Welch’s® Fruit Roll & Veggie Garden Fun Snacks For Kids Idea!

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Spring break is coming and the kids will be on vacation. I was on the hunt for fun snacks that I could make them while they were on vacation and I came up with this really fun fruit roll and veggie garden snack idea! It’s super simple and the kids were so excited to eat it!


Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.


Fun Snacks For Kids

I love doing little extra special things for my kids. I find that most times it is the little things that mean the most to them. Those small things I go out of my way to make special usually make a big impression and they make memories that last. This Fruit Roll and Veggie Garden Snack was super fun to surprise them with and after they devoured it, they wanted to know if they could help make one next time too. It’s a fun activity and snack idea!


Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.


To make this Fruit Roll and Veggie Garden Snack you’ll need a box of Welch’s Fruit Rolls which you can pick up at Walmart. Fruit is the first ingredient in these fruit rolls and they provide 100% daily value of Vitamin C and 25% daily value of Vitamins A & E.


Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.


You’ll also need some veggie straws and mini cookie cutters (like the ones I used to make my mini pb&j sandwiches). Then, unroll the Welch’s Fruit Rolls (my kids love this part!) onto a cutting board.


Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.


Use the mini cookie cutters to cut shapes from the Welch’s Fruit Roll. These will serve as your flowers. It’s okay if they aren’t quite small enough to cut all the way around. They will make neat-shaped flowers despite the size difference.


Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.


Use the veggie straws as the flower stems and top with the Welch’s Fruit Roll cutouts to create a pretty looking garden. It makes the perfect fun snack for kids! Use a white serving plate as the background for your garden scene.


Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.


Welch’s Fruit Rolls are perfect for school vacation snacks, lunchbox essentials and even birthday party favors. The options are endless and they are perfect for grabbing for an on-the-go snack. They aren’t messy and unrolling them is half the fun! Kids love them and adults do too. Stock them in the pantry so you’ve always got an easy snack on hand for when the kids get hungry.


Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.


In a world where we are often overscheduled and never getting enough sleep, taking time to slow life down a little and enjoy your kids while they are on school vacation. Rather than dreading the extra work involved in having your kids home all day, plan fun activities to make your time together special. Before you know it, they will be all grown up and gone and you’ll be wishing you had savored the little moments that we often miss out on each day. We find so much joy in slowing life down and seizing those moments!


Fun snacks for kids is just one special way you can connect with your kids. Make them and surprise them OR include them in the process and have them help create their own little fruit roll and veggie garden scene. Cooking together is a great way to bond and my kids absolutely love when I surprise them with a fun food activity. This activity is fun to make and fun to eat! They’ll be so excited. I know because my own kids were thrilled! They devoured the snack and can’t wait to make it again.


Get the Welch’s Fruit Rolls at Walmart or Kroger, and visit this site for a coupon!


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Fun kids snack ideas! Fruit and veggie garden snack.

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  1. What a cute snack idea for the kids. I didn’t know that Welch’s made fruit rolls as well. I do love their fruit snacks.

  2. If I had tried doing this as a kid, I would’ve gotten yelled at for playing with my food. Going to try it now – there’s no one around to scold me!

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