How to Prevent Stomach Flu Grape Juice Is The Trick!

This year has been an epically bad year for influenza and the stomach virus. Use this natural trick to prevent stomach flu, even if you’ve been exposed! We’ve been doing this for six years and it has kept us healthy, even when we know we’ve been exposed to the stomach virus. It’s so easy, you’d be a fool not to try it!


Prevent the stomach bug year-round with this ingenious trick that actually works! If you've been exposed to the stomach flu read this NOW!


Home Remedies Stomach Flu

The stomach flu (not truly the “flu”) by nickname, stomach bug, norovirus, puking flu as my kids like to call it…whatever you call it, it’s NOT FUN. Use this simple, effective trick to prevent the stomach flu! If you need home remedies stomach flu has already hit your house perhaps? This works for anyone who is exposed to the stomach virus, but is not yet showing symptoms. We do this daily in our house.

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How to prevent stomach virus with grape juice. Stay healthy and prevent stomach flu with this easy natural remedy.

There is a little-known home remedy to prevent the stomach bug altogether. The trick here is PREVENTION! If you are already feeling symptoms of the stomach flu then this will NOT work. You need to do this BEFORE you get sick. However, if you have been EXPOSED to the stomach bug but aren’t showing symptoms yet then this is the trick you need to prevent yourself from getting sick. The best part? It’s natural and doesn’t involve anything containing chemicals. I am all for natural remedies!

Okay, this is going to sound a little “out there” but I’ve tried it and believe me this works! On Monday my hubby came down with the stomach flu. He was puking and felt awful. I think he had norovirus which is a highly contagious stomach flu. Norovirus has been going around and sure enough, a guy he works with had it right before him. Well, of course, he had eaten off my plate that day and I was so worried that the kids and I would all get it too. A friend of mine told me to start drinking grape juice to prevent me from getting sick. The kids and I all started drinking grape juice and here we are 3 days later healthy and well! You may have landed on my page after searching “prevent stomach flu grape juice”. Well, I did some research as there wasn’t much info out there on this.


Since writing this post in 2012 we have continued to do this every cold and flu season. The ONLY times we have gotten the stomach virus have been when we QUIT drinking grape juice. This has proved to be very effective for us for the past 6 years. 


How to prevent the stomach flu with grape juice. Drinking grape juice changes the pH in your stomach and prevents the stomach bug.


Home Remedies Stomach Flu – How It Works:

It turns out there is some science behind this grape juice thing and I did a little research. In order to prevent yourself from getting the stomach flu after you know you have been exposed (taking care of a sick person, being around someone that was sick, etc) you need to start drinking 100% purple Grape Juice, no sugar added, right away BEFORE any symptoms appear. If you are having symptoms then it is too late for this home remedies stomach flu trick and DO NOT drink the grape juice or you will be puking purple and it won’t be pretty!

Drink the grape juice three times a day for a few days after being exposed. I have been drinking a juice glass full three times a day and filling the kids sippy cups full three times a day. Yes, this is a lot of sugar but I’d rather consume/give my kids sugar than have them get the stomach flu. The grape juice works by changing the pH in your intestinal tract so that the virus can’t multiply. It also harbors various strong anti-viral chemicals in it. Along with the Vitamin C and anti-oxidants in the juice, it’s supposed to flush and kill the virus and/or severely lessen the symptoms. When you get a stomach virus, it actually isn’t in your stomach, it’s all in your large and small intestines. The effects of what it’s doing to those makes you sick to your stomach (changing the acidity in your stomach). Keeping the pH of the intestines slightly more alkaline is supposed to stop the virus from taking hold and thus making you sick.

You can drink the grape juice alone or add in grapefruit seed extract for additional virus-killing benefits. NutriBiotic® Maximum GSE Liquid Concentrate provides the highest available concentration of Citricidal brand grapefruit seed extract, a natural compound derived from the seed and pulp of grapefruit. The Citricidal seems to be the essential component in helping kill off any stomach virus in your system. I add 2-3 drops to the grape juice each time we drink it. Read the reviews on Amazon and see that this is also good for many, many other uses. It’s not only good for a home remedies stomach flu prevention trick, but so many other things too!

So there is the science behind this home remedies stomach flu prevention trick and I’m the living experiment 🙂 We are all healthy and have survived having the stomach flu going through our house! I love that grape juice tastes great and is something my kids will willingly drink. So next time you are around someone with the stomach flu start drinking grape juice!


How to prevent stomach virus with grape juice. Stay healthy and prevent stomach flu with this easy natural remedy.


During peak cold and flu season we drink one glass of grape juice a day to prevent the stomach flu. If you know you’ve been exposed to it then up it to three times a day until a few days after the virus is gone from your home. Otherwise, drink a glass daily to prevent the stomach bug from infecting you and your family! In the summer we don’t drink it as we find the stomach bug rarely strikes in summertime.


One thing to note is that you continue to shed the virus for 2 weeks after you get better. That means that even once you are better you can still infect someone else. It is absolutely imperative that anyone that was ill practice good hand washing habits for at least 2 weeks after getting better. This can be tough for little ones so it’s a good idea to stay on top of it and wash hands after toileting or changing diapers. Keep disinfecting commonly used surfaces like door knobs, light switches, fridge handle, etc. And most importantly keep drinking your grape juice!!


Pin How to Prevent Stomach Virus

 How to prevent stomach virus with grape juice. Stay healthy and prevent stomach flu with this easy natural remedy.

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  1. I am definitely going to keep this in mind this year. Last year DH and I got the norovirus twice! It was so awful, I've never had food poisoning and that was the first time I'd felt that awful. One time I was really pregnant and ended up in L&D with an IV, not pretty!

    1. This article is BS. See the following:

      Grapes and grape juice supply many important nutrients, such as vitamin C and potassium and might also have certain health protective benefits. Grape juice might reduce your risk of developing blood clots, help reduce your LDL cholesterol level, prevent damage to the blood vessels around your heart and help maintain a healthy blood pressure. The antioxidants in grapes and grape juice might also help reduce your risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Grapes and grape juice aren’t capable of preventing a stomach virus, however.

      1. Thank you! This is utter silliness. We should file it in the basket with essential oils curing anything and rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on your kids feet to help with their cold. It’s just nonsense that Mom pass around online with zero scientific testing or authority. It’s also a logical fallacy. The absence of an event occurring cannot demonstrate causation of the the absence of the event itself. It’s like saying I brush my hair this morning and whistled a Britney Spears song and they didn’t get a flat tire! So if you brush your hair while whistling Britney Spears song, you won’t get a flat tire!

        1. Denise, may I politely ask what credentials you hold to empirically refute thus mother’s experience. I believe there is logical credence in the assertion that the juice changes the pH thus making the gut less conducive for bacterial growth. I base my thinking on documented fact that honey is antimicrobial and promotes healing in wounds. When the Indiana University Wound care center had a difficult time getting my leg ulcers to heal the resorted to medicinal grade of honey and have had great success. Please document your naysaying with facts. MUST HAVE MOM…thank you fir sharing your real life experience. You are not the first place i have heard this. Besides what is the harm in drinking some extra yummy juice???

