DIY Stacked Books Decor For Under $3!

Make your own farmhouse style stacked books decor for around $3 or less! This craft uses supplies from the dollar store and you could even make these and sell them!


DIY book stack decor


I LOVE modern farmhouse style decor. My wallet doesn’t love it as much so a DIY farmhouse decor as often as possible! You know that about me though because you’ve likely seen my $5 no sew farmhouse style curtains or my dollar store farmhouse signs DIY. This dollar store book stack project cost me $3, but if you have the books laying around then it would be just pennies to make!


Stacked Books Decor

These modern farmhouse style books are the perfect complement to your decor. Display them on an end table or mantle for the perfect addition to your farmhouse decor! I’ll show you how to make your own stacked books decor on a dime! No need to spend a lot of money in order to achieve a magazine-worthy look!

dollar store books

How To Make Stacked Books Decor

You’ll need a few basic supplies to make your own stacked books set.


stacked books decor DIY


Begin by ripping the cover carefully off the book. It should come off in one piece and leave the front, back and binding of the book exposed.


make your own stacked books


Then, paint the binding of the book with white chalk paint using a foam paintbrush. Repeat this for each book. Allow to fully dry.


how to make a book stack


Once the paint is dried, stack the three books on top of each other. Wrap the jute around the books several times and then tie it in a bow.


cut black vinyl with cricut


Then, cut out the words “Home Sweet Home” with your Cricut. You can obtain the free Design Space file here. Feel free to change the words and just size them correctly. The great thing about this project is that you can even use scrap sizes of vinyl because it doesn’t use much! I used permanent vinyl on mine.


DIY stacked books decor


Then use transfer tape to apply the letters to the spine of the books so they look like the photo above. That’s it! It’s a quick and easy craft and would likely sell well at craft fairs too!


Dollar store crafts


Decorate your living room or bedroom with these gorgeous stacked books! Add a farmhouse wood bead garland to the top for an extra touch of farmhouse decor.


how to decorate with stacked books


If you liked this Dollar Tree craft then you’ll like my farmhouse sink caddy or my wood block calendar too!


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DIY book stack decor

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