shared with you my adorable woven heart baskets that I’ll be giving each of my kids […]

Valentine’s Day Date Night In Idea + Gift Idea For Your Hubby!

Do you have a romantic Valentine’s Day planned out yet? Oh wait. You don’t have a babysitter? No problem! As a mom of four kiddos myself I definitely know that romantic holidays like Valentine’s Day can often be the hardest days to find a sitter. That doesn’t mean you need to forgo a fun date […]

Woven Heart Basket Pattern & Tutorial! Create A Valentine’s Day Basket!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and as a mother of four I have more than just my hubby to be thankful for. I want each of my four children to know how loved they are on Valentine’s Day too! Valentine’s Day is about more than just the love and romance of my husband […]

No Time For Scrapbooks? Use This Instead!

I have never been good at documenting memories. I look back at my dating years with my hubby and there are hardly any photos of us. It was the day and age when social media didn’t exist like it does today and no one shared their every waking moment online. Now I look back at when […]

DIY Giant Kiss Made With Rice Krispies + FREE Printable Kiss Tags!

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful holiday! It celebrates love and what could be more happy than love? Valentine’s Day has evolved to include my children in the holiday as well as my husband. It’s not just about romance anymore, it’s about love. The love you have for your husband, the love you have for your […]

Valentine’s Day Treats & Desserts To Bake & Gift!

Valentine’s Day Treats are the sweetest treats to make! Okay, I couldn’t help myself with that little pun. It was completely intended. That said, I do think Valentine’s Day treats are some of my favorite treats to make! All the love and friendship in the air and everything decorated in my favorite colors, pink and […]

DIY Valentines For Kids To Make & Give

My kids love making their own  DIY Valentine’s Day cards and I feel like they are so much more meaningful when they are handmade! It’s the perfect project to get the kids involved with and the results are adorable. Here are DIY Valentines for kids to make and give. These ideas are awesome! 1. Heart […]

DIY Valentine’s Day Puppy Card Box Tutorial

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and that means your child is going to need an adorable card box to collect all those Valentine’s in! Danika needed to make a card box to bring to school for her class party and she knew she wanted a puppy card box since puppies seem to be […]

Cute Homemade Play Dough Valentine’s!

This is my first year having a child in school! Danika is in preschool so that means we get to do class Valentine’s this year! Danika’s favorite thing is playdough and since I knew the kids would be getting plenty of sugar from the other kids I thought what better idea than to do homemade […]

Disney Princess App Sale for Valentine’s Day! Get them at just $1.99 instead of $4.99!

I never thought I would give my kids my iPad but inevitably I did and they love playing the kids apps on it. They are always asking for new games so they have become a treat and a reward for good behavior. Just in time for Valentine’s Day Disney has put some of their greatest […]

DIY Valentine’s Day Gumball Candy Dish! Great Teacher Gift for under $5!

Danika is in preschool now and goes 2 full days a week. She rides the bus to and from school! It’s amazing to me that at four years old she is already doing things that I did as a first grader. I have to admit that I am a little excited for the fun “school […]

Send Valentine’s Day Cards This Year! + 2 Day Flash Giveaway!

Remember the good ‘ol days when you used to get paper Valentine’s Day cards? I have to admit that as tech savvy and Internet loving I am, I still prefer a paper card. I do not want an email “card”. It just doesn’t feel like a card. It doesn’t feel special and paper cards just […]