Ocean Theme Sensory Bin Activity

This sand and water ocean theme sensory bin activity is full of all sorts of different sensory play opportunities. From sand to water and fun ocean animals, this sensory bin has it all!


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We’ve been having a really fun ocean-themed activity week that is so jam-packed with activities it has stretched out over two weeks now! Be sure to check out the other fun ocean activities including the frozen ocean sensory binclownfish handprint artocean pollution activity, our favorite ocean book list and a seahorse paper plates craft. Be sure to subscribe to my summer camp at home email list to get first access to all of the fun crafts we do!

Ocean Theme Sensory Bin

This ocean theme sensory bin activity is great for preschool kids. It serves as a fun sensory play activity filled with opportunities to educate your kids on ocean animals, sand and the ocean water.


ocean theme sensory play

Ocean Sensory Bin Supplies

You’ll need the following supplies to create this ocean sensory bin.

  • Sensory Table or Large Shallow Bin/Tub
  • Plastic Ocean Animal Toys
  • Seashells
  • Small Pieces of Driftwood
  • Play Sand
  • Water
  • Blue Food Coloring


Ocean Theme Sensory Bin Directions

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Ocean Theme Sensory Bin Step 1

Pour play sand on one side of the sensory table or bin/tub. Mix cool water with a couple drops of blue food coloring. This will not stain hands but you may want to put them in play clothes to prevent their clothes from possibly staining. Slowly pour the water on the other side of the sensory table or bin/tub. It is crucial that you do this slowly or the sand and water will mix and become mud instead of an ocean and beach.


ocean preschool sensory bin

Ocean Theme Sensory Bin Step 2

Add plastic ocean animal toys to the water. Add seashells and pieces of driftwood to the sand to create a realistic beach scene.


ocean animal in sensory bin


Now it’s time to play! Let your child explore the water and the sand. Talk about which animals are in the ocean and teach them as they play. Talk about what color the animals are, what their names are, how they swim, etc.


ocean sensory play


Use a small strainer to scoop animals out of the water. This helps build their coordination skills and is fun to do.


scooping sand in sensory bin


Use a small sand shovel to scoop the sand and mold it. As they play the sand and water may become more mixed and that is okay. Allow them to play and explore the different textures.


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