This 1 Tip Can Save Your Kids From Online Predators! A MUST READ!

Gone are the days when worrying your child will access dirty magazines was the height of your fears. Now predators are able to come right into our child’s bedroom, our living room or even on the couch next to us, right under our noses. It’s a scary, digital world and many parents are left asking […]

Mobile Parenting: Raising Healthy and Strong Teenagers in the Digital Age

These days, most teenagers seem to be attached by the thumbs to their smartphones. If you’re the parent of an adolescent, you’ve probably seen this for yourself. It’s always been a challenge to raise healthy, strong kids. In the digital age, even more so. Which apps are beneficial? Which apps should parents disallow? Which apps […]

Free Printable Chore List For Kids!

After School To Do List Every day my kids come home from school and drop their coats and backpacks and suddenly forget what they are supposed to be doing. Rather than nag them every day or do it myself, I began writing out a after school to do list for them each day. This has […]

James Patterson Kids Books! NEW Sci-Fi Junior High + $100 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

Do you have a young reader in your house? There is a new book out from James Patterson kids books in his Jimmy Patterson’s children’s book offerings. Sci–Fi Junior High by John Martin and Scott  Seegert is aimed at readers age 8 and up, but advanced readers (like my 7 year old!) will love it too! […]

Crazy Hair Day Ideas Girls Cupcake Hairdo

Crazy Hair Day Ideas Girls If you are searching for crazy hair day ideas girls styles then chances are your child has crazy hair day at school. I will admit that I wish I were better at creative hairstyles for my daughter because she has this crazy beautiful uber long hair that is dying to […]

Why I Put My Kids To Bed At 7 Every Night + Brentwood Home Twin Mattress Giveaway!!

As a mother to four young children I can speak from experience when I say sleep begets sleep. What does this mean? In a nutshell, well-rested children sleep better, whereas sleep-deprived children often have a harder time sleeping well. I have found this to be true with all four of my children and while it […]

Free Printable Kids Christmas Wish List Santa Letter

When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the big toy catalog to arrive in the mail so I could go through it and circle the things I wanted the most. I grew up with a fair amount of toys but nowhere near the amount of toys that my own kids have today. In […]

How to Talk to Your Child About Online Safety and ACTUALLY Get Them to Listen!

Talking to your child or teen about online safety can seem like an overwhelming task and certainly is one of those things that is easy to put on the back burner. This day and age though it should be ranking at the top of our to do list. With stories in the news every day […]

How To Find Your DREAM Job and LOVE What You Do!

I can vividly remember trying to “just pick” a career as a high school student. I chose to attend college my junior and senior years of high school in leu of high school through a program called post secondary education. It allowed me to basically skip my 11th and 12th years in high school and […]

Boy Scouts Sign Up, Base Camp & More! $175 Prize Pack Giveaway + Our Experience With Boy Scouts at the MN State Fair!

Boy Scouts are a great opportunity for boys in kindergarten and up to build character, learn life skills, gain leadership abilities and more through experiences and service to their community. Scouting is fun and rewarding and all about adventure! We got to embark on a really fun adventure at the Minnesota State Fair this year! […]

Have The Most EPIC Skylanders Breakfast EVER With Your Kids! I’ll Show You How!

Mornings around here can feel a little hectic and scattered. Ultimately that isn’t the way I want to start my day or the way I want to send my kids off to school for the day. I really am making an effort this year to slow down and focus on my kids and have quality […]

Get Together Tonight: Simple Ways to Host a Teenager’s Game Night

Moms and dads get concerned for teens.  Many parents offer to serve as hosts to their son’s and daughter’s friends rather than have their teen out and about without supervision.  Therefore, a concerned parent will be interested in knowing how to serve host to teen game night.  It’s a great way to keep tabs on […]

Free Printable Back To School Interview To Do With Your Kids Every Year!

Back to school time is upon us and every year I have good intentions to document the first days of school. This year I’ve printed off these fun back to school interview questionnaires to have my kids fill out. Then I can file them away and look back on each year and what changed! Every […]

How To Teach Your Kids To Entertain Themselves Using Creativity & Imagination!

Teaching children to entertain themselves has become a lost art. Nowadays kids are constantly over-scheduled and carted from one organized activity to the next. Time spent at home with nothing planned has become a rarity. When it does occur I often find that kids don’t know what to do with themselves. It’s SO important that […]

How To Host A Family Ping Pong Tournament + Free Printable Tournament Bracket Sheet

Hosting a family ping pong tournament is the perfect way to bond and come together as a family while doing a fun activity that a broad range of ages can enjoy. I’ll show you everything you need to host a family ping pong tournament and even give you a free printable tournament bracket! Let’s get […]

Parenting for Today: Priceless Tips for Raising Addiction-Proof Kids

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. They raise their children to be responsible adults, and instead the kids become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Here’s how savvy parents have prevented that from happening. Show Them What It’s Like Children need to understand what it is to be a child. They need to feel loved, no matter […]

Learning to Receive: Tips for Teaching Kids About Accepting Gifts Graciously

Accepting a gift with gratitude can actually be a form of giving in and of itself. Studies indicate that giving boosts mood and improves physical health, both to remarkable degrees. Thus, accepting a gift with gratitude is a great way to give the gift of giving. Unfortunately, children don’t intuitively understand this concept and can […]

Free School Lunch Hero Day Printable Thank You Cards For Cafeteria Staff!

Did you know that May 6th is school lunch hero day? Inspired by Jarrett J. Krosoczka, author and illustrator of the popular LUNCH LADY graphic novel series, school lunch hero day is an opportunity for students to thank their school cafeteria staff with handmade cards, banners and special recognition. I love any opportunity to thank the hard […]