Sister Mugs Cricut Project

Sister mugs are the PERFECT gift idea for your sisters! What could be cuter than matching sisters mugs paired with their favorite tea or coffee? It’s the ideal gift that can be used daily and remind you of your sisterly love. I’ll show you how to easily make these sister mugs using your Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker!

sister mugs

I love using my Cricut machines to make easy gifts to give to those I love, as well as using it to make Cricut projects to sell! You can easily gift these OR sell them! Take it one step further and pair it with tea or coffee in a cute little package and you have a totally special gift idea!

See all of my Cricut projects to get even more inspiration!


Sister Mugs

These Sister mugs are SO easy to make and just take a few minutes to make each mug. It can’t get any easier. If you are looking for an easy way to make custom mugs cheap, your Cricut is the answer!

I will walk you through making this Cricut project step-by-step so even if this is your first project ever, you’ll have success!


supplies for Cricut mugs


To make the sister mugs you’ll need the following supplies:


Cricut Explore Air 2 projects

How To Make Mugs With Cricut

First, upload your SVG to your Cricut Design Space and adjust the sizing to match your mugs. You can grab the FREE Cricut Design Space file here.

Cut out enough black permanent vinyl, as indicated by Cricut Design Space, and place on your cutting mat. I use the light grip mat but you can also use the green mat.

Set your Cricut to vinyl and place the mat in the Cricut.

Cut the design on the vinyl.


weed the cricut vinyl


Remove the vinyl from the cutting mat and prepare to weed the design.


weeding tools for Cricut


Use your weeding tools to remove the excess vinyl from the design.


how to make sister mugs


If you cut more than one sisters wording then cut them each apart after weeding them.

apply vinyl to a mug


Clean the surface of the mug with rubbing alcohol to ensure a great stick!

Press the transfer tape on the front of the design and peel away the paper backing. Then, press the transfer tape smoothly against the mug. Be sure to press down firmy on the design and then carefully peel off the transfer tape.


Sister mugs


That’s it! I promised you it would be easy and it was. Now you can tackle any custom mug project! Add your sister’s name to it if you’d like a personalized sisters mug!


cute sisters mugs for gift


If you plan on gifting this mug to your sister (or selling it), I recommend stuffing the mug with coffee or tea and tying a bow around the handle to create a cute little gift package!


Cricut projects to sell


Q.) What Cricut vinyl to use on mugs?

A.) I recommend using Cricut permanent vinyl on your mugs. It lasts a long time with handwashing and won’t fall off easily. I’ve had a travel mug I have used for over a year and the vinyl is still sticking great!


Q.) Can I put my Cricut mug in the dishwasher?

A.) No! Handwash only! Handwashing your Cricut mug will ensure it lasts a long time. The heat of the dishwasher can cause the vinyl to come off.


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