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Wordless Wednesday! Baby Carson’s First Bath!

Carson’s first bath at home was a family affair. Dad was our photographer, I was in charge 🙂 hehe, Danika was on soap and towel duty and Aiden was in charge of holding the lotion. The kids loved playing a part in giving him his first bath. They really have stepped up at being great helpers! Carson wasn’t so sure about his role though…

He cried most of the bath and wasn’t a huge fan of it 🙂 The second bath was a little better with slightly less crying. Here he is in the Puj Tub in our bathroom sink. It worked great. I loved that I didn’t have to bend over the bath tub after having a c-section and I could use both my hands to wash him without having to hold him. One thing I was missing that probably would have helped cheer Carson up is our bath luve. Our other kids sure loved that.

Danika was more than happy to help squeeze some soap into his hair. He wasn’t so happy about that either.

She even wrapped him up in his towel 🙂
Aiden was proud as punch to bring the lotion over to him.


Of course they couldn’t wait to snuggle Carson and warm him up after his bath. I am so happy that they love their new sibling so much. It sure makes this transition from two kids to three kids much easier.


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