Your Parents’ Anniversary Is Coming Up – 7 Gifts That Show You Care

Show your parents your love and appreciation with one of these awesome anniversary gift ideas for your parents anniversary!


Grab these awesome anniversary gift ideas for your parents anniversary!


Now that you’re a successful adult with kids of your own, we bet you’re beginning to appreciate everything your folks did for you when you were too young and naive to say “thanks.”


Make sure they know it. It’s hard when we’re juggling our own kids, work and all the rest of the busyness of family life. But it doesn’t have to take a lot of time to show your parents that you care. If they live close by, have them over for dinner at least once a month. Invite them to your kids’ soccer games.


If they live far away, schedule regular face-time calls. Send them pictures your kids drew at school. You get the idea. But if you need some suggestions, this helpful list can help.


And once a year, remember their anniversary. After all, you’re only here because they chose to get hitched!


Grab these awesome anniversary gift ideas for your parents anniversary!


This compilation of anniversary gifts for parents offers tips on thoughtful, personalized gifts to help your parents honor their special day. We’ve added a few more of our own:


  1. Embossed Silver Plate


They made it to the silver anniversary, the big 2-5? This calls for something special! Give your parents a gift they’ll quite literally cherish forever (with ample polish and safe keeping): a pewter plate embossed with their names and wedding date. Holder optional.


  1. Anniversary Journal


You can’t go wrong with an anniversary journal: a heavy bound book with blank pages on which they can compose love poems, recount past experiences in spare prose, or even doodle their love for one another.


If your parents aren’t the creative “do it themselves” types, opt for a completed, personalized anniversary book instead, filled with photos and letters that their friends, you and your siblings contribute.


  1. Wedding Photos Redux


How have your parents’ wedding photos aged? If you’re one of those grown children who look at those dusty photos on the mantle and wonder how the heck your parents could ever look so young, maybe it’s time to reset the world’s equilibrium once and for all. Buy them a “wedding photo redux”: a photo shoot with a professional photographer, anywhere (within reason) they choose.


  1. A Surprise Vacation


New York City? Hawaii? Paris? Bali? You’re only limited by your budget — and your love for your parents. Not necessarily in that order. If it’s any consolation, no one expects you to spring for a parents’ anniversary trip every year.


  1. New Luggage


Not in a position to spring for a surprise vacation? Drop a hint that your parents should foot the bill when you give the gift of luggage. Sure, new luggage doesn’t sound romantic, but it’s a thoughtful and practical gift that lasts well beyond their anniversary trip.


  1. Potted Orchids


Did you grow up with a green thumb in your midst? Orchids are traditional 28th-anniversary gifts, but they’re affordable and beautiful at any point in a lifelong romance. If you truly want to live up to your reputation as a golden child, be sure to include orchid care instructions with your gift. With a little TLC, well-tended orchids can live indefinitely — just like your parents’ love.


  1. Vinyl


Vinyl isn’t a traditional anniversary material, but don’t tell that to your music-loving folks. If you suspect your parents are nostalgic for the old days of vinyl and sleeve art, get them a brand-new turntable and a few vintage records to kick things off. Fingers crossed, they’ll build their collection over time. Hey, maybe you’ll find a record you all can enjoy.


Got any tips on anniversary gifts for parents? Please share by posting a comment below.


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Grab these awesome anniversary gift ideas for your parents anniversary!

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  1. My parents anniversary is coming up in a week, planning on getting them a gift card to eat dinner out. They both need to branch out, our town has some great restaurants.

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