          1. The noroVIRUS isn’t bacteria. The norovirus can be damaged only by bleach (pH=12.6), which is far more alkaline than our intestines can ever get (normal pH=~6-7) without causing hospitalisation. Enough said.

          2. These people complaining about “a lack of science” crying foul against this mother and wife are the same people standing outside of the Planned Parenthood celebrating abortion. The modern liberal american has no respect for mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, their children and happy families, churches and strong faith in Christ. Don’t get discouraged by these people. Keep being a great mom and wife. Whatever the science, or “lack of science”, behind it, grape juice has been used for hundreds of years to help with stomach ailments. Paul instructed Timothy in 1 Timothy 5:23 “Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.” And no, this is not talking about fermented grape juice, but the sweetest grape juice you ever hung a lip over! This “wine” comes from the Greek word οἶνος which means “the juice of the grape trodden out” similar to “new wine” or unfermented. Keep doing what works for your family, which is what strong families have been doing for millennia!

          3. Where is the science that proves grape juice prevents flus to begin with. The author just says that she did her research?? What does that even mean?

          4. Thank you Susan! Where does her scientific evidence come from?? I have been the benefactor of healing with honey and pure juices. I like to tell people about it. What’s so bad about that?

          5. This has nothing to do with politics or religion mg, it’s just scientific fact that grape juice doesn’t destroy the norovirus.
            I don’t think Paul was talking about the stomach bug there either.

          6. Any real science refutes this. It’s like saying baloney cures cancers. There is no science whatsoever that back it up.

          7. That may be the case but we have found that it works for us every time! I realize that not every remedy is scientifically researched or backed and yet some of them still work. This is one of them for us!

          1. Because some people believe this utter nonsense, they might not get a vaccination. Or, it may reinforce a prefiliction to do other stupud things other thhings on top of drinking grape juice to prevent the flu.
            You know, a certain grape juice manufactuer was behind another scam that caused their product to skyrocket. Look up why Communion changed from wine to grape juice. Honestly, get off fb. Your’e all nuts.

          2. Nothing, unless you think it’s going to prevent or cure a virus that you neglected to treat properly and die of dehydration.

          3. It has more sugar than a coke! Would you be drinking that much coke? It is unnecessary sugar. Water – drink water.

          4. I don’t drink Coke ever lol because it’s full of toxic garbage. Grape juice does have a lot of naturally occurring sugar yes but I’ll take that over the stomach flu when I’ve been exposed. I definitely advocate for people looking at the amount of sugar in their daily diets and reducing it though – absolutely. This is a trick that has worked for me ever time I’ve been exposed to the stomach flu though so I’ll continue risking the sugar intake instead of getting the stomach flu. 🙂 And yes, drink lots of water daily as your beverage of choice! Unfortunately water doesn’t work to prevent stomach flu though so when exposed – drink grape juice.

        2. Hi Denise, I see where your coming from. Im an RN and my daughter had a horrible cough and every night was coughing so much she would vomit. My mother in law insisted we do the vics on the feet. Im not a fan of vics but I agreed. My only request was that my husband buy something all natural. He said do you mind if I try and I said have at it but its not going work. He put the stuff on her feel while she was sleeping and sure enough she stopped the coughing. Now, for the life of me can’t figure out how this works or the science behind it but it did WORK! Sometimes these remedies have science and actions behind them that are more complicated than we understand. Maybe it has something to do with the way the nerves run along the body which maybe interferes with or calms that need to cough. I know that now, every time anyone in my house gets a bad cough I run for that all natural vapo rub and I don’t really care how it works but it does and we all sleep well. So call me crazy but Im a well rested crazy person.

          1. Thank you for your input as an RN. I, too, was very sceptical about that so called trick of putting vicks on the bottom of the coughing child’s feet and then putting their socks on. I`m also not a fan of the rub especially NEVER on the chest as it used to be praised for. However, I had a sick coughing foster baby that just couldn’t stop coughing and sleep. So, what could it really hurt? And it WORKED! Multiple times on other babies. I don’t know why – don’t reckon I need to.
            I will be drinking grape juice now that I read this. If it works, I will be sooo happy. I hate everything about vomit, the sound, the smell, the appearance – yes..everything. All of you negative, mean, hateful people – DON’T drink it if you don’t want to. Don’t do anything you don’t want to but do stop being mean. It doesn’t cost anything to be nice. Just be nice.

          2. That’s great to hear! I agree, sometimes we don’t know why something works but it just does! That seems to be the case here too 🙂 Love your positive attitude!

        3. Some of these do work, especially the Vicks. Essential oils i use everyday and they work wonders. I have been drinking grape juice and haven’t been sick, even with the flu all around me.

      2. Kevyn, Why not??? If it is so good with the maladies you cited, why could it NOT work for the one she cited??? I just don’t get some people?????

      3. Kevyn, if grape juice can lower cholesterol, reduce risk of blood clots, prevent damage to blood vessels and help to maintain a healthy BP, as you have stated, who are you to avow that it cannot change the pH of the digestive tract to inhibit viral reproduction and harbor antiviral properties? Much of what is known in modern medicine today originated with natural and/or homeopathic remedies. We wouldn’t have aspirin if someone hadn’t chewed on tree bark!

      4. True Essential Oils have been scientifically proven effective. Research Young Living Essential Oils. I use them and they do work – you have to use regularly for the best benefit.

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  2. my hubby has it right now…i am not showing symptoms but can't drive…darn it…hopefully tomorrow he will feel well enough to go get me some juice and i won't be sick yet…fingers crossed!

    1. I’m vomit phobic, too! Like scared to pieces phobic…I just found this site because a bunch of people have come down with the flu and I don’t want it! I’m also storing this for future reference.

          1. I am in the same boat as you guys. when my son started preschool i got anxiety about him getting sick. And i still freak out. I will have to get some grape juice and start doing this cause anything that will help us not puke is awesome in my book. I get elderberry syrup for my boys to take it is a immune boosting medicine look for it at cvs

          2. I am scared to death of throwing up also….like so scared that I like to have my husband in the bathroom with me for moral support lol. I think something is wrong with me. lol

        1. I’m not sure why we are so afraid of puking, but I just went out and bought 2 huge bottles, just in case. If it is an old wive’s tale, that’s fine. Juice certainly isn’t bad for you. No great loss if it doesn’t work. I’ll try anything to not throw up!

          1. There is just nothing fun about vomiting. But you are right, if it works, then that is awesome. If it doesn’t, then you just drank more juice and that is not a bad thing!

  3. just got a part time job doing laundry at a nursing home going to try this as a precaution-btw antiseptic mouthwash kills germs-gargle hourly when you are getting a cold or sore throat

  4. I have a child now with the stomach flu and I am starting grape juice now. I will let you all know how it goes!

    1. Hi Sarah! I have been drinking grape juice 3 times a day! My hubby woke up tonight throwing up, he kissed me an hour proior! Any testimonials on kissing and then not getting stomach bug due to drinking grape juice?

  5. My child had it yesterday. I accidentally ate from her soup bowl at 5:00 last night. I started drinking grape juice at 6:00. I'll let you know if it works.

