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Farmhouse Style Cheap Curtains! DIY No Sew Curtains For $5!

These cheap curtains are the easiest DIY no sew curtains you’ll ever make! They match my favorite farmhouse style decor perfectly and they are also easier to clean than traditional curtains. At just $5 each, you can’t go wrong!

Farmhouse living room DIY curtains now sew just $5 to make each of the farmhouse curtains! Cheap farmhouse decor.


Farmhouse DIY No Sew Curtains

I am obsessed with turning my house into a gorgeous farmhouse style home with all the best farmhouse decor. I renovated our camper in my farmhouse RV makeover post and I also did my farmhouse style bathroom and my latest makeover was our farmhouse master bedroom. My living room is next on the list to be redone and I’ve been on the hunt for inexpensive farmhouse decor ideas (like this genius sharpie shiplap wall). I came across these gorgeous farmhouse style curtains in a facebook group I belong to and couldn’t believe they only cost $5 each to make AND there is no sewing required! I’ll show you how easy it is to make these DIY no sew curtains for your farmhouse style living room or any room in your home!

Farmhouse living room DIY curtains now sew just $5 to make each of the farmhouse curtains! Cheap farmhouse decor.


DIY No Sew Curtains Supplies

You’ll need some really basic, inexpensive supplies to create these DIY no sew curtains. You can find them at Walmart or order online now and save yourself a trip.

  • Twin size flat sheet (each sheet creates one panel-just $5 from Walmart but not all Walmart’s carry them so I’d order online)
  • Clip Drapery Rings – one set for each panel (At Walmart or cheaper on Amazon)
  • Existing curtain rod


Farmhouse living room DIY curtains now sew just $5 to make each of the farmhouse curtains! Cheap farmhouse decor.


You’ll need one pack of drapery clips (7 clips) for each twin sheet panel.


Farmhouse living room DIY curtains now sew just $5 to make each of the farmhouse curtains! Cheap farmhouse decor.


The rings slip on to your existing curtain rod and the clips clip onto the top of the sheet to hold it in place.


Farmhouse living room DIY curtains now sew just $5 to make each of the farmhouse curtains! Cheap farmhouse decor.


Then, just clip the top edge of the twin flat sheet (the folded over edge as shown in the picture above) to the drapery clips and put onto a curtain rod. The sheets are 96″ long and will drape onto the floor depending on how high your curtain rod is. I love the look of them down to the floor, however, if that isn’t your style then simply hang your curtain rod higher or use a no-sew fabric glue to hem the bottom edge. And in a matter of minutes, you’ve just created your own DIY no sew curtains! See how easy that was? I love the look and in the past, I’ve really struggled to find gorgeous farmhouse style curtains that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. These just take the cake. Plus, when they get dirty you can just toss them in the wash and hang them back up! It doesn’t get much easier. They are cheap curtains to make and to maintain. No dry cleaning here!


Farmhouse living room DIY curtains now sew just $5 to make each of the farmhouse curtains! Cheap farmhouse decor.


The genius behind this idea is Tiffany from Nook & Cranny DIY Workshops. This is her space and I just love it!

Nook & Cranny is Tampa Bay’s ORIGINAL DIY Home Décor Studio. Offering hands-on, instructor lead workshops nightly. Whether you are a seasoned DIYer or have no experience at all, their workshops are designed to ensure that you always leave with a project you will be proud to display. Did we mention that you are welcome to bring food and drinks to enjoy…even wine and/or beer!

Not local? They also offer monthly DIY homemaker kits! Simple projects perfect to make at home. ALL supplies are shipped directly to you so that you can join our virtual workshop with Tiffany on their Facebook page!



Pin Farmhouse Style DIY No Sew Curtains

Farmhouse living room DIY curtains now sew just $5 to make each of the farmhouse curtains! Cheap farmhouse decor.

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  1. A patterned curtain fabric will always cost you more than a plain fabric, because you have to buy extra material just to to match patterns across the seams. Thank you for sharing the farmhouse style cheap curtain designs. looking for more.

