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It can be a challenge to navigate to the best reading apps when it comes to teaching your child to read. I’ve tested out numerous reading programs in my effort to help my struggling reader and I’ve got the full Reading Eggs review here for you! If you aren’t sure if Reading Eggs is for you, let me help you decide.

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Reading Apps

It’s no secret that kids love playing apps on iPads. It should come as no surprise that my struggling reader, Brady, was thrilled when I said reading would be happening inside a fun reading app full of reading games that were fun.

Brady was in kindergarten during the first of the pandemic lockdowns. Where my other children learned to read in kindergarten, Brady did not thanks to the distance learning and broken up education that happened during lockdowns.

As a result of the failure of distance learning to educate my kids properly, we decided to pull our children out of public school and begin homeschooling them. This was our effort to take control of their education and make learning fun instead of consisting of a packet of worksheets they needed to sit at a table for hours to complete.

I quickly discovered that Brady was really struggling with reading. Beyond what most kids would be struggling with from just the introduction of distance learning. This led to a search for the best way to teach him reading.

We tried so many different programs. Many of them great programs. Nothing was clicking for him though. By the time I tried Reading Eggs I was getting desperate. I wanted something that didn’t heavily involve me instructing him as he seemed to do better when it wasn’t mom teaching him. He would get frustrated with me and not try very hard.

Reading Eggs was recommended to me by other homeschooling moms, along with the idea that kids will learn at their own pace. Sometimes kids just take a little longer than their peers. Especially boys. They just want to play! That was the case with Brady. That’s why the idea of reading games on an app was appealing. We decided to give it a shot. We had nothing to lose as nothing else had clicked yet.

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Reading Eggs is an online literacy learning program for  2 to 13 year olds. The online program is built on the 5 essential elements of reading instruction: Phonemic awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary and Comprehension. They use over 500 highly interactive games and fun animations to deliver these elements of reading.

They have already successfully taught over 20 million children to read with a 99.6% parent’s satisfaction rating.

The Reading Eggs program is also being used in over 12,000 elementary schools and growing each day. Over 98% of teachers are recommending the Reading Eggs program to other teachers.

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The reading games have proven to be extremely engaging and educational. Brady doesn’t fight me when it comes time to do Reading Eggs. That alone is a godsend.

You know what I notice though after using Reading Eggs for 20 minutes a day for the last two weeks? He’s already reading better. I’m quite astonished.

One issue we struggled with when I was teaching Brady to read was retention. I would teach him a concept. He would mirror it and demonstrate it. The next day he had forgotten completely.

With Reading Eggs he seems to be retaining those concepts!

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I also opted to get Brady the physical books to go along with the Reading Eggs app.

The Reading Eggs and Mathseeds Workbooks give your child the best of both worlds. The jam-packed books will help to consolidate all the essential literacy and numeracy skills your child is learning on Reading Eggs and Mathseeds – skills that will stay with them for life.

Research shows that using a combination of quality digital and print resources produce the greatest gains when it comes to your child’s academic success. These workbooks will help them to master 240 essential reading skills per grade and 200 essential math skills per grade, building their confidence as they accomplish each new activity.

The books are great quality and I love that Brady gets practice on the iPad as well as with physical books. I also love that they match the activities he is doing on the Reading Eggs app.

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Overall, I am SO impressed with the Reading Egg app. It beats all the other reading apps we have tried and is doing a better job of sticking with Brady than the reading curriculum that we purchased. It also requires less time on my part as well. I don’t have to prep lessons, cut out games or spend crazy amounts of time piecing together reading curriculum. It’s been absolutely amazing. The best part is that the results have been better than when I was doing all of the other things. offers monthly subscriptions for $9.95, 12 month subscription for $69.99 for up to four children.

They also offer 2 levels of activities books, Level 1 and 2 cost $65 each and the Mega book pack which consists of both levels cost $110. I LOVE having the books as well.

Right now you can get 30 days of Reading Eggs FREE! Give it a try for free. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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