  6. I was the one who ate from my daughter's soup bowl the day she was sick with a stomach virus. I am certain I ingested the virus. I drank grape juice – a large glass 3x daily – starting within one hour of exposure. It has been 50 hours since exposure, and no symptoms of stomach flu (knock wook). I'm not sure it was the grape juice that spared me, but I'm going to keep it on hand during the winter months just in case!

  7. Yes this has worked for me!! My kids both got a bug within hours of each other – and everyone around us started getting it – my parents, my husband, my inlaws. I was determined not to be next so I went online and read about this little trick. I drank a glass of grape juice every few hours like a crazy person for 3-4 days and never got the bug! Now we keep a few bottles on hand just in case…

  8. 2:45 am and sitting in bathroom with my 6yr old who has the virus right now. I had it on Friday, and today was the first day i started to feel okay. I hope not to catch it again, and my husband hopes not to catch it at all.

    1. Once you have the virus once, since it’s probably the same time you had, you won’t get it again (not the same exact virus type) because you’re immune to it and your body has already fought it off! 🙂

      1. Nicole, that is true with some things, but I am not sure about some intestinal maladies. My son has 7 children and great care must be taken to not reinfect…wash wash wash sanitize with bleach and drink grape juice!

  9. My 5 year old had it last Monday….my 4 yr old had it by the weekend and my 12 year old woke up this morning with it. I have heard drinking green clay also works, but I'm scared as ever and so is my husband! He won't drink the clay, but he will drink the grape juice, so I'll get some and try to spare the rest of us who haven't caught it yet (3) including me.

  10. My son had it Friday, Husband has it today… Oh how I wish I had grape juice for my daughter and I!!!!!

  11. Yes, this DOES work! I have been doing it for about 5 years now. An old babysitter of mine used to work as a pediatric nurse and she told me about the grape juice trick. Said she didn't know exactly why it worked, but that it had never once let her down. So I tried it, and it worked. Since then, we have had numerous occasions where one of the kids would come in from school saying so and so got sick throwing up today and I was sitting right beside them, etc, etc… and off to the store I would go to buy grape juice and they would never get it. The few times that one of us has gotten it, the grape juice has always kept the rest of the family members from getting it too.

  12. I just came across this, and I too discovered this little secret around the same time last winter. Two of my three kids came down with the flu on the same night, so I raced out to buy all of the grape juice I could get my hands on. Nobody else got sick! We continued to drink it until the spring time….. I am already stocking up for this year! It totally works!

  13. My brother got exposed to this horrible virus and i felt so bad. Anyway i went and bought grape juice and none of the 4 other family members not including my brother were all fine it is amazing how great such a drink can prevent such a horrible virus

  14. We are trying it now! My husband came down with it this past Monday AM and my daughter and I have been drinking 3 glasses or more if we can handle it a day since. We are on day 3 now and no bug so far. Of course I did plenty of washing down my home where needed with bleach and water. Mostly bleach where it could be handled , like in the bathroom. Thanks for sharing this wonderful preventative! And thank you to Welch’s!

  15. Hi there. My hubby had the stomach virus on Friday night. (today is Monday) So, Saturday morning i went bought the Welch’s grape juice after reading a pin on pinterest about it. My daughter and I have been both drinking it 2-3 times daily. 6-8 oz at a time. So far so good. Disinfected my house all weekend. Cleaned everything!! Praying the juice works its magic since it is my daugter’s 4th birthday tomorrow and her party is on Saturday! Fingers Crossed. Hope it works for me like it did for you guys! Thanks for sharing!

  16. My son got sick last Friday with the worst stomach virus I have ever seen in our house, ended up in the ER. I am the only one in the family who has been diligent about drinking the juice 3 times a day since. No one else has it so far, but I for one feel much better knowing I have this new trick in my corner! I will be keeping this around the house for sure. ANYTHING to keep from getting the dreaded stomach virus! I hate them! I wish I had known to try this idea years ago.

  17. I wish i would have found this on Sunday, my whole house has been infected with this horrible virus since. My son started on sunday night and got better over the days, and is now sick again. I didnt think it was possible to get it immediately after it was gone. Im buying Grape juice in the morning. Im keeping grape juice in stock from now on.

    1. Ugh sorry to hear that Bridget! Just make sure they aren’t already showing symptoms when you start the grape juice otherwise they’ll be puking purple and that stains! It has to be started before you show symptoms. Hope you all feel better soon! We keep a stockpile of grape juice on hand. Glad you’ll know for next time. I too first heard of this when our house was infected!

  18. We started the grape juice just this winter and so far nothing! Not even queasy feelings.we only drink one glass a day and then up it if my daughter was in contact with someone who was sick or feeling sick! I love that this works so well!

  19. Just googled what to do when kids exposed to stomach flu… And I am RUNNING to Safeway to buy grape juice! Let’s hope it works, I have four children under nine and am pregnant 😉 thank you!!!!

  20. what about white grape juice? I’m not a fan of the purple grape juice because of the fact that it can stain. My husband is sick and i don’t want me or my 8 month old son to get it. I have him qua rented in a back bedroom and have started the babe and I on white grape juice. Any indication that the white grape juice wouldn’t produce the same results?

    1. Emily, our family has always used Welch’s white grape juice. Until now, I never knew the purple worked too.

      1. I love white grape juice…not the purple kind so much. Has the white really kept your family free of stomach viruses? If so. how much do you drink?

  21. I’m 45, and I’d like to offer a tip that I have used before with great success, a “last ditch” cure when the virus actually wakes you up at night.

    First, here’s how to tell if you’re going to have it that night: is the food you ate today sitting in your stomach like a rock and not digesting? Even worse, are you also experiencing disscomfort like your stomach is trying to expand? Then start preparing, because you’re going to have an unpleasant evening.

    If a strange sensation wakes yo up out of the blue (especially if you’re a sound sleeper), then “it’s going to happen”. Get to the bathroom NOW. And hopefully you have already prepared as described below.

    Here’s what I do: When this garbage is making its way through your home, keep a powerful summertime fan in the bathroom. You’ll notice that right before you vomit, you get all weak, hot and sweaty. Get to the bathroom quickly, immediately strip down to underwear, and crank that fan up and freeze yourself. And I mean get yourself shivering, as quickly as you can. Kick that fan into hurricane mode. It MIGHT not keep you from having some severe diarrhea to pass this garbage, but it is an extremely strong remedy to stop nausea, even in stomach flu situations.

    I discovered this trick one day when I was about to get sick on the bus in the morning on the way to work in Seattle (how embarrassing that would have been). I BARELY got off in time, I stepped off that bus a weak, limp noodle of sweat and misery. I immediately took my coat off, I was all hot and sweaty, and I was just about to vomit, but it was freezing out, lots of snow. That blast of cold air was the most welcome relief I had ever experienced, and it took only a few minutes for the sensation of nausea to completely vanish. I didn’t put my heavy winter coat back on until I was good and shivering. I must have looked like a freak to people, but it totally worked. 1/2 hour later, I got back on the next bus and actually went to work (which I probably shouldn’t have done). Key point is that the more shockingly cold you can make it, the more effective it is.

    Hope this helps someone out there like it helps me.

