5 Things You Should STOP Doing for Your Toddler

It can be hard to let go when our babies grow up and become toddlers. We want to hang on to that little baby and refuse to accept that time truly does go by so fast. If you have found yourself realizing that your little baby is now a toddler then read on for the 5 things you should STOP doing for your toddler.


5 Things you should STOP doing for your toddler. Making the transition from baby to toddler. Read this now!

As babies our children need so much time and attention. They need us to do everything for them. It becomes routine and it’s healthy to stop and re-evaluate what things you should be doing for your toddler and what things he should be doing himself. Here are 5 things you should stop doing for your toddler and start encouraging him to do himself! It’s healthy for development and growth for them to make these changes.

#1 Formula or Milk?

As a baby your child needed breastmilk or formula. Once they hit 12 months old they can be transitioned to whole milk and off of formula. You can transition your child to a toddler formula or whole milk. Which is more beneficial, toddler formula vs whole milk? Depending on your family’s diet either choice may be best for you. Toddler formula is great for picky toddlers as it helps fill in those nutritional gaps. It is also great for on the go since you can take the powder with you and just mix it with water. It’s easier to transport on the go than cow’s milk is. Maybe a combination of both is right for your toddler.

#2 One nap or two?

As a baby you quickly realize that they really do just sleep, eat and poop. Your baby probably settled into a routine of 2 naps a day, one morning nap and one afternoon nap. As you baby transitions into toddlerhood you will find that the need for 2 naps dwindles and can be reduced to one afternoon nap instead. My kids generally gave up 2 naps around 2 years old. Every child is different though!

#3 Feeding your baby vs. self feeding

As a baby you spoon fed your child their baby food. As a toddler they should be well on their way to self feeding 100% of the time. You’ll need to relinquish your need for control and let them be messy toddlers feeding themselves. They typically eat less as they learn to self feed and that is okay. Just feed them as often as they are hungry and they won’t starve! Encourage self feeding by serving bite size pieces that are easy to pick up like these mini PB&J sandwiches or these 3 ingredient toddler bites.

#4 Assuming they need diapers

Babies need diapers, it’s a given. As babies grow into toddlers we need to remember to watch for clues that they are ready to stop wearing diapers and start potty training. Waking up dry and asking to be changed right away after soiling their diaper are both clues that your child may be ready to potty train.

#5 Cleaning up their toys

Even at age 2 and 3 kids can start doing their own chores. Things like picking up their toys, putting dirty clothes in the hamper and clearing their spot at the table, are all things that are age appropriate. Encouraging them to start picking up and helping the family from an early age will set them up for success as they grow older.

As your little baby grows into a toddler remember to stop and evaluate what new and exciting things they can start doing themselves. Although it can be hard to let go of those precious little baby moments, it’s exciting to move to a new stage too!


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  1. As a toddler, she can tell us what she wants. If only babies could do this too, it would make babyhood and parenthood easier.

  2. Wwe have a brand new grandson that just turned 3 months old. So far he has just started sleeping through the night without waking up.

  3. Oh my gosh get into everything and anything you have to watch them like a hawk lol house is child prof but they find things to do like a toast in the dvd player haha oh I love my grand children so much!

  4. My son can write now that he is 6! Yay!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  5. Our three year old is super-good at getting items for us from the cabinets or refrigerator. She can also take off her socks and shoes, pants and shirt – and she’s getting better at getting dressed herself! Yay!

  6. My Granddaughter (14 mths) can now open drawers & is mastering walking. She has started talking & signing a few words.

  7. My daughter can now make her own pbnj sandwich. Its crazy how fast they grow. I’m excited to be able to watch my grandson grow and learn.

  8. My 2 year old son is great at articulating his needs – his vocabulary is huge! And, he’s capable of helping now – he can help pick up his toys, feed himself, hand me diapers or wipes for his baby sister, etc.

  9. My two-year-old son can take off his clothes…all day. It is a battle to keep clothes on him right now.

  10. He is obsessed with the word “NO!” and then he laughs afterwards- I think he’s going to be a handful!

  11. Tell me what is wrong or what they want! I love the baby stage but I really love when they start communicating verbally instead of crying!

  12. Just grandchildren for me, the oldest can drive a car, the youngest is potty training. I have a new one due in less that a month. Getting excited!

  13. I love when toddlers get to the point that they can put their clothes on (even with help). I love that step of independence.

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