How to protect your Children from Internet Dangers?

As parents, it is our first duty to keep our kids safe. Yet, in the modern smartphone and social media era, it is a challenge to monitor and manage your child’s online activity. This is why Parental Control Software is a vital tool for your child’s digital protection.  You need the best software to prevent […]

4 Must Haves For Every New Mom That You Probably Don’t Know About! + Giveaway For All 4!

Being a new mom brings joy, snuggles and a huge change in your everyday life! Going from no kids to having a baby also brings a whole slew of new products that both you and your baby need. I have 3 must haves for every new mom that you probably haven’t heard of (but you need […]

How To Find Your DREAM Job and LOVE What You Do!

I can vividly remember trying to “just pick” a career as a high school student. I chose to attend college my junior and senior years of high school in leu of high school through a program called post secondary education. It allowed me to basically skip my 11th and 12th years in high school and […]

Boy Scouts Sign Up, Base Camp & More! $175 Prize Pack Giveaway + Our Experience With Boy Scouts at the MN State Fair!

Boy Scouts are a great opportunity for boys in kindergarten and up to build character, learn life skills, gain leadership abilities and more through experiences and service to their community. Scouting is fun and rewarding and all about adventure! We got to embark on a really fun adventure at the Minnesota State Fair this year! […]

What Happens When Pampers Sends My Toddler A Surprise Box? Watch & See!

What parent in their right mind says “I can’t wait to start potty training!”? It’s no secret that potty training isn’t all fun and smiles. It doesn’t have to be miserable though! Brady is at the age where he is taking an interest in potty training and to help jump start his excitement, Pampers sent […]

Have The Most EPIC Skylanders Breakfast EVER With Your Kids! I’ll Show You How!

Mornings around here can feel a little hectic and scattered. Ultimately that isn’t the way I want to start my day or the way I want to send my kids off to school for the day. I really am making an effort this year to slow down and focus on my kids and have quality […]

Simple and Effective Fertility Tips To Help You Conceive

Conceiving can be difficult for some while some may get pregnant even in a few month. There are many for whom trying to conceive is a struggle. They try for years with the hope of getting pregnant but are unable to. There might be many reasons for the same and if you are unable to […]

Get Together Tonight: Simple Ways to Host a Teenager’s Game Night

Moms and dads get concerned for teens.  Many parents offer to serve as hosts to their son’s and daughter’s friends rather than have their teen out and about without supervision.  Therefore, a concerned parent will be interested in knowing how to serve host to teen game night.  It’s a great way to keep tabs on […]

Free Printable Back To School Interview To Do With Your Kids Every Year!

Back to school time is upon us and every year I have good intentions to document the first days of school. This year I’ve printed off these fun back to school interview questionnaires to have my kids fill out. Then I can file them away and look back on each year and what changed! Every […]

Easy & Healthy Fresh Fruit Popsicles Recipe to Keep Kids Hydrated! + Kid-Friendly Hummus Recipe!

This post is sponsored by Go & Grow by Similac®. Keeping toddlers hydrated can be a challenge! Most toddlers don’t want to interrupt their playtime to stop and take a drink. The key to keeping them hydrated on hot summer days is to make it fun! These fresh fruit popsicles combine two ingredients to keep kids […]

Summer Berry Galette Recipe! Enjoying Farmers Market Recipes With Your Baby!

I absolutely LOVE summer and all of the fresh garden veggies and juicy fruits that go along with it. Summer to me means vibrant colors and flavors and soaking up the sun. I love visiting our local farmers market and scooping up the latest in-season fruits and vegetables. If you are a mama to little […]

How To Teach Your Kids To Entertain Themselves Using Creativity & Imagination!

Teaching children to entertain themselves has become a lost art. Nowadays kids are constantly over-scheduled and carted from one organized activity to the next. Time spent at home with nothing planned has become a rarity. When it does occur I often find that kids don’t know what to do with themselves. It’s SO important that […]

How To Host A Family Ping Pong Tournament + Free Printable Tournament Bracket Sheet

Hosting a family ping pong tournament is the perfect way to bond and come together as a family while doing a fun activity that a broad range of ages can enjoy. I’ll show you everything you need to host a family ping pong tournament and even give you a free printable tournament bracket! Let’s get […]

7 Tips to Enjoy the Beach with a Toddler

Summer is almost upon us, and if you’re like my family, day trips to the beach are one of the best ways to cool off and have a wonderful family day together! While spending a day at the beach is a ton of fun, when you have toddlers, a lot of preparation goes into making […]

Parenting for Today: Priceless Tips for Raising Addiction-Proof Kids

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare. They raise their children to be responsible adults, and instead the kids become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Here’s how savvy parents have prevented that from happening. Show Them What It’s Like Children need to understand what it is to be a child. They need to feel loved, no matter […]

Huge List Of Things To Do This Summer To Prevent Bored Kids!

We are T minus 10 days and counting until Summer vacation starts and school is out for the Summer! My kids are counting it down and cannot wait for Summer break to hit! I know that their excitement is genuine but inevitably they will be yelling “Mom, I’m bored!” within a week or two. This […]

Ginger Tea Recipe For Nausea & Wellness + Getting The Right Nutrition During Pregnancy

As a Registered Nurse who worked in Labor & Delivery and a mom to four beautiful babies, I know a thing or two about pregnancy. One thing I really struggled with when I was pregnant was getting the right nutrition for me and baby. The first trimester always consisted of a diet of dry cereal […]

How Stay-At-Home Moms Can Earn Dough Again

You’re snickering over the title, aren’t you? If you’re a stay-at-home mom who’s looking for opportunities now that the ‘kids’ have graduated, then here are some jobs you can absolutely do. Yes, it is possible to get back in. What you need is a little bit of inspiration and sound advice. And while finding a […]