  2. Where did you find the extra long curtain rod from first picture?? Curtains turned out great!!!


    1. The curtain rods are actually just regular curtain rods and are run end to end to make them look long 🙂

  3. I’m doing the same thing, my question is, how do you do the rods? I have three walls of windows and there is no space for the end of the rod,(where the finial would go). I dint need a finial, just not sure how to end it. Thank you

    1. You can either put the finial on and have them end to end or just leave it off so it looks like one continuous rod. I’d love to see them when you finish. Share a pic over on my FB page!

  4. Thank you for sharing this. I want to put these up in the house we are moving to. I will be placing them on a sliding door in my master( the only window in the room:( ) as well as a slider in the dining room. Can I ask what is the diameter of the rod pole you are using in the photo with the little table, buckets and drill on the step stool. All I can find on Walmart’s website is a 1′ diameter rod. This seems to small?
    I also love how your updated bedroom looks. Without windows on that wall in my room would hanging two mirrors where your windows are on either side of the bed give the room a similar look?
    I look forward to reading more of your site and gather inspiration that I can create my own style on my own!

    1. Hi Karina! Thanks so much for your kind words! Yes, 1″ diameter sounds right for the curtain rod. We really lucked out having those windows perfectly placed in our bedroom. If you don’t have them I think adding large mirrors (perhaps use a faux window with mirrors in it) to make the room look bigger and give it depth. I hope that helps!

  5. I love this idea. I was thinking of trying the drop cloth idea, I’m using this one now. These are lighter and don’t need to be prepped.

  6. Love your idea, I have new curtains I was able to get for a song at world market. Can’t wait to get started with your idea. I have also used a king fitted sheet (have a king bed) as a bed skirt. So inexpensive and easy to use and doesn’t lift or get messy wile making the bed

    1. I love world market! I found an amazing coffee table and bench there for my living room. What a genius idea to use a fitted sheet for a bed skirt! Thanks for sharing that with us!!

  7. OHHHHH. I’m so doing this in my dining room. In process of farm style decor the interior. looking forward to following you.

  8. Did you use white, or ivory? I’m trying to change my living room to more of a bright farmhouse look because our cabin look is very dark feeling. All the throw pillows I seem to find are more cream colors, but the ivory on Walmart.com almost looks yellow. Just curious what color you went for. Thanks for this idea!

  9. I am sure they come with fold creases and I am guessing they say “no ironing” since they are cotton. How did you get the creases and wrinkles out?

      1. I love this and I did use these in my sun room. However please take into consideration of shrinkage when washing them. Mine shrunk considerably!

  10. Hello, I love this idea. Do you know how long they are? I would need a hundred and eight inches for my windows.

    1. According to Walmart’s website:
      Twin: 66″ x 96″ + 4″
      Full: 81″ x 96″ + 4″
      Queen: 90″ x 102″ + 4″
      King: 108″ x 102″ + 4″

    1. Yes, it’s a good idea to wash and dry them before hanging so if they shrink they will be properly fitted to the window for the next time you need to clean them. And yes, either steam or iron them or if you pull from the dryer they should be fairly wrinkle-free.

  11. I have these exact “curtains” and clips hanging in my home now. I purchased several packs of the clips as we were hanging curtains in every room of our house. Andnwe have a lot of windows. The clips will mot just clip to the sheet. The sheet simply isn’t thick enough (regaurdless of what part of the sheet you attach the clips to) to stay attached to thw clip when you hang it up. We had to triple the fabric by folding the top over a couple of times in order to get the clips to actually grip the sheet tight enough to hold it up once they were hung.

  12. Thank you so much for this post. I could not get the flat sheet from local Walmart store — they are always sold out! somehow some other posters also said they are not available online. Thanks to your post, I get to buy them online through the link you put. Appreciate the time and info you put into this blog!

  13. Thank you for this awesome idea, I have all of the materials but one question! Did you wash and dry the sheets before hanging? Thanks!!

    1. Hi Rachel! Yes, I would do that so then if they shrink they’ll still be the correct size after washing/drying.

  14. This is genius! It would be so easy to adapt this with patterned sheets, too! I just spent a bunch updating our bedroom curtains and wish I saw this sooner

  15. This is so smart! I am so excited to try this in my new home. I am needing curtains since we do not have blinds, but the curtains are so expensive! I also wanted to let you know that your links to the products do not work and it gives me an error. Thanks for sharing!

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