Natural Ways to Prevent Cold & Flu Even If You’ve Been Exposed!

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Cold and flu season is about to hit hard now that fall and winter are swooping in, but you don’t have to be a sitting duck and wait to get sick. You can defend yourself and boost your immune system with these natural cold and flu defenses. I’ll show you how!


Natural cold and flu prevention that works! Vitamins to prevent colds, MCT oil and more!


As a Registered Nurse, I used to be the biggest advocate for the annual flu vaccine. After a LOT of research I am no longer a proponent for the flu shot and instead, I turn to natural remedies that have been scientifically proven to be far more effective than the flu shot, without all the possible side effects. Want to keep your family healthy the natural way? I’ll show you how and I’ll show you the research behind what I’m sharing with you.


Natural Cold and Flu Defense

One of the best ways to prevent the flu or a cold from coming on is to have a strong immune system. This isn’t as simple as popping a multivitamin each day as the immune system and our bodies are complex. There are several things you should be doing to up your defenses and strengthen your immune system. You want to be offensive from multiple angles so your body has the best chance at naturally defending itself.


Natural cold and flu prevention that works! Vitamins to prevent colds, MCT oil and more!


Multivitamins – Everyone in the family should be taking a daily multivitamin that is designed for their body’s needs. It is always best to get your nutrition from food, but a multivitamin helps to fill in the gaps that may exist in your diet.

Our kids take Nature’s Way Alive! Gummies. They have a very clean ingredient list (including my favorite, elderberry!) and don’t contain any yeast, wheat, dairy, eggs, soy, peanuts, artificial flavors or preservatives.

For women, I recommend Nature’s Way Alive! Women’s Energy, Multivitamin-Multimineral. This vitamin is specially formulated for women and focuses on energy, heart health, strong bones, immunity boosting, eye health and healthy skin, hair and nails.

For men, I recommend Nature’s Way Alive!, Max3 Daily, Men’s Max Potency. This vitamin is specially formulated for men and focuses on bone health, cell structure, digestion support, eye health, heart health, immune defenses, metabolism and building muscle.


Calcium – Taking Calcium is known to promote strong bones, but did you know it also helps boost your immune system? Calcium seems to play a central role in the activation of cells of the immune system (Source). We take Nature’s Way, Alive! Calcium, Bone Formula to boost our immune system and promote good bone health. As a caucasian, blond female, my chance of osteoporosis is high so taking daily calcium is also a great way to prevent that.


Homemade elderberry syrup recipe. Make your own elderberry syrup for cold and flu prevention and treatment. Great natural remedy!


Elderberry – I wrote an entire post on the benefits of elderberry and how it has been proven to be more effective than the flu shot. Yes, you read that correctly, elderberry is more effective than the flu shot. It is also more effective at shortening the duration of the flu than Tamiflu is. Read all the research and details about elderberry and grab by elderberry syrup recipe.


Natural cold and flu prevention that works! Vitamins to prevent colds, MCT oil and more!


Probiotics – Having good gut health has everything to do with your overall health. Not only does this mean you should eat a healthy diet and limit sugar and grains, but you also should be taking a daily probiotic. This helps restore good gut flora and aid in proper digestion and overall health. You’d be amazed by the huge role that your gut health plays in your health. If you ever have time I recommend researching it. I recently came down with a bad infection and cutting grains and sugar from my diet, along with taking a quality probiotic (I take Nature’s Way Primadophilus, Reuteri Superior Probiotic) was the push my body needed to heal my gut and eradicate the infection.



Natural cold and flu prevention that works! Vitamins to prevent colds, MCT oil and more!



Echinacea – I remember Echinacea making it’s big entrance onto the health scene back when I was a kid. This herbal remedy has long been used in natural medicine and it has been shown to help prevent colds by increasing the number of white blood cells, which fight infections. I take Nature’s Way Echinacea Goldenseal to help prevent colds. 



How to prevent the stomach flu with grape juice. Drinking grape juice changes the pH in your stomach and prevents the stomach bug.


