Free Printable Family Clothing Sizes List

It is that time of year when everyone is thinking about holiday shopping. From Grandparents to Aunts and Uncles, and even family friends you have to remember clothing sizes for each member of the family and even try and come up with what they need. I’ve made it easier with this Free Printable family clothing sizes list. 


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Sometimes I feel as though I field 10 calls a day just telling everyone what sizes everyone wears now and who needs what.  And of course, I always end up saying the wrong size because these kids seem to grow overnight. Then there is at least one thing they really need that I forget to relay. This free printable takes all the guesswork out of it.


Free Printable Family Clothing Sizes List

Do you have a larger family and find that keeping up with who needs what and who wears what size is a full time job? These free printables will have you organized and ready for holiday shopping in no time.

I always keep one list for myself in my purse, because you never know when you may stumble across a great deal when you are out.  I also keep some extra lists handy for other family members who are looking to shop for holidays or birthdays.

I have two different lists so you can be sure to pick the style you like the most. Because what fun is it if we all like the same thing. You can also use one for your own list and a different color to hand out to others so you are sure you don’t give away your list!


Colorful Family Clothing Sizes List

Just click on the image to download your list. Then print it off and hand it out or keep it in your purse for reference when you are out shopping.

Free printable family clothing sizes list

Pink Family Clothing Sizes List

Print this list as well or choose which list you like better! They both contain the same information, just in different color schemes.


Free printable family sizes list


I love that these family clothing sizes lists have spots for things they need also. With having 4 kids it often seems like I am mixing up who needs what. Now I have no more problems with my daughter getting 3 pairs of pajamas when she really needs sweaters.

Do you have a trick for keeping your families clothing sizes organized and ready to give out if needed?


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  1. oh wow how nice with 17 grandkids its hard for me to remember the sizes very good,so this would be awesome

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