Creative Ways To Save For College

With the rising costs of college education, you may be worried about how your family is going to manage.  You may be concerned that you’ll need to sacrifice things like eating out or going on vacation. Or that you’ll have to get a second job to manage to be able to send the kids to college when it comes time. There are many different thoughts on how to save enough money for tuition. Across the board, parents want what’s best for their child but worry about the impact of college costs on their family overall. Here are a few inspiring stories about families that have saved successfully and how they managed.


Not Footing the Bill

When you’re considering how to save up enough money for college, you may wonder how important it is to pay the entire college tuition bill for your child. Do parents have the responsibility of paying for their child’s education? Some feel they don’t. There are a number of reasons parents may feel this way including the thought that a college education isn’t necessary for everyone. Others think that their children should be encouraged to pay for their own college education, at least in part.


Creative ways to save for college! Try these genius ways to start saving for kids college funds now.



Have you considered asking friends and family to help pay for your child’s education? That may be something you haven’t considered before. But, crowdfunding is an easy way to help save money for college. When friends and relatives ask what your child would like for Christmas or their birthday, suggest that they donate to your child’s education.  After all, do they need another doll, racecar or puzzle? Or, could some of that money be saved for future needs?


Make it a Family Project

Some families choose to make saving for college a family affair. Consider pooling money from part-time jobs, holiday gifts, bonuses and other unexpected income. By chipping in as a family, it won’t feel like a sacrifice to save up enough money to cover tuition costs. Remember, starting early is key to being properly prepared and having enough money to cover the entire expense.


Encourage Self Sufficiency

One of the best ways to help our children is to encourage them to be self-sufficient, and that includes saving for college. Not only should we encourage them to take care of their own needs, but we should also give them the tools and skills that they need to make that possible.  Not only does this skill help them save money for what’s truly important, but it also gives them the necessary skills to be mature, responsible adults.


Creative ways to save for college! Try these genius ways to start saving for kids college funds now.


How you choose to save for college is up to you. But, no matter which method you use, it’s essential that you start early. Country Financial can help you determine the best way to save for your child’s education. Their representatives will discuss your different savings and investment options and answer any questions you have about the type of investment that’s best for your particular situation. They’ll help you decide how much money you need to save and when you should start saving. And, they’ll work with you to put together a plan that you can stick to no matter what your financial situation is. All you need to do is contact them today to get started.


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Creative ways to save for college! Try these genius ways to start saving for kids college funds now.

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  1. I still owe so much towards my college education so I am always looking for ways that my kids do not have to be in this predicament! Thank you for the really great ideas!

  2. These are great ways to save money for college. We started saving as soon as we found out I was expecting. My Son is starting his first year of college in September. It is a great feeling knowing he will not have to go into debt.

  3. I love all of these ideas. I think it’s so important for kids to start saving for college right away. College is very expensive, and the quicker they save up, the easier it will be on them when they go to college.

  4. I am all about creative ways of saving for college or anything really. We have 529 mixes for out kids to help them with the future.

  5. Interesting post. It’s not just about money—it’s about navigating challenges along the way. Sometimes, despite our efforts, getting diploma feels out of reach. But I’ve found some insights in this article at that shed light on how to overcome obstacles and stay motivated. It’s not always easy, but understanding these concepts has given me hope.

  6. Saving for college can be fun and creative. First, try saving spare change in a jar. It adds up over time. Another idea is to sell handmade crafts online or at local fairs. You can also use to find