Fun Projects with PVC Pipes!

I like to try and think outside of the box. On one of my many late nights up I was browsing around the Internet looking for an interesting project and I started coming up with these really cool projects made out of PVC pipes. I never would have thought of taking PVC Pipe Fittings and turning them into some really cool projects. I do remember as a kid we vacationed in Florida and one place that we stayed at had really cool PVC pipe furniture. I was pretty young at the time so the fact that I remember this means I must have thought it was really cool and burned it into my memory! We had an entire outdoor patio set made of PVC pipes. It was pretty neat. These little kids chairs pictured above remind me of that.
Then I came across this amazing cabana made of PVC pipes. They sprayed the pipes with metallic spray paint first and I love the combination of the cold looking pipes (don’t they look like metal?!) with the breezy linens and warm, inviting patio furniture. I’ve always wanted a cabana and making one with PVC pipes would be a really affordable way to get one! 

I’m always in search of great ideas for the laundry room and while I currently have some rockin’ laundry sorters from IKEA, I thought I would share this for all of you looking to tame your mountains of laundry!

These chairs are much more chic than the first ones I pictured and would be perfect for around the bonfire all Summer long! I love the initials on the chairs! I may need to sew some of those and talk my hubby into assembling the chairs. It doesn’t look too hard.

I’m totally stealing this idea for my upcoming garage sale. I have a ton of clothes I’ll be getting rid of and this is the perfect way to get some extra hanging space in the garage. I think I’ll just hang rope from the ceiling and thread it through the PVC pipe.

I totally saved the best for last. This totally chic PVC Pipe Mirror project is made from PVC pipes! Can you believe that? There is SO much you can do with them!


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  1. these are awesome ideas… my cousin actually did her sons room with these as his wall (instead of a headboard) to make it look like goal posts…
    i love it!

  2. I really love the little kids chairs….they are too cute. Now i want one for my grandchildren…and I have a lot of them

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