These A to Z letter crafts are a great way to learn the alphabet while crafting and having fun! We have free printable letter templates for each letter along with an object to go with them. These are BIG on fun while also being educational.


A TO Z letter crafts


Do you have a child in preschool or kindergarten who is learning their letters? These A to Z letter crafts are a fun way to teach the alphabet while crafting and having fun. We have all the free printables for you to create each letter craft too!


A to Z Letter Crafts

These A to Z letter crafts are a fun way to learn about the alphabet and increase letter recognition. As you do these crafts we suggest talking about the letter name, letter sound and practice those during the craft. We made each of these alphabet crafts using craft foam but you could also use construction paper if you prefer.

Links to each individual letter craft are below. Click the letter you’d like and you’ll be taken to the directions for that letter.


Letter of the Week preschool activities! Letter recognition Letter A craft idea with free printable letter "A"


Letter A Craft

We begin with the letter A craft! A is for ant. This fun craft uses pipe cleaners for the ant’s legs and includes the free A template. You could pair this craft with our free bug scavenger hunt too for a fun day of activities!


Letter of the Week craft activity idea! Letter "B" is for Buttons craft DIY tutorial and free printable letter B template.


Letter B Craft

B is for buttons! This letter B craft works on fine motor skills while cutting out circles and making your own foam/paper buttons! Get the free templates too.


Letter of the Week craft activity idea! Letter "C" is for Chicken craft DIY tutorial and free printable letter C template.


Letter C Craft

C is for chickens! The letter C alphabet craft creates adorable little chickens to be glued on the letter C.



Letter D Craft

Let’s learn about the desert! You can learn about the letter D and the desert at the same time with this fun letter D craft.


Weekly letter craft series! E is for Elf with free printable E and Elf templates. Kids preschool letter craft idea.


Letter E Craft

This E is for elf alphabet craft is great for Christmastime or anytime! Name your elf and have fun with this cute little guy.


Weekly letter craft ideas. F is for fly kids craft idea. Educational kids activity


Letter F Craft

F is for fly! Those pesky little flies can be adorable too. Create this F is for fly letter craft and talk about how many eyes a fly has!

Weekly letter craft series! G is for Globe kids craft idea. Free printable letter template.


Letter G Craft

Let’s learn about the globe! G is for globe alphabet craft is a fun way to talk about how big the world is!


Weekly letter craft series! Letter H is for Hamster kids craft idea with free printable to teach letter recognition.


Letter H Craft

This adorable little hamster is the perfect critter for our H is for hamster craft!


Weekly letter craft ideas for kids! I is for Iguana kids craft. Great for letter recognition and cutting and tracing skills!


Letter I Craft

This cool iguana is a great way to learn about the letter I! I is for iguana in this fun alphabet activity.


Weekly letter craft ideas! J is for jaguar kids craft to learn letter recognition!


Letter J Craft

J is for jaguar in this letter J alphabet craft. Make your own adorable baby jaguars!


Weekly letter craft ideas! K is for kangaroo kids craft to learn letter recognition!

Letter K Craft

K is for kangaroo in this Aussie themed craft! Grab this cute kangaroo letter K alphabet craft and talk about kangaroos and marsupials.


Letter of the Week L is for Lemon letter craft. Educational kids activities to learn letter recognition.

Letter L Craft

When life gives you lemons make lemonade! This l is for lemon letter craft pairs perfectly with our slow-brewed lemonade recipe.


Weekly letter craft M is for Mouse. Free printables for preschool letter craft.

Letter M Craft

I just love this adorable little mouse and his cheese! Letter M is for mouse! Grab the free templates and talk about where cheese comes from.


Weekly letter craft series N is for Night. Alphabet activities and crafts with free printables.

Letter N Craft

N is for night. What happens at night. The moon and stars come out and it is time to sleep and let our bodies rest. Learn about the letter N and nighttime with this letter N craft.


Weekly letter craft O is for Orca. Great for preschool letter recognition. Free printables for teachers and parents!


Letter O Craft

O is for Orca! Talk about orcas and where they live. This letter O craft pairs great with our ocean sensory bin activity too!


P is for Panda Kids letter craft with free printables! Great alphabet series for teachers to teach letters!


Letter P Craft

P is for panda! You can talk about where pandas live, what they eat and what colors they are. Grab this letter P craft now.


Q is for Quail letter craft. Perfect for preschool and kindergarten educational kids activities with free printables.

Letter Q Craft

Q is for quail! Who knows what a quail is? You’ll learn about the letter Q and can discover what a quail is at the same time. This letter Q craft is tons of fun.


R is for Rainbow letter craft for kids! Fun weekly letter craft series with free printable templates for fun kids activities.


Letter R Craft

Our letter R craft is colorfully fun! R is for rainbow. This pairs great with our rainbow jello, rainbow fish celery painting or our rainbow jello sensory bin idea.


s is for sailboat craft


Letter S Craft

S is for sailboat with this letter S alphabet craft. What is a sailboat and where does it go? Talk about sailboats and the letter S with this fun craft.

glue tent and fire pit to letter


Letter T Craft

T is for tent with this letter T craft! Let’s talk about camping and the letter T. Pair this alphabet craft with some camping themed food ideas.


u is for unicorn


Letter U Craft

Everyone loves unicorns! U is for unicorn in this letter U craft. Pair this letter craft with our unicorn skillet cookie recipe or this unicorn wand craft.


Letter V is for Volcano Craft

Letter V Craft

V is for volcano in our letter V craft! Talk about volcanos and what makes them erupt. What comes out of them and where are they located?


letter W watermelon craft

Letter W Craft

The letter W craft is one of my favorite fruits…watermelon! W is for watermelon so you can talk all about watermelon! Pair this with our melon ball punch recipe for a fun drink while you craft.


x is for xray craft


Letter X Craft

The letter X craft is for X-ray! Talk about what an x-ray is and when you might need one.


letter y craft


Letter Y Craft

Letter Y is for yarn! Talk about all the ways you can use yarn! This craft pairs great with our DIY sewing cards that use yarn.


letter Z is for Zebra foam letter craft

Letter Z Craft

The letter z is for zebra in this fun alphabet craft! Pair this craft with our jungle themed food ideas.