I’m sarah

Busy Mom
I have four amazing children and our household of six is BUSY. Finding balance and a peaceful home is the KEY to making things work. My husband David is amazing and so supportive of all that I do.

RN and Natural Health Practitioner
I have a passion for health and wellness. I am a Registered Nurse and natural health practitioner and have a burning passion to help other moms lead their families to a life of health and wellness through lifestyle changes, a clean diet and natural remedies.

Crafter and Home Designer
Some of my other interests, besides healthy living, include crafting with my Cricut and designing gorgeous home decor.


More about Sarah..

Sarah’s Cricut craft projects have been featured in Cricut Magazine. Sarah has a great eye for design and enjoys crafting new projects with her Cricut to decorate her remodeled home. Sarah and her husband David are very handy and creative and have remodeled their entire home and have shared those DIY projects here on Must Have Mom. If you are looking for ways to update your home and decor on a dime then this is the spot to find the best ideas. Sarah enjoys traveling with her family and spending quality time together when she’s not crafting or coming up with a new, healthy recipe in her kitchen.

crafts & DIY Projects