    1. Great point Bob! I’m a MAJOR vomit phobic!! I’ve learned a trick that is simular. Put an ice cold rag on your stomach and neck when you feel like throwing up. You don’t vomit. I’ve done this with my kids since they were babies. They are now 16 and 13 and ask for it when they feel like throwing up. When they were little they hated it though. It was just so cold. Once, my daughter was about 8 and she was like, get that thing off me. So, I too it off her and she threw up. After that, she asked for it.

    2. I can atest to this as well.
      Whenever I feel like vomiting is inevitable I will grab a bowl of cold water, and throw as much ice in it as possible. I then put my face in it when that “it’s gonna happen!!!” feeling comes. It works!

    3. I can also attest to the cold feeling keeping you from vomiting. If I feel like I’m going to throw up, and I know that’s the day it’s going to happen, if I’m home, I strip down and jump into an ice cold shower. Shocks the feeling right out of me. I’m an emetaphobic which I’m guessing many of you dont realize that that is the scientific term for someone afraid to throw up. So I do what I can to not puke. My daughter got a virus a year and a half ago and I started feeling like I was going to vomit the same day but didn’t because I ran around half naked with ice cold wash cloths on me and fans blasted everywhere.

      I’m definitely heading out in a few minutes to pick up a couple bottles of grape juice. I don’t know if my daughter or I have been exposed or not but I’m going to be drinking this three times a day as much as I can until the virus isn’t going around anymore.

    4. Definitely agree with you, Bob. I have stripped down to lay on the cold bathroom floor numerous times. I’ve also had to strip down (as much as possible w/out offending) on flights when I got nauseous. A little embarrassing, but worth it not to yack all over a stranger!
      Will definitely be adding the fan, the bowl of ice water and cold dish rag.

  22. You said you did some research and there is science behind this remedy- can you post the sources you found from your research? I am trying to research this myself and have found nothing so far. Thanks!

  23. I am one of the biggest skeptics of home rememdies… but I must admit this totally worked. It has fended the stomach flu off twice now for the family and me while someone in the house had the virus. As a working dad it really helps to not have sick days and to know your family is not puking at home.

    1. I too am a skeptic so I was thrilled when it worked! Glad it has saved you and your family! My hubby has no sick days so it was always really tough when it made it’s way through the house!

      1. My mother has been treating my family with this as long a I can remember. We have not had any major illnesses. I don’t get sick nor do my family members. No one in my immediate family has every had the flu….not my parents, my siblings, children nor myself . Sarah has definitely provided good information. I am a homepathic physician and I recommend it to my patients all the time. Even if you’re feeling run down, I would start taking it. Majority of the time, it will prevent it from becoming an actual cold. Just be sure to get proper rest and eat a healthy diet. Avoid things that might make your body’s pH more acidic. Disease thrives in an acidic body. Make sure to get your fruits and vegetables in daily, especially leafy greens. If you’re not a vegetable person, an excellent preventive measure would be JuicePlus. Back to the original topic, the antioxidant properties come from the resveratrol in the grapes that gives them their color. Blueberries are also a powerful superfood. They contain anthocyanins, that give them their color. They both have many health benefits. It’s harder to find blueberry juice and it’s a little more expensive. Here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year!

  24. Does this work only with 100% grape juice or can it be grape juice with some other kind of juice? I had to get combination juice tonight, they didn’t have anything else. But I can find 100% grape juice tomorrow if necessary.

  25. My step son came home with the stomach flu last night from school, was up all night throwing up. I HATE stomach viruses…..anything but that. I have 3 other kids and really can’t afford to have them or myself and husband get it. I sure hope this grape juice thing works!

  26. I am mom- I have a 14 yr old, 16 yr old and 2 yr old. All three and my husband have been a victim of the belly plague this past week and I am still free and clear…it works.

    1. It must be 100% purple grape juice, nothing added, no blends. As long as that’s the case I think another brand would work the same.

      1. All i could find was welches 100% grape juice no sugar added but 120% added vitamin C and it says helps support a healthy heart. Will that work???

    1. When you know you’ve been exposed you need to drink three glasses a day for a few days until the bug has passed (if you are taking care of the sick person) and the house has been disinfected then drink one glass a day for prevention in the future. 3 glasses a day for known exposure though. If you aren’t living with the sick person I would drink 3 glasses a day for 3 days.

  27. My son came down with the bug around 11 last night, heading out to get grape juice now! Hope it works! I have a severe phobia of vomit. I’ll will let you know in a few days!

    1. I hope you are doing well. I’m working on an update to this post now. You can also drink one glass a day to prevent the stomach flu before being exposed. If you know you’ve been exposed drink 3 glasses a day for a few days until it has passed and you’ve cleaned the house for any remaining germs!

      1. Hey! I’m still healthy! Felt a little ill last night but nothing other than that. And let me tell you I have bleached, and rebleached, and rebleached all my floors Nd hard surfaces and used Lysol on beds and carpets! I’m glad I found this blog!

      2. How much is a glass full? 8oz? 4oz? I have a 3 year old and I am trying to figure out how much to give him. A full glass 3 times a day seems like a lot for him and he doesn’t like it.

  28. So, are you suppose to drink the one with no sugar?
    You said get sugar free or it won’t work, but then you went
    on to say u made your kids drink 3 glasses a day, and that was
    a lot of sugar for them???

  29. My brother started vomiting a few days ago and the rest of the house thought they were okay after he started to feel better. Well tonight my other brother vomited and am paranoid beyond belief about catching this! It seems to be spreading 🙁 and absolutely HATE vomiting I can’t take it! I’m kinda upset that my mom convinced me it was okay to take my face mask off when it’s not! thanks for this post I will try this and report back.

  30. What are the symptoms when it is too late exactly? Like just feeling achy or actually getting sick? Thanks so much for posting this!

  31. I am waiting for my hubby to get home from work so I can go to the store and get a few jugs of grape juice. My 4yo started vomiting last night, and I DO NOT want my 7yo, my 15mo old and ESPECIALLY not my husband to come down with this. Anyone know if white grape juice works? I fear it may be too late to prevent my other kids from getting it, and Id like to avoid purple vomit stains on the carpet if at all possible!

    1. It MUST be the 100% purple grape juice, nothing else added. If your kids are displaying ANY symptoms of being sick then don’t use it! If they are symptom free then start 3 glasses a day. Hope you all stay well!

  32. My daughter works at a retirement facility and came home 2 days ago telling us how so many of the old people were being quarantined and some were sent to the hospital from exposure to norovirus, That was enough to freak me out knowing all to well that my daughter will bring it home . Sure enough, the next morning she woke up staring into the white porcelin throne waking us all up. She said that the State Dept. of Health measured the height of this contamination as very severe and is airborne. Now I’m really freaking out, found your suggestion and started a regimen of 3 glasses per day of 100% pure red grape juice. So far (day 2) so good. My wife and son are all on board. Thanks for the tip!

  33. Me and my family have been doing this for several years and it has worked wonders for us..When we have been exposed to the virus we drink a glass of welches 100% grapejuice for several nights..hope this works for others like it has us

  34. My husband just got sick a few hours ago. He looks so bad!! I am really afraid of catching it and giving it to my three other kids. I ran out and got the Welch’s grape juice at midnight after seeing the posts.
    Still a little skeptical but giving my 100 percent to trying it.
    I will post back after a few days. I pray it works. Thanks to everyone who responded as well!

