Why I Switched to Mushroom Coffee

Have you heard of mushroom coffee? See why I made the switch and why I’ll never drink regular coffee again!


mushroom coffee review

Mushroom Coffee

Coffee… it’s something you just can’t do without, right?

I have realized that coffee for me has become more of a routine over the years. I won’t call myself addicted, but I do appreciate my coffee, especially the first cup of the day.

So, all the news about coffee not being good for you isn’t really welcome in my life. And there’s all kinds of bad things being said about coffee, from being the cause of indigestion to stunted growth, and even early death!

Even after knowing all this, I wasn’t ready to give up coffee. Initially, I wasn’t even willing to give mushroom coffee a try. My first reaction was, ‘No thank you’. I don’t even like mushrooms! So I stayed away from it until one of my friends, my tastebud twin, asked me to try out Organo’s Mushroom Coffee.

If you ask me for a mushroom coffee review, then I’d say it doesn’t taste like mushrooms (I don’t actually like mushrooms!). It doesn’t taste like your usual coffee either. It has a deeper, richer taste to it. After my first cup, I was ready to try more. But what really made me switch were the Mushroom Coffee benefits.


mushroom coffee by organo


What is Mushroom Coffee?

Probably the first thing that comes to mind when we think of it is, mushrooms floating in a cup of coffee. Not an appetizing thought I agree.

But that’s not mushroom coffee!

It is your regular coffee beans blended together with medicinal mushroom extracts. Some medicinal mushrooms used in it are Chaga, Cordyceps, and Reishi. These mushroom varieties are spray-dried to get concentrated extract. This retains all the super qualities of mushrooms, without the fibers and that mushroom taste.


mushroom coffee benefits


Mushroom Coffee Benefits

No mushroom coffee review is complete without understanding the benefits of this drink:

Less Caffeine

This is probably the greatest Mushroom Coffee benefits. One cup of brewed coffee has around 95 grams of caffeine. In the US, we drink 3 cups of coffee on an average. This means around 300 grams of caffeine, daily.  According to Mayo Clinic, this can lead to insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, indigestion, and an increased heartbeat.

Mushroom coffee contains only 50 grams of caffeine in a cup. That’s almost half! So, if I’m going to stick to caffeine, I’d choose a milder one. But if you’re addicted to caffeine, this coffee won’t satisfy your caffeine craving. However, if you are trying to cut back on your caffeine intake, then do try my Latte recipe at the end of this post.

Better Sleep

Coffee keeps you awake. It’s the caffeine in it. Since Mushroom coffee contains half the amount of caffeine as your normal cuppa, you don’t have to count sheep in order to sleep. I don’t have any problems going to sleep after drinking it, even at night.

Research even suggests that it can treat insomnia. The Ganoderma Lucidum or reishi extract used in Organo’s Mushroom Coffee promotes sleep by regulating hormone levels and lowering cortisol levels.


Boosts Immune System

Coffee itself contains anti-oxidants that help boost your immune system. When combined with the power of Ganoderma extract (from the reishi mushroom), the power of the anti-oxidants doubles. These antioxidants are the building blocks of your immune system.


Promotes Weight Loss

Good news for all those wanting to lose weight! Unlike your typical coffee cup, Organo’s healthier coffee improves metabolism. This means your body digests food more easily, promoting weight loss. Another way it promotes weight loss is because of its alkaline nature. Foods that are part of the alkaline diet help to lose weight.


Anti-Inflammatory Properties

If you are suffering from chronic pains like arthritis, Mushroom Coffee is something you don’t want to miss. As we age, inflammation is a common complaint for most of us. The bioactive compounds in Ganoderma Lucidum extract offer anti-inflammatory properties. Plus it also has antiviral and anti-bacterial properties.

This means that drinking this coffee which is infused with Ganoderma Lucidum regularly reduces the risk of cognitive diseases and premature aging. Ganoderma Lucidum also helps fight against cancer, grout, and Parkinson’s disease.

Other Benefits include:

  • Lowered Cholesterol Levels
  • Decreased Susceptibility to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)\
  • Improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Prevents Allergic Reactions
  • Boosts Energy Levels
  • Boosts Cognitive Development

As you can see the benefits of mushroom coffee are overwhelming. Since I started drinking mushroom coffee I have noticed a reduction in my allergy symptoms, more focus, better energy and less tummy upset. I am SO thrilled that by simply swapping the brand of coffee I was drinking, I was able to see health benefits.


What is the best brand of mushroom coffee?

There are several brands of mushroom coffee out there to choose from but one stands head and shoulders above the rest. Organo is my go-to for great-tasting mushroom coffee that packs all the health benefits from ganoderma (reishi mushroom) that I am looking for. I’m amazed at how tasty it is. Something so good for you can’t possibly taste so good, but it does!

I’ve heard from several friends that they tried mushroom coffee but just couldn’t do the taste. If you are one of those people then give Organo a try because the flavor is what sets it apart from others. It’s fantastic.


Where to buy mushroom coffee

Ready to give mushroom coffee a try? You can buy my favorite Organo mushroom coffee here or join my 30 day coffee challenge and see what health benefits you discover!


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  1. Wow, I have never heard of mushroom coffee and I’m not sure I’ll like it as I have a bit of a sweet tooth, but it sounds like it has so many benefits! Might have to try it before I knock it 🙂

    1. Oh I have a sweet tooth as well and I don’t even like mushrooms lol. You’ll likely enjoy the mocha if you like sweet! I also do the King coffee with almond milk creamer and two drops of flavored Better Stevia. YUM!

    1. Great!! First buy the coffee for your 30 day challenge here: https://elevatecoffee.myorganogold.com/ – If you run into any trouble with this please email me at sarah @musthavemom.com and I’ll help you get what you need!
      Submit your email address HERE: https://landing.mailerlite.com/webforms/landing/h2q6c6 to get your free cookbook, wellness worksheet and more!
      Check your inbox for emails along the 30 day coffee challenge journey! I can’t wait to see what results you have!

  2. Hi there, which one is the one that has all the benefits you listed? In seeing several kinds and it’s a bit overwhelming. Thanks! Annette

    1. Hi Annette, the King is the most beneficial which contains the spores of the reishi mushroom. I drink it daily! Let me know if you need any other help 🙂

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