25 Out Of The Box Date Night Ideas!

Have you ever been sitting beside your significant other debating what to do that night? When my husband and I have this discussion it pretty much goes like this:

Me: “What do you want to do tonight”

Hubby: “I don’t know, it’s up to you”

Me: “Well I don’t have any ideas so just decide.”

Hubby: “No, you decide”

Me: “I don’t care”

Hubby: “I don’t care either”


We banter back and forth trying to make the other person decide on what to do that night until one of us gives in and picks something. If your date night planning goes anything like ours then pin this post for later because I’ve got 25 out of the box date night ideas for you to choose from! If you have a tough time settling on a particular idea then just make a date night calendar and pre-assign the dates so neither one of you has to decide! Problem solved!

25 out of the box date night ideas

25 Out of the Box Date Night Ideas to spur your creativity! Get out of the date night rut and try some of these fun ideas for your next date!

Here are 25 creative date night ideas that go beyond dinner or a movie! I love these and can’t wait to start checking off the list with my hubby!

  1. Have a dollar store date! Go in with $10 and each of you have 5 minutes to run around and buy 10 things. Create a date with the things you bought. Since neither of you will know what the other person is buying it will get interesting! Rule: You must use all the items in the date you create!
  2. Have a progressive dinner date! Start with an appetizer at one restaurant, a main dish at a 2nd restaurant and dessert at a 3rd restaurant! Make it extra interesting by randomly flipping to places with your eyes closed and choosing. You could eat Chinese, Italian and Mexican all in the same night!
  3. Fill the bed of your truck (or a blow up kids pool) with pillows and blankets. Drive to the middle of nowhere and gaze at the stars. Add in a bottle of wine and cheese for a snack!
  4. Have a Penny Date! Get dressed and get in the car. Have your partner pick a number between 10-20. This will be the number of times you flip your penny! Head out of your driveway and begin. If you get a heads you turn right and if you get tails you turn left. Every time you come to an intersection flip the penny and go that direction. Once you get to the number your partner picked at the beginning STOP and make a date wherever you are!
  5. Go for a hike and have a scavenger hunt
  6. Go bowling! Bowling is like a blast from the past. Night bowling is even more fun! Grab pics of your matching bowling shoes.
  7.  Be a local tourist! Visit the tourist attractions in your town and take lots of pics! We’ve never been to many of the local tourist attractions in our own town. Can you believe we have the hockey hall of fame and I’ve never been there?!
  8. Go to the airport and get the cheapest flight to anywhere. Stay the weekend and return! Talk about being spontaneous!
  9. Get up before dawn and have a breakfast picnic watching the sunrise!
  10. Visit a local farmer’s market and each choose a few things without discussing it. Create a meal from what you’ve picked!
  11. Have a fondue party with another couple! Have everyone bring cut up fruit, bread, meats, etc and have an oil, cheese and chocolate fondue!
  12. Have a spa day together! Get couples massages and enjoy dinner afterwards. Can’t afford the spa? Give each other massages!
  13. Have a board game and pizza night! Board games have almost become extinct but they are so much fun!! Here is one of our favorite games, an oldie but a goodie!
  14. Have a bonfire and make s’mores! Set up a s’mores bar with various flavors of marshmallows, chocolates and graham crackers. My favorite is a coconut marshmallow and rolo on saltine crackers! Try it, trust me.
  15. Go for a bike ride followed by a picnic!
  16. Go for a nighttime swim followed by dessert!
  17. Go to a thrift store and create a date from things you can buy there for $20!
  18. Play a round of mini golf with high stakes! Loser does dishes all week!
  19. Do a puzzle together and eat appetizers! It makes for a relaxing date.
  20. Visit the frozen yogurt shop and take it to go. Stroll through the park as you eat it!
  21. Go strawberry picking and return home to make something with your berries!
  22. Play frisbee golf. We have several local courses and I’ve never played!
  23. Go for a boat ride and bring along dinner to eat while you cruise the lake.
  24. Have a stay-cation and stay at a local hotel. Take advantage of the pool, hot tub, sauna and breakfast in bed!
  25. Visit an old fashioned candy store. Buy your favorite candy and go for a stroll while you indulge.

Get your feet date night ready! Go from beach to date night with this easy routine to pretty your feet up!

Now you have no excuse not to go on an amazingly fun date night with your partner! Now you just have to get ready! Once you’ve picked your date (or just make your partner pick a number 1-25 and do that one on the list!) then it’s time to go from beach day to date night-ready!

Trade in your flip flops (do you see those adorable DIY fabric flip flops up there?!) for heels or whatever shoes will be appropriate for your date night! Get those feet ready too!

Get your feet date night ready! Go from beach to date night with this easy routine to pretty your feet up!

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Follow your Amopé™ foot treatment with some luxurious lotion and be sure to clip those toenails and paint them too! Now your feet will be date-night ready!

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What is your favorite out of the box date night idea? Don’t forget to pamper those feet before your date!


  1. What a fantastic date idea list! These are actually ideas that I haven't heard before. I'm especially loving the dollar store date and fondue party. can't wait to try some of these ideas!
  2. These are all such fun ideas for a date! I love the progressive dinner idea. I know we enjoy a good bowling night too every once in a while.
  3. Maggie branch says:
    I think the progressive date sounds really fun. My husband and I have this same trouble and usually it ends up with us going home and binge watching Netflix.
  4. These are all such great ideas! I really love the penny one- so creative!
  5. Em Mahr says:
    Fun ideas! We have done a few puzzle and pizza/chineese nights together. We also love to get a lego set and put them together. Little childish, but we have a great time!
  6. Laura m says:
    Great ideas! I especially love the staycation idea!
  7. These are great! I really love the flipping a coin to go right or left one. That sounds like it could get interesting! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!
  8. These are all such fun ideas...especially the penny flip! We'd probably end up in the middle of nowhere around here! :) Thanks for sharing at Welcome Home Wednesdays!
  9. Thank you for sharing this at Thoughts of Home. We love having you. Great suggestions!
  10. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing at Creativity Unleashed! :)
  11. Be a local tourist! is the best date nigth, you can enjoy something you've always got close but with a special person
  12. Lot's of great and really creative ideas :D Thanks for a great post!
  13. So interesting! Noted to my future saturday night with my husband haha
  14. I love these ideas! Date night is so important, and I know these will be so fun to go on. Thank you for the list!

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