DIY Personalized Teacher Mug + “Thanks A Latte” Free Printable Gift Tag!

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea. Personalized Coffee Mug and Free Printable Gift Tag Thanks A Latte For A Great Year!
Can you believe school is almost out for the Summer? I cannot wait for the warm weather to take hold here in Minnesota and those lazy, unscheduled Summer days will be most welcome here in my house! At the end of the school year I am left feeling grateful to my children’s teachers for the amazing job (and level of patience!) they put forth all year long. I want to say thanks in a way that is meaningful and conveys thoughtfulness. This DIY Personalized Teacher Mug does just that and adding in the free printable “Thanks A Latte” gift tags is the cherry (or should I say apple?) on top!

Free Printable Teacher Gift Tag Thanks A Latte For A Great Year
You’ll need a sheet of cardstock (printer paper works too but isn’t as stiff) and some twine. You’ll also need the mug supplies listed further down this page.

Teacher Appreciation Free Printable - Thanks A Latte

Print off these free teacher gift tags by clicking here.

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Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea
Next cut out the gift tags and punch a hole in the corner. Then string your twine through the hole.

Free Printable Thanks A Latte Gift Tag Teacher Gift Tag
Now they will be all ready to tie on to your mug once you finish! Just tie around the handle for a personalized touch! Let your child write their name on the bottom to make it even more personal.

DIY Tea Mug and Free Printable Gift Tag
For the mug you’ll need a plain white coffee mug. I found some at the dollar store and Walmart. They are cheap ($1-$3) and work perfectly for this project.

You will also need DecoArt Glass Paint Markers. I bought the multi color pack. These ensure that your mug will be permanently drawn on and it will not come off in the dishwasher! You will NOT achieve this with a plain Sharpie marker (trust me I’ve tried! It washes off).

Then draw your desired design on your mug. I went with leaves as it felt like Spring! Need more inspiration? Check out these other DIY mugs I did (and I’m no artist, but these are easy designs that look good).

DIY Personalized Teacher Mug and Free Printable Thanks A Latte Gift Tag
On the front of the mug I further personalized this gift by adding the teacher’s name to the mug!

Now to complete it you just need to allow your painted mug to dry for 8 hours. Then bake at 375 degrees for 40 min (at temp) in non-preheated oven. They will then be dishwasher safe!

Include a gift card to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® in their mug.

What is your favorite teacher gift idea?

Thank you to The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf® for sponsoring this conversation.

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  1. This is so cute! I wonder if I could come up with a tea variation? My older son’s teacher doesn’t drink coffee (I know – gasp!) so I’m having a harder time coming up with ideas for her.

  2. Cute idea for teachers who love coffee. Personally, I don’t like coffee and I am so over receiving coffee themed gifts from my music students. I know the thought is nice but…yuck.

    1. I think coffee mugs are useful for any hot beverage and it doesn’t have to be used for coffee. I like them for hot chocolate, apple cider, tea, etc as well 🙂

  3. My kids’ teachers are all so wonderful & really deserve a special thank-you this year. I love your printable. It would make gift giving a snap.

  4. Those are cute gift tags.
    I don’t have a favorite teacher gift, but I think that they often appreciate gift cards. The printable you have would go great with a Starbucks gift card.

  5. Too cute! We live in a community with not many latte or coffee drinkers.. But this would be great for a teacher who did! 🙂

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