Kids Art DIY! Glass Paint Marker Mugs

Make this fun kids art DIY as personalized gifts or fun glass paint marker mugs that are all their own! I’ll show you the trick to making “sharpie mugs” that actually stay on, even through the dishwasher.


TruMoo hot chocolate



To stay warm this winter, try heating up your TruMoo Chocolate Milk for a cozy treat. You can find TruMoo chocolate milk in the dairy section. Just warm it up and you’ve got tasty cocoa in a snap! No powder to mix.


glass paint marker project


DIY Glass Paint Marker Mugs

We created this fun DIY kids art project. My kids LOVED doing this and they now have their very own hot chocolate mugs for when they come inside from playing in the snow! I LOVE heating up TruMoo chocolate milk as their warm-up drink, rather than using powder mix because it is mess-free! No powder all over the countertop anymore.


sharpie mug


To make the glass paint marker mugs you’ll need the following:

  • Plain white mugs (find these at the dollar store!)
  • Glass paint markers (like these)

Clean the mugs with glass cleaner before starting your project and remove any price stickers.


glass paint marker DIY project for kids


Allow the kids to decorate their mugs as they wish. My kids loved expressing their own individual style on each of their mugs!


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Then, allow the mugs to air dry for 8 hours in order to cure. Then, bake at 375 degrees F for 40 minutes (at temp) in a non-preheated oven. In other words, put the mugs in the cold oven. Turn it on and set temp to 375 degrees. Once the oven reaches temp, start the timer for 40 minutes. Once they have been baked they are dishwasher safe!


mess-free hot chocolate


Now you are ready to serve up some warm TruMoo Chocolate Milk with a marshmallow smile in their newly decorated mugs!


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trumoo coat drive




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DIY glass paint marker mugs. Homemade gifts kids can make. "Sharpie mug" DIY that actually stays on! + TruMoo Chocolate Milk warmed up for a mess-free hot cocoa treat! #ad




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  1. I love it when companies get behind great programs to help the less fortunate. A warm coat is vital during the winter season and it’s crazy to see how many people don’t have access to that.

  2. My kids would have loved making these mugs when they were younger. Sometimes it’s hard to choose which paint to use on mugs – I often want to decorate some myself but never know which materials to use.

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