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Paper towel roll crafts are a ton of fun and a great way to upcycle! This rain stick DIY is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day or a fun rainy day craft for kids!


how to make a rain stick


I love a great rainbow craft! This R is for rainbow letter craft is great for teaching preschool kids their letters and this rainbow painting with wine corks is a ton of fun too! This rainbow rain stick craft is perfect for a rainbow theme, a rainy day or a St. Patrick’s Day craft.


Paper Towel Roll Crafts

Craft supplies can get expensive and I love finding ways to do crafts with items we would otherwise throw away. Paper towel roll crafts are a great way to use the paper towel rolls that you’d otherwise toss. For this rain stick diy you’ll need a paper towel roll so be sure to save them and don’t toss them! Another favorite thing to save is toilet paper rolls. Check out these 51 toilet paper roll crafts for inspiration!


rain stick supplies

How To Make A Rain Stick

It’s easy to make a kids rain stick craft! You just need some basic craft supplies that most moms have laying around already. You’ll need:

  • Paper Towel Tubes
  • Paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Foil
  • Rice
  • Black Glitter Foam
  • Gold Bells
  • Gold Pipe Cleaners
  • Cotton Balls
  • Gold Glitter



how to make a rain stick


Cut squares of foil large enough to wrap around the end of the paper towel tube. You want to make the foil about 3-4 layers thick. Glue the foil in place and then secure it by wrapping masking tape around the end of the tube.


rice inside rain stick


Add 2-3 spoonfuls of rice. Repeat the steps above to seal the other end of the tube.


how to make a rain stick tube


Cut a piece of black glitter foam long enough to wrap around the end of the tube. Glue the black glitter foam in place. Cut a circle large enough to cover the end of the tube and glue in place. (refer to the photos)


paint rainbow rain stick


Use a paintbrush to paint a rainbow pattern towards the other end of the tube. Allow the paint to dry completely.


glue cotton balls to the end


Glue cotton balls onto the end of the tube. Rip them apart a bit so that they aren’t so poofy.


add gold glitter to rainbow rain stick


Add some glue above the black glitter foam all the way around the tube. Sprinkle gold glitter onto the glue and allow the glue to dry completely. (chunky glitter looks a lot like gold coins)


gold bells on rain stick


String gold bells onto a gold pipe cleaner. Wrap the pipe cleaner around the tube and glue in place towards the top of the black glitter foam piece.


fun rainbow craft


Your St. Patrick’s Day rainmaker is complete. Go have some fun!


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  1. I like to use tissue rolls for crafts, it’s amazing how you can make a lot of things out it. Thanks for sharing it! It’s perfect for St. Patrick’s Day craft. #HomeMattersParty
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