I’m So Lucky To Be Your Mom Free Printable Notes

Sometimes life can get so busy that we forget to focus on the little things that mean a LOT. Let your kids know how special they are with this I’m so lucky to be your mom free printable note! This is a great way to love your kids!!     Mornings tend to be extra […]

This 1 Tip Can Save Your Kids From Online Predators! A MUST READ!

Gone are the days when worrying your child will access dirty magazines was the height of your fears. Now predators are able to come right into our child’s bedroom, our living room or even on the couch next to us, right under our noses. It’s a scary, digital world and many parents are left asking […]

Mobile Parenting: Raising Healthy and Strong Teenagers in the Digital Age

These days, most teenagers seem to be attached by the thumbs to their smartphones. If you’re the parent of an adolescent, you’ve probably seen this for yourself. It’s always been a challenge to raise healthy, strong kids. In the digital age, even more so. Which apps are beneficial? Which apps should parents disallow? Which apps […]

Free Printable Chore List For Kids!

After School To Do List Every day my kids come home from school and drop their coats and backpacks and suddenly forget what they are supposed to be doing. Rather than nag them every day or do it myself, I began writing out a after school to do list for them each day. This has […]

James Patterson Kids Books! NEW Sci-Fi Junior High + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Do you have a young reader in your house? There is a new book out from James Patterson kids books in his Jimmy Patterson’s children’s book offerings. Sci–Fi Junior High by John Martin and Scott  Seegert is aimed at readers age 8 and up, but advanced readers (like my 7 year old!) will love it too! […]

Crazy Hair Day Ideas Girls Cupcake Hairdo

Crazy Hair Day Ideas Girls If you are searching for crazy hair day ideas girls styles then chances are your child has crazy hair day at school. I will admit that I wish I were better at creative hairstyles for my daughter because she has this crazy beautiful uber long hair that is dying to […]

5 Things You Should STOP Doing for Your Toddler

It can be hard to let go when our babies grow up and become toddlers. We want to hang on to that little baby and refuse to accept that time truly does go by so fast. If you have found yourself realizing that your little baby is now a toddler then read on for the […]

Smores Nutella Puppy Chow Recipe! Puppy Chow Recipe Without Peanut Butter!

I’ll warn you before you even read any further on this Smores Nutella Puppy Chow Recipe…It’s ridiculously good, better than the original puppy chow recipe and it’s HIGHLY addictive! I made some two days ago and it was gone last night. I had 2 bowls and my family devoured the rest. It’s amazing and my […]

Why I Put My Kids To Bed At 7 Every Night + Brentwood Home Twin Mattress Giveaway!!

As a mother to four young children I can speak from experience when I say sleep begets sleep. What does this mean? In a nutshell, well-rested children sleep better, whereas sleep-deprived children often have a harder time sleeping well. I have found this to be true with all four of my children and while it […]

10 Natural Teething Remedies That ACTUALLY Work!

If you have ever driven to Walmart at 2am with a screaming baby (me waving my hand wildly!), then you know that being prepared when you have a child that is of age to be teething is a necessity. I only did that once and from then on, I made sure I was always prepared […]

Should I Give My Baby Peanuts To Avoid Peanut Allergy?

As a parent we face many trials and dilemmas while raising our children. There are so many debates and opinions out there on everything from pacifier use to breastfeeding. One thing that is rising in incidence seems to be food allergies. You’ll find that they are running rampant among our children and no one seems […]

Free Printable Kids Christmas Wish List Santa Letter

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the big toy catalog to arrive in the mail so I could go through it and circle the things I wanted the most. I grew up with a fair amount of toys but nowhere near the amount of toys that my own kids have today. In […]

Blueberry Frozen Yogurt Pops Recipe + Other Natural Teething Relief Tricks!

As a parent it is never easy to see your children in pain. When babies are teething it can be miserable for both the baby and the parents! Today I’m bringing you some fantastic natural teething remedies that work! These frozen yogurt pops will soothe sore gums and bring some much needed relief to your […]

Must Have Holiday Traditions: Christmas Eve Boxes

One of my children’s favorite holiday traditions is to open up their Christmas Eve boxes on the night before Christmas. This holiday tradition is something we do every year and I just love tradition. Traditions give our kids something to look forward to every year. They deliver a sense of security in having a routine […]

Teaching Finances: Credit Card Tips for Parents of Young Adults

Credit cards can either be incredible tools or something that should be avoided for those that don’t know what to do with it. Credit mistakes aren’t only costly, but can hurt your credit score and make it harder to establish a credit for loans and other big financial events in the future. Parents should teach […]

How Your Teen Can Skip Metal Braces & Get Straight Teeth Guaranteed! No Braces Required!

Getting braces has become such a common thing, however many teens are still very self conscious about having metal braces. Thankfully, there is a way for your teen to skip metal braces and still get straight teeth, and there is a guarantee behind it! I’ll show you how you can save your teen the annoyance […]

How to Talk to Your Child About Online Safety and ACTUALLY Get Them to Listen!

Talking to your child or teen about online safety can seem like an overwhelming task and certainly is one of those things that is easy to put on the back burner. This day and age though it should be ranking at the top of our to do list. With stories in the news every day […]

First Aid Kit Must Haves for Kids from Convenient Care Now

This is a sponsored post from Convenient Care Now.  All opinions are as always, 100% my own. This service is currently only available in New Jersey.  It is that time of year when everyone seems to be on the go.  From school events, to extra activities, sports games and more, we are all busy and […]