Cricut Birth Announcement Elephant {With Free Design Space Cut File}

This Cricut birth announcement elephant is the perfect personalized newborn baby gift! It’s inexpensive and easy to make. I even have the free Design Space file for you so you can just swap out the stats and make it in a jiffy!


Cricut baby gift idea

I LOVE my Cricut cutting machine and I am obsessed with creating new things with it. It is a great way to make easy Cricut baby gifts too! This birth stats elephant is a wonderful personalized newborn baby gift idea! I’ve made other fun projects using my Cricut too, like this ring bear stuffed animal and these Hello my name is baby onesies.


Birth Announcement Elephant

This birth stat elephant is adorable and full of personality! His big ears contain the important birth stats for the newly welcomed baby. It’s a great keepsake and a completely personalized baby gift! It’s something they can keep forever and it doesn’t cost a lot to make it yourself!


how to make a birth stat elephant

How To Make A Birth Stat Elephant

To make this project you’ll need the following supplies, along with a Cricut Explore Air 2 or Cricut Maker.


Cricut Explore Air 2 projects


First, open up this free Design Space cut file (HERE). Swap the stats to personalize it to your own needs. Once it looks good (keep things the same size!), go ahead and cut it out on Cricut Iron On Vinyl. Make sure your vinyl is on the mat shiny side down and the image is mirrored. Then remove the vinyl from the mat and weed the image.


Cricut EasyPress Mini projects


Heat up the Cricut EasyPress Mini to the desired heat setting referencing the Cricut Heat Guide. I used the medium heat setting.


Lay the elephant on the EasyPress Mat and arrange the birth stats how you want them on each ear.


easypress mini project ideas


Then, use the EasyPress Mini to press the Cricut Iron On Vinyl onto each ear. Move the EasyPress Mini around and be sure to get all areas of the vinyl. Do this for 15 seconds. Allow to cool and test peel the backing and be sure everything stuck well. If not, repeat for 15 seconds and try again. Then do the opposite ear the same way.


cricut maker project ideas


Once you have finished both ears, your birth announcement elephant is complete and ready to be gifted! Isn’t she adorable? They also have blue elephants for boys FYI!

birth stat elephant DIY


Keep a few of these on hand for easy, last-minute, personalized newborn baby gifts! I gifted one to my newest niece and they just loved it! It makes for such a special gift idea.


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Cricut birth announcement idea

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  1. I was hoping to make one of these for a friend of mine who is due soon but I can’t seem to get the download to work.

  2. Is this only free if you have Cricut Access? I tried to open it but it’s only giving me a free option if I have Cricut Access or it’s $10 and change. Thanks.

  3. I just made one of these for my Granddaughter who was born on the 5th August.
    Thank you for the tutorial it worked perfectly.

  4. This is so cute!! I am having problems with changing the name though. The stats changed no problem by double clicking them. How do I change the name?

    1. Hmmmm I’m not sure why that is giving you trouble. You can try adding it in your own text and delete the template text maybe?

  5. How can I make the capital letter the way you have it with the name in the middle? Not sure what I have to do to split it like that

    1. You should be able to edit the Design Space file but you can make the capital letter and then splice out the middle section and add two lines and the name.

      1. Hi, the initial is not editable. It looks like it was welded. Do you have the image that isn’t welded? Thank you.

        1. You’ll need to make your own initial as I don’t have every letter of the alphabet created for you. The birth details are editable though.

  6. I actually have my cricket app open. I also pay the subscription price every month. I still cannot get your file to open and download.

  7. The main purpose of every Cricut machine is simple—to provide advanced features and functions, allowing crafters to easily cut, write, and draw on a variety of materials. Each machine has unique features with some similarities. No matter which Cricut machine you use, you will need to download Cricut Design Space. This app is available for free at cricut.com/setup. Once installed, all Cricut functions will be open to you.

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