  35. So tonight i just happen to come across this post while googling about the stomach flu. I immediately went out and bought 2 bottles of the welch’s 100% grape juice and started drinking it as soon as got in my truck after buying it lol. i been exposed now for a day going on two days. My boyfriend came down with it Sunday afternoon and its now Tuesday morning but it is almost 1 am. i really hope this grape juice works because i start my job tomorrow on wednesday and i would hate to have to call out. i am extremely afraid of vomit and its one of my phobias lol so i pray i dont getvit!

  36. my gosh, the past 2 years the stomach flu has ravenged our house. my daughter brought it home from daycare. my nephew goes to the same daycare & he brought it home too, so my sisters family was sick too! i have never heard of this grape juice home remedy! thanks for the tip! i’ll try it next time

  37. I have read this entire post and understand that 100% grape juice is the way to go. My 11 y.o. had the bug Friday and Saturday and now my 2 y.o. had it through night but has nausea meds from a previous incident. I don’t want my husband, daughter or myself to get it have started the 3 glasses a day regimen. My daughter dislikes it due to having reflux but likes cran/grape since it’s not as bitter. Does anyone know if this still works the same?

  38. There is NO such thing as the “stomach flu”!! The term”flu” is short for influenza which is a respiratory virus! So you mean to tell me you have a stomach respiratory virus?!? Nope! You either have the norovirus, food poisoning, and intestinal virus it bacterial infection.

    1. I am well aware that the stomach flu is not actual influenza but I am a Registered Nurse and am well versed in health and it’s terms unlike the general population. The general public refers to a stomach virus as the “stomach flu” and hence I am speaking in lay mans terms. Take it at face value. I’m not here to debate why the public calls it the stomach flu.

    1. For this to work you must drink purple GRAPE juice and not grapefruit juice. I do also add grapefruit seed extract to my grape juice when I drink it. I don’t know if eating a grapefruit would be concentrated enough like the extract is.

      1. This is some helpful anecdotal information about the use of grape juice to counter the ill effects of a stomach virus. But since some here have also posted about the drinking of grapefruit juice, I thought some cautionary advice is in order. Some people need to avoid grapefruit juice altogether, as it interferes with the absorption of certain life-sustaining medications, such as some blood pressure-lowering, cardiovascular, cholesterol-lowering, and HIV medications.

        Also some anti-allergic, anti-impotence, and psychopharmacological drugs are not to be taken with grapefruit juice. But one should ask one’s physician if one prefers to drink grapefruit juice, as sometimes alternative medications may be prescribed which will not have negative interactivity with the consumption of grapefruit juice.

        Here is a list of several medications which shouldn’t be taken if one has consumed grapefruit juice–.statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs): lovastatin (Mevacor), atorvastatin (Lipitor), simvastatin (Zocor, Vytorin). Other statins such as fluvastatin (Lescol), pravastatin (Pravachol), and rosuvastatin (Crestor) have little or no interaction with grapefruit juice.), Antihistamines: fexofenadine (Allegra). Some type of calcium channel blockers (blood pressure drugs): felodipine (Plendil), nifedipine (Adalat, Procardia). Certain psychiatric drugs: buspirone (BuSpar), triazolam (Halcion), carbamazepine (Tegretol), diazepam (Valium), midazolam (Versed), sertraline (Zoloft). Some immunosuppressants: cyclosporine (Neoral), tacrolimus (Prograf). Certain pain medications: methadone. The impotence drug (erectile dysfunction): sildenafil (Viagra). Some HIV medication: saquinavir (Invirase). Some antiarrhythmics: amiodarone (Cordarone, Pacerone).

  39. After hearing about this from a friend, I decided to “research.” While it’s true there is no “real” science behind this yet, out of the hundreds and hundreds of testimonials I read from people who have tried it, I didn’t see ONE person say that it didn’t work. I’m an emetophobic to the core, and I often find it hard to function due to the fear. We have 5 children, and inevitably someone gets a stomach virus once a year no matter how hard I try to prevent it. Last week, my 1 year old threw up ALL over me in the middle of my parents dining room next to the table where we were going to have lunch. We were all very much exposed. He had a fever, and stomach cramps as well so I have no doubt he was contagious. We went home and immediately began this grape juice trick. It has been 5 days now, and NO ONE ELSE is sick!!!!!! You know with a 1 year old that it’s impossible to keep them away from everyone and clean up perfectly (even though I try), but even with my efforts, my husband and I were certainly very exposed being the ones caring for him. He did only throw up the one time, not at our home, so I hope the trick works as well when there is more exposure as well. I am just over the moon with this! We have never been able to keep a “true” stomach bug from going around to at least one other child. I am just amazed!!!

    I do have a question. Even with all the comments I’m a bit confused. Stomach bugs can continue to shed for up to 2 weeks, as well as be on surfaces for that long. So do you continue to take the 3 glasses a day for 2 weeks to be sure? After only 5 days I’m getting a bit tired of the grape juice, and the sugar content is quite a lot for this sugar conscious family, not to mention the cost of that much grape juice for a family of 7! But if it needs to be done for 2 weeks, that’s what we’ll do. LOL!

  40. I hate to burst everyone’s bubble, but the advocacy of this remedy is questionable. I did as instructed to the T and still contracted the virus in full. I may offer a possible explanation: the people who are worried enough about catching it to follow this remedy (myself included) are the same people who will make an extra effort to wash their hands often. Hand washing is the best way to prevent getting a stomach virus, but even then you are not guaranteed to avoid it. Stomach viruses are very resilient and it seems that all you can really do is wait them out. It was a great idea and I wish it had worked, but unfortunately it did not for me. 10 points on the post though!

    1. I’m skeptical as well. I have not had the stomach bug, even when my son has gotten it. I believe it’s because I wash my hands & keep the sick child “quarantined” in this room (haha). I also remind my kids to wash hands periodically, on a daily basis. Especially, when they get home from school. My son, however, seems to be the one who gets sick the most. He’s in kindergarten & he still rubs his eyes & nose, a lot. My 8 year old has not caught anything from him over the years. She also will not share drinks, bites of food, silverware etc.
      I did see a note about the juice giving your “system” higher alkalinity v acidity – and was thinking that could be accomplished with change in diet, rather than just chugging grape juice, if that’s what people think is helpful.

  41. I’m chugging the purple stuff as we speak. I’m a middle school teacher with over 100 students so these things spread like wildfire, last year it hit me like a truck, I swear I was exposed at 7 am and by 7 pm I was already coming down with symptoms. Now two teachers right next to me have it and I am a server vomit-phobe and have a full on nervous break down at the thought. Grape juice, handwashing, emetrol and fingers crossed.

  42. My Chinese medicine dr told me that an old Chinese dr told him to boil vinegar when bugs are going around the house. Especially the stomach bugs. I usually boil it at night when my five kids are sleeping so no one is complaining about the smell. The vinegar settles on all the surfaces and helps to kill the bugs. Couple this with the grape juice and it’s all good!

  43. This TOTALLY works. My boyfriend woke up one morning really sick with the stomach flu. I am terrified of throwing up, so I drink a glass of grape juice during the winter every day anyway, but I started drinking a little more when I found out he was sick. We had been kissing the night before so I was completely positive the bug was in me. I was worried about when it would hit ALL weekend, but because of the grape juice, It never did!! Drink a glass every morning for breakfast. Although sugary, it’s full of vitamin C and it gets your blood sugar back to normal after sleeping at night, all way giving you peace of mind! Definitely recommend it!

  44. In Australia it’s Berri Grape Juice, but it works! Since my youngest son started kindergarten, I was freaked about him picking up all the nasty bugs, most especially the stomach flu. I started giving all 3 of my kids a large glass of grape juice every day with dinner; they also have 2 drops of oil of oregano a day as well. Anyway, long story short, 3 outbreaks of stomach flu went through my son’s kindy class and he was the only one to escape it. His teacher told me he must have an iron stomach.

  45. I am a 56-year old man. My experience with grape juice is just the opposite. If I drink an 8 oz. glass of grape juice in the evening, within six hours, I will experience vomiting, diarrhea, gastric upset, low blood sugar, and all sorts of problems. I will be vomiting and having diarrhea all night and into the next morning. I first noticed this when I was 5 or 6 years old, and then laid off the grape juice. I forgot all about it, and started drinking grape juice in my early 20’s, and I began to experience these symptoms. It took me awhile to connect it to the grape juice, but when I did, and stopped drinking it, the problem went away.

    1. Perhaps you are experiencing a food allergy or intolerance to grape juice as that certainly isn’t a normal reaction to drinking a glass of grape juice. I would stay away from it in your case.

  46. I just babysat tonight and right as I was leaving one kid got sick and they told me his brother has the virus other day. I, being absolutely petrified of vomit, ran to get this. I’ve been doing this for a year but never truly been exposed to the virus, except for tonight. The kid was all over me. Praying this works! Especially with christmas around the corner.

  47. 1 Tim. 5:23    Drink no longer water, but use a little wine [grape juice] for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.

  48. Worth a try! Everyone PLEASE remember that intestinal viruses are most contagious during and after symptoms! The schools usually say 24 hours, but the person is HIGHLY contagious for at least 48 hours after the last episode d vomiting or diarrhea, even if they feel fully recovered.

  49. I tried it and it totally works!!!! I’m a believer. My husband got the flu, bad, and we were all in contact with him the same morning that his symptoms suddenly appeared. We all started drinking grape juice (myself and my 3 kids) for about 4 days after that and none of us got the flu. It’s been about 3 weeks and no symptoms… I’m sure they would have shown up by now if we were going to get sick. This is a trick that I will have with me forever… I’ve already shared it with many friends and family.

  50. You can increase your alkalinity to your stomach without drinking a bunch of sugar. Try alka-seltzer…..sugar actually inhibits your immune system for up to four hours from working to rid your body of any bugs because of the inflammatory response your body goes through in relation to sugars. Also, increasing your vitamin C, zinc and vitamin D will keep you from getting it. Don’t forget if you supplement with vitamin D you must eat with it for absorption. Don’t think because you drink milk you are going to have your bases covered either, milk is high in sugar as well.

    1. I usually avoid all sugar including juice and honey but I will gladly break this habit in order to prevent the stomach flu. Throwing up and diarrhea aren’t good for you either

  51. Now I know why my husband and I haven’t gotten sick when the flu has whipped through our house. We drink red wine everyday: a glass after he comes home from work and one or two at dinner. 🙂

  52. Oh my goodness!! I’ve never heard of this before! And it seems like when anything goes around – my 4 kids and I get it.. definitely trying this 🙂 will let ya know how it goes the next time we are all on the verge of getting sick! LOL

  53. My aunt who grew up in the 20’s always made homemade grape juice and any time any of the family had an upset stomach she would give this to us. She always said that it settled your stomach and she was right.

  54. My daughter came down with the bug at 11PM. It’s now 3AM and I have just read this article. Unfortunately I cannot run out now, but I did read the one comment about using apple cider vinegar with the mother, which thankfully I have, so I took a big sip of it and then added a bit of it to my water bottle. I’m hoping this will help keep me well to take care of her. How soon does one come down with this after exposure, generally? My poor daughter, 6, has thrown up at least 6 times. I’m making sure she drinks water and/or Gatorade and/or my melaleuca mineral electrolyte sports drink after each time, but I can tell there’s not much liquid left in her. Maybe a trip to hospital sooner??

  55. My nephew threw up all over me about 3 hours ago. Stepdad bringing me a grape juice hopefully it will work. Will post back within a few days to let yall know thanks for the advice

  56. Since the grape seed extract (note: that’s not grapefruit seed) was shown (Dr. Dan Li, Belgium) to prevent some sort of binding to the cells (by Norovirus’ closest lab virus), there has GOT to be a connection between the substance in grape seeds and grape juice.
    The thing is, if this virus goes straight to the colon and sets up camp (is this correct?) before it ever causes symptoms, it makes it difficult to know when to start a preventative, unless the person is aware that they may have been exposed and can begin their assault on this little invader.
    My internet research has been limited and it can be difficult knowing when someone says “this doesn’t work” or “that doesn’t work” whether they tried it after the viral proliferation began (ie after symptoms hit) or whether they started well in advance of the virus’ entry.

    The thing that seems to consistently work is charcoal tabs (activated carbon). People use these pills for gas. It filters a few things from water (and apparently is safe, since Brita claims that the black water on the first pass is drinkable).
    I guess one concern would be someone who takes several pills and they get an intestinal blockage. Suspending it in water may help prevent that. Keeping the body well-hydrated all of the time will probably help, too.
    A word of caution: the charcoal could adsorb medications (although no medication is going to stay down if someone is vomiting).
    The trick to charcoal must be to start taking it at the first sign of minor nausea or diarrhea. Once a virus starts doing its thing, it can be really hard to contain, especially since it’s so far down the “pipes”. It goes viral and is hard to rein in.
    I’m not sure if it would diminish the carbon’s actions (or not) if it were dispersed in grape juice but it would definitely look more palatable.

    One website I ran across, mentions 6 drops of Lugol’s iodine, spread over a day (not long-term, for the sake of the thyroid) but I haven’t found anyone who is certain it works.

    Many years ago, I used to eat raw oysters by the dozens. I eventually got hold of a bad set and I almost bit the dust from vomiting too frequently in a short period. I presumed it was a bacteria but I’ve read that oysters are very prone to carrying the virus because of sewage pollution exposure.
    Yes, vomit can be deadly.
    I can’t count the number of times I thought I would have to start my late husband’s heart. He took very high-dose chemo and got deathly weak from all the vomiting.
    It’s a valid phobia, folks.

  57. Details of the grapeseed extract experiment. (copy and paste into Google, I don’t want to post a live link):

    From reading this, I wouldn’t think it would be a good idea to consume milk or any other dairy product close to when the grapeseed is taken. That might apply to the grape juice, too.

  58. Worked for me! My hubby got really sick and was throwing up all night from a stomach bug. Our kids had just been sick with laryngitis so I was determined for them and myself not to get it so I gave us all 100% grape juice (a couple big glasses a day) and we never got it! I also drank apple cidar vinegar in my water as well since I heard that helps. Anyhow great natural remedy!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  59. I’m a HUGE phobic of vomiting! :'( I’m only 15 but I haven’t threw up since I was 8! That day I cried as hell after throwing up… :'(

    Anyway, after reading this, my mom bought a big bottle of Welch’s grape juice 😀 I drank a cup of it! ^_^ Hopefully, it’ll help! 😀 I’ll start drinking it everyday, just a cup. Because I think 3 cups is too much 🙁

  60. The bible give this advice
    1 Timothy 5:23 “Drink no longer water, but use a little wine for thy stomach’s sake and thine often infirmities.”

    Funny how the world turns a blind eye to God….and btw wine is not alcholic wine that we drink today, that is pure deception, whenever the bible mentions wine, it is talking about Grape Juice or fruit of the vine

  61. Omg thank you so much for this info. A week later and I have still not caught the stomach bug and I get every time my daughter gets it but this time I didn’t get it.

  62. It Works! My husband got it first and as soon as he vomited, I headed to the store and started drinking grape juice. After making it through 72 hours symptom free, my son woke up puking. I thought for sure I would catch it, but surprisingly enough it’s been a week and a half, no sickness for me. Now, I Will say that I also made sure to wash my hands a lot, so that certainly contributed to my health. But I am going to keep on drinking a glass a day for prevention, but if I know someone has had it around me, I will up my intake by three glasses a day for sure. I am writing to let everyone know that it did work for me. When I was reading all the blogs I was doubtful but desperate. But in my case I’m happy to report no puking for this mama.

  63. THIS IS AWESOME!!! I found this while hubby and I had the stomach virus. We got it back to back!! Just as I was BARELY beginning to get over it, it hit him. Having a 2 year old I was TERRIFIED of her coming down with it – little ones dehydrate so quickly and this bug was a particularly HORRID one! I IMMEDIATELY started her on grape juice (and went through an entire can of lysol spray in 36 hours – lol). PRAISE GOD she never came down with it!! I’ve since recommended it to SEVERAL other parents whose children have come home with it – guess what???? Only ONE reported that her other child got it – but she’d already been experiencing some symptoms. However, no one else in the house got it. Many people have been spared the misery of that HORRID virus – simply by me sharing this post!! I wish I would have known about this when I was working as a CNA…when the stomach virus hits a nursing home, it’s all over!!! I am SO grateful I know this now with a child. Grape juice is now part of our daily routine – especially right now when the virus is so active everywhere!! The little one calls it her tummy medicine 🙂 THANK YOU AGAIN – THANK YOU THANK YOU – PRAISE GOD!!!

  64. While grape juice is slightly alkalinizing, the Vitamin C is probably the biggest contributor to helping avoid the stomach virus through grape juice. Lemon, orange, and grapefruit are MUCH more alkalinizing. Also, it’s good to remember that Welch’s is not organic so they will also have pesticides inside of the juice. I’d find an organic 100% juice grape juice to try this method of prevention. Hope this helps a few more people know a little bit more about alkaline/acid foods.

  65. We are a family of 6; 4 kids in elementary school and an elementary school teacher in the house. We simply have a glass of grape juice with breakfast every morning. In the three years I have been using the grape juice prevention….we have had two instances where someone has ended up vomiting once and recovering quickly and definitely no multiple infections….I live by the grape juice theory and tell anyone and everyone about it.

  66. So I saw that you said 3 days later you still didn’t have it. I have seen that it can take 7 days for it to appear…. did you ever end up getting it or not? Grape juice isn’t cheap and I don’t want to stock up on it if after all you did get sick. Thanks

  67. I know it’s been a while since the post and I haven’t read all of the comments but if it’s just making sure you’re more alkaline then just drink some Braggs apple cider vinegar. That will help balance your pH.

  68. Guess what mamas. Red wine does the same thing! My hubby had the stomach bug over Christmas….sorry but…it was comin out both ends for a week. The kids both got sick just the once and were fine. I was determined NOT to get it…so I did the same kinda research. Grape juice and red wine both work. As soon as I found this out…I ran out and got my fave bottle of red…am not ashamed to say I drank it all one night just to make sure of course (I was NOT letting myself get sick like that over Christmas)…and I was the only one in the house that managed to escape it! I told a few friends….they had a similar situation…and also missed out on hugging the toilet for a week. So…save the grape juice for the kids, and grab a bottle of red. You’ll have a much better time fighting off the flu 😉

  69. Welch’s grape juice is all I would drink as a child. It now seems perhaps that is why I have not puked in 30 years, and only had the stomach flu once as a child…

  70. Will juicy juice brand work? It says 100% juice no added sugar. Grape flavored juice blend from concentrate with other natural flavors and added ingredients. Has 120% vitamin C. My son’s preschool class has the virus going around and 1st kid was sent home yesterday sick, don’t want him or any of us to get sick, I have a vomit phobia.

    1. I always buy Welch’s 100% purple grape juice. Any purple grape juice that is 100% grape juice will work. The juice you have sounds like a blend of juices instead of 100% grape juice. I wouldn’t trust that to work.

  71. I have done this trick a lot when my wife and kid get sick I’m always the one who doesn’t catch it I normally drink 4-5 big glasses a day when I know their sick

  72. Hello. I found this after learning we were exposed to stomach flu yesterday and wondering what might help boost our immune systems. Two questions, please: 1) Does it matter whether we use red or white grape juice? 2) Could you please provide links to the scientific research you found? I’ve Googled, but nothing scientific turning up yet.

    Thanks so much. Crossing my fingers this works for us too!

  73. I ususally don’t get the stomach stuff that goes around and comes home with my kids, so I’m not convinced of these remedies, but my husband swears by taking Alka seltzer whenever he feels a twing of nausea or knows he’s been exposed to food poisoning and so I tried it once when I felt something coming on and it stopped. So there may be something to the alkalizing effect. You cannot change your entire body’s PH without killing yourself, by the way, but you can alter the PH of your stomach digestive contents. Worth a try!

  74. This works so well. My sister saw this website and told me about it. The kids are around so much stuff schools we have been puke free for two years. 🙂 Definitely a good probiotic (we use Bio-K) helps as well.

  75. There is literally no such thing as a “stomach flu”. Influenza is a viral respiratory infection. The grape juice likely did nothing more than hydrate you and your family. The people who got sick were exposed and the ones who didn’t weren’t. I would also encourage you to seek out professional medical advice when your family gets sick rather than self diagnosing, which, in rare cases, can go horribly wrong.

  76. I also have had success with this trick thanks to this blog post! I have seven children and several weeks ago my 5 year old became sick – lethargic, wouldn’t eat, complaining of belly ache and finally vomited twice over the course of the day. I had my husband pick up 4 half – gallons on his way home from work that day and I dispensed it faithfully to the rest of my children 3 times a day for the next week and a half (we ended up buying 6 more jugs) . No one got sick, even the 2 year old who I caught drinking from his glass only a couple of hours after an episode of throwing up. I am so thankful for this knowledge as we usually have the stomach bug at least once every winter with so many small children in the house (my oldest is 10). It was hard for me to believe that it would work especially since we already supplement with pretty high doses of vitamin C and with the juice being pasteurized, I couldn’t see how it would work but it did for us!

  77. Except there’s so such thing as the “stomach flu”! It’s gastroenteritis. By calling it a “flu” it perpetuates the myth that the influenza vaccine is ineffective. The real flu and gastro are two totally different illnesses.

  78. This grape juice nonsense running rampant on the mommy sites has been debunked by actual scientists. It’s like saying that you jumped up and down 3 times at 9 o’clock in the morning and did not get a flat tire that day. So everybody should jump up and down 3 times at 9 o’clock in the morning and they won’t get flat tires. Whether or not you catch a stomach virus and someone is just luck. But attempting to tie it to something as scientifically unsubstantiated as drinking grape juice is so silly. You can put this theory in with the essential oils basket of nonsense and the rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on your kids feet myth.

  79. It’s actually a pretty bad strain of stomach flu that is going around right now. Out of our household of seven, I was the only one who did not get it. Once my husband got it, I slept out in the living room away from him. I think that was the trick. I also did not touch anything with vomit on it with my bare hands. I did feel queasy for over a week, but no other problems.

  80. Where is your ‘little research’ and the ‘science behind it’. Please provide the studies. Because how you describe pH and alkaline is NOT how the chemical processes work. There are no control group trials to prove this. This is bad woo ‘science’.
    But I’m glad it works for you. And you’re good with doing it to your kids, so that’s what you want. There are great placebo trials out there. I expect this anecdotal experience of yours might fall into that category.
    I do love the taste of grape juice.

  81. Add some elderberry juice into your grape juice remedy. Elderberry has been used by Native Americans forever to help prevent and treat the stomach bug. It works wonders.

  82. wow,,very interesting post and responses,,we have always drank grape juice sick or not,,never harmed us at all

  83. Omg I just did this. My 4 boys got sick. I was just fatigued. It’s unbelievable. I drink 1 large glass w/5 drops of gse.

  84. This is really initeresting! I love grape juice so now I have a reason to love it even more! Thanks for the tip!

  85. Sarah, I’m glad I read this post. I’ve always enjoyed drinking Welch’s 100% grape juice both for the taste as well as the benefits of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants. With cold and flu season approaching, I’m planning on drinking it 3xs daily to avoid stomach flu.

  86. Ok, so I see a lot of comments on here questioning or frowning upon what is being stated here. SO HERE IS MY PERSONAL TESTIMONY NOVEMBER .

    I live in California and we went on a family trip up to Utah for Thanksgiving of this year 2017, my 4 month old daughter started throwing up the day after Thanksgiving and since she is being breastfed, we thought maybe it was something my wife ate. We stayed one more day to allow her fever to break and for her to feel a little better and we headed back down. The day we got back, my son said his stomach felt weird, he is 7 years old, and then as I was walking him to the restroom, he threw up everything he ate in the past week it seemed like. We will work on his aiming because he also missed the trash can next to his bed and threw up all over the floor multiple times. After cleaning it up with the rainbow, he made it in the trash can the last time.

    The next day, my wife tells me her stomach is feeling a bit queasy. I wasted no time, got an even bigger trash can, put it next to the bed went and got some saltine crackers and a cup of Canada Dry Ginger Ale I had bought for my son the previous day. Sure enough, about an hour later she’s doing just the same as my daughter and my son did.

    The reason I give so much detail is to end it by saying, I was the only one cleaning up all of the throw up and dealing with three people who had the flu. I knew I was next, however, my wife text me the link to this website and said, “go buy grape juice immediately!”

    Although it says drink 3 cups a day, I was obviously a bit paranoid of catching the bug and ended up drinking all 64oz that day! So I have now been exposed for 5 days to the flu and I feel perfectly fine with absolutely no symptoms of a queasy stomach. All that I told my wife, was that I believed it simply reverse the flow from coming out the top to going out the bottom LOL and I’m sure everyone agrees we would all rather have the flow going down…. instead of UP!!! LOL

  87. If you don’t want to try it then don’t. It’s that simple. If you’re going to be negative, stay off someone’s page. If you tried it and it didn’t work then don’t do it lol. I’m gonna try it for the simple fact that I like grape juice and if I benefit from it by not getting Norovirus then yay me. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

  88. We have also been doing this with great success so far! I did see where Welches makes a 100%, no added sugar, but it says “light”. With 2/3 less sugar. Will that still work?

  89. Used this and it worked! I drank Kedem 100% grape juice and my other child and husband drank welches. Thanks for this post!!

  90. This absolutely does not work. I tried it with 3 of my kids and even mixed apple cider vinegar in it All 3 including my toddler got the stomach flu. My 5 year old is puking right now. Don’t waste your money!

    1. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work for you Jen. We actually hadn’t been drinking it because we got lazy and my son threw up at school and came home sick. The rest of us immediately began drinking grape juice and none of us got sick. This has been the case every time we’ve needed to prevent it and it’s worked every time.

  91. A good way to avoid not getting it is to not have children. Those pests love to bring it home from school.

  92. I was diagnosed with hepatitis B six years ago when I became pregnant with my first child. My husband got tested for the virus as well but the results turned out negative. I had no idea how or where I contracted that virus. I had no signs or symptoms before the test. Then last year the severe muscle cramps started. I had them from scalp to toes, I was so tired and nauseous and in constant pain. I was just sick and tired of feeling sick and tired!! nothing was really working to help my condition.I went off the Sebivo (with the doctor’s knowledge) and started on hepatitis B herbal formula i ordered from Natural Herbal Gardens, my symptoms totally declined over a 7 weeks use of the hepatitis B virus natural herbal formula the disease is totally reversed!!

    1. Wow, what a great testimonial! I have to agree that natural remedies are often far superior to western medicine. I’m glad to hear that you had success with a natural remedy.

  93. We drink a glass a day starting in September when the kids go back to school. I also add 1 drop of vitamin d (We live in Canada… 🥶) This absolutely works to ward off viruses/bugs. 3 kids in school and group sports and I work in health care and we haven’t been sick since starting this, not even a cold!

  94. I am extremely susceptible to stomach bugs/viruses. I would get them 2xs per year becoming deathly ill. Working in healthcare, I was constantly exposed. A friend told me to try this and I have not had a stomach bug/virus for nearly 5 years. It works.

  95. Hi! My husband woke up around midnight throwing up- no diarrhea or fever… simply just throwing up this far! We had been kissing 2 hours before… any testimonials on kissing, then your spouse having stomach flu and drinking grape juice and not getting it?

  96. Hi Sarah! I have a 15 month old, my mom was over Monday evening, (Tuesday early 12am) the stomach virus hit her! (Haven’t been around her since Monday) but want to be cautious! The only way my daughter drinks the grape juice is if it’s mixed with a bit of milk, I do 1/4 cup daily in a 1/2 cup of milk in her bottle 2 times daily for 3 days after exposure! Do you think it will still work if it’s in her milk? Also doing elderberry!

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