Rainbow Jello Sensory Bin Activity

Try this fun rainbow jello sensory bin activity with your kids and see the magical reactions when baking soda and vinegar meet in a colorful combination!


rainbow jello sensory bin


Rainbow Jello Sensory Bin

This fun rainbow jello sensory bin activity is perfect for toddlers and older kids because it can be adapted for different ages. Incorporate different lessons into the sensory play activity and it becomes an educational experience.


powdered jello sensory bin


How To Make A Rainbow Jello Sensory Bin

To make this rainbow jello sensory bin you’ll need:

  • JELL-O in the shades of the rainbow, we went with seven colors
  • baking soda to cover the bottom ½ inch of a baking dish or similarly styled tray with side walls
  • 1 to 2 cups of distilled vinegar (give them a little at a time or talk with your kiddos about saving some to use throughout the project)



Optional fun goodies to add in to expand upon the play:

  • pipets or medicine dispensers
  • spoons
  • sifters
  • funnel
  • vehicles
  • plastic animals
  • glitter


rainbow jello play idea


Begin by spreading the baking soda across the bottom of a tray. Open the JELL-O packets and pour each of the colors on top of the baking soda in circles, lines, a rainbow…  Try to leave a little bit of plain baking soda between each of the colors so the baking soda and vinegar can work their magic.

Sprinkle and sift a little extra baking soda over the colors or lightly mix the JELL-O powder and baking soda together a little bit.


rainbow jello sensory bin


Help your little ones fill the spoons or pipets with the distilled vinegar and let them discover the fun that can be had when fantastically bright JELL-O is mixed into the bubbling reaction that baking soda and vinegar have together.


rainbow jello sensory bin


You can talk with your child about color mixing and the results or for older kids introduce color wheel concepts. Most importantly, dig in and have fun!


playing in rainbow jello sensory bin


Introduce additional toys such as toy vehicles to drive through the newly created colors!


rainbow jello play bin


Let your child continue adding the vinegar and creating magical reactions in the rainbow jello sensory tray!


rainbow jello sensory bin


This is a great activity for kids of all ages. Toddlers will enjoy the sensory play with cars, toy animals, pipettes and funnels. Older kids will learn about the reaction of vinegar and baking soda with the fun addition of a rainbow of color thanks to the rainbow jello you added. This is a great homeschooling activity or fun rainy day play!

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Fun rainbow jello sensory bin for sensory play! Fun kids activities idea.

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  2. The post is exciting. It explores the Rainbow Jello Sensory Bin Activity. The fun-packed rainbow jello sensory bin activity is ideal for toddlers and older kids since it can be adapted for diverse ages. Integrate diverse lessons into the sensory play activity and it develops into an educational experience. Going through the post will help you to understand how to make a rainbow jello sensory bin. The images added in the article increases its overall reading experiences.

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