50 Fun Things To Do Outside For Kids!

Spring is coming, okay, technically it’s officially spring here in Minnesota, but it’s still freezing and snowing soo…it’s coming. That means it will be time to get outside. Here are 50 fun things to do outside for kids! You’ll always have an answer when they say, “Mom, I’m bored!”. Be sure to bookmark this list.


Boy playing outside on a blanket


50 Fun Things To Do Outside For Kids

Different kids spend their free time differently; there are those who love playing with their friends and others who love reading books. Regardless of your kid’s interests, you can help them have fun outdoors whether you are with them or not. Here are 50 fun things to do outside so your kids never have to suffer from boredom!

  1. In-Home-Picnic – yes, you do not have to pack and leave your home to be on a picnic with your kid. Just take the food you had planned to take for lunch, lay a picnic mat or even a blanket on your backyard and spend some quality family time with your son or daughter.
  2. Reading the books they like under the trees
  3. Catching and releasing bugs in your garden
  4. Making an array of bird feeders and then using them to feed birds outside the house
  5. Hiking – you can find a good hiking trail near your home, put on the right running shoes, and explore the nature with your kid.
  6. Planting trees and vegetables in the garden – since kids love digging in dirt, planning some flowers and vegetable this summer will not be a bad idea.
  7. Riding bikes
  8. Making and  playing in a sandbox
  9. Playing around with sidewalk chalk – regardless of how old your kid is, he or she will definitely love playing with sidewalk chalk. The kids can then have fun with hose while washing down whatever they had drown using the sidewalk chalk.
  10. Running through a sprinkler
  11. Melting crayons under the hot sun
  12. Undertaking nature scavenger hunts (here are 10 free scavenger hunt printables)
  13. Having a family lunch or dinner outside the house at a picnic table
  14. Jumping in a puddle (yes – let them get messy!)
  15. Digging in the dirt! Who can find the most worms?
  16. Flying a Kite – You can also encourage the kids to make their own kites.
  17. Flying drones – as compared to flying kites, flying drones is even more thrilling for kids.
  18. Playing catch using a ball or a water balloon (or try these DIY water bombs made from sponges), especially when it is hot outside!
  19. Staking and balancing rocks in the backyard
  20. A photo scavenger hunt is also a great activity, if you would like to spend some time outdoors with your child.
  21. Blowing bubbles – some kids love blowing bubbles. If your child does, you should consider buying them a bubble blower machine to save them breath. To make the activity more interesting, encourage the kid to make his or her own bubble solution (try my GIANT bubble recipe) and set up a bubble refill station.
  22. Roasting hotdogs in the backyard – if the kid is old enough, you can try roasting hotdogs on the fire pit and toasting sticks in your backyard. Be sure to serve up some “lake water“. 
  23. Throwing water balloons at each other while playing angry birds
  24. Making a water table and playing with it
  25. Climbing a tree, jungle gym or a wall 
  26. Soccer shootouts in the backyard
  27. Bird watching – Get some inexpensive binoculars and keep a list of which birds you see!
  28. Camping in the backyard
  29. Feeding the ducks 
  30. Wagon rides – this is an activity that your kids will definitely love. If the kid can sit up, you should consider taking wagon rides to enjoy your time outdoor together.
  31. Taking the dog for a walk
  32. Making mud pies
  33. Playing tag – Almost all children love being chased. You can play Tag with your child outside the house and have some quality time together.
  34. Lying on the lawn outside the house and observing cloud shapes and formations
  35. Have the kids help you wash their toy cars
  36. Cleaning the neighborhood – It is good to teach your child the value of community service. Encourage them to go out and collect trash in the neighborhood every once in a while. 
  37. Apple picking 
  38. Nature painting in your backyard
  39. Let the  kids enjoy some impromptu snacks under the trees
  40. Have the kids play dodge ball
  41. Undertaking an alphabet treasure hunt
  42. Try creating a cool garden like a taco garden
  43. Taking a stroll in the garden 
  44. Treasure hunts – this is particularly a fun outdoor activity for young boys. You should find time to draw out treasure maps for them and hide several clues for the treasure hunt in your compound.
  45. Racing in sacks – let the kids put their legs in a bag or a big pillowcase and then race in the compound. This can be fun for the too.
  46. Create a summer bucket list
  47. Making and dropping parachutes from the high points in your yard
  48. Catch fireflies
  49. Using fly swatters to paint
  50. Allow the kids to hold a Clothesline Art Show with their friends in your yard.

As opposed to the common notion, you do not have to go out or spend money for your kid to be happy. You can carry out these simple outdoor activities for kids to have fun and spend quality time with your child today.

Most importantly, it gives you time to bond and create lifelong memories!

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  1. I have try your playing tips with kids of my brother and must to say that kids was so exciting!

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