Grape Juice – One of my most popular posts talks about how drinking grape juice can prevent the stomach bug from latching on. If you’ve been exposed to the stomach virus or just want to prevent it, you can drink a glass of grape juice each day and the stomach bug won’t be able to multiply and make you sick. Read more about it here. We’ve been preventing the stomach flu for years with this trick!



Natural cold and flu prevention that works! Vitamins to prevent colds, MCT oil and more!



MCT Oil from Coconut – MCT’s have a myriad of health benefits but for the purpose of this post, I’ll focus on the immune support they offer (they are also a great source of natural energy!). MCTs have antiviral and antibacterial properties and there is some evidence that they may help balance gut bacteria and combat pathogenic bacteria. Healthy fats are important for proper immune function, and since MCTs can be more easily used by the body, this may be especially beneficial for those who have trouble absorbing fats and who struggle with immune function. Read about the other benefits of MCT oil here. I take Nature’s Way MCT Oil From Coconut because it is the best price I’ve seen and they use no filler oils.


Cold and flu season is about to hit hard now that fall and winter are swooping in, but you don't have to be a sitting duck and wait to get sick. You can defend yourself and boost your immune system with these natural cold and flu defenses. I'll show you how!



Sleep – We as Americans are notorious for not getting the proper amount of sleep. Ideally, you should be getting 8 hours of sleep each night. Your kids need even more! Aim to turn off the screens and devices at night and settle into a proper night’s rest. This will help keep your immune system in tip top shape as you won’t be depleting your body’s resources.


Reduce Stress – Stress can have profound effects on the body. High stress levels are associated with higher levels of illness and stress taxes your body’s immune system. Work on reducing stress by saying “no” when you don’t have the time or energy to add another project to your plate, taking 30 minutes out of the day to exercise, have a little “me” time each day (take a bath, enjoy a glass of wine, etc). While we can’t always eliminate all of the stress in our lives, we can do our best to manage our busy days and not get overwhelmed and stressed out.


Natural remedies at discounted prices.


Where do you Buy Natural Health Remedies?

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Natural cold and flu prevention that works! Vitamins to prevent colds, MCT oil and more!

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  1. I feel the same as you and I really appreciate these tips. I am going to be stocking my home with these great natural products!

  2. I think I need to go out and stock up on everything you listed. My kids are walking germ factories. Of course, only their mom and I get sick. They never get sick. >:(

  3. These all sound like great way to help boost your system. I will have to look for some Nature’s Way Alive! Women’s Energy, Multivitamin-Multimineral. I have had enough with the two colds I have had the last few months.

  4. I am also much more for the natural remedies myself. The flu shot is just not happening for us at this time.

  5. These are some great ideas. I try to use natural remedies as well. I will not use any kinds of medicine unless I’m very sick and it’s prescribed. I believe in using natural stuff first.

  6. I was just telling someone about your grape fruit juice post a few weeks ago! I think it is so interesting how that works to prevent stomach flu. We try to take our vitamins daily and do use probiotics on occasion, too. Great ideas for natural cold and flu prevention.

  7. As a vegan I am all about being super careful about what I put into my body-I love and lean towards natural remedies and am fascinated by the tips you shared! Bookmarking this post so the next time I go shopping I can make sure to get all your natural product recs!

  8. I know my immune system is not the best, so I am always looking for ways to support it. I try to foster a healthy diet so it can naturally work towards it’s best.

  9. My wife works as a reference librarian so she’s in contact with a lot of students every day. She’s always liable to catch their germs and viruses. We have found getting enough sleep every night and exercising regularly help us avoid getting sick.

  10. Flu season is upon us here in SC. We do take Vitamin C daily and try our best to eat well. I need to go shopping after reading all your good tips I had no idea there were so many natural ways to prevent the cold and flu!

  11. Great share for natural ways for cold and flu. the products you have mentioned in your article are seems like useful. what is the sources of getting and buying these online. I am thinking to buy this. Thanks a lot for sharing, tips are amazing.

  12. Great post. Thanks for sharing these wonderful remedies to prevent cold and flu. I would love to try these. Also, various essential oils are available in the market to support the immune system. Keep posting such useful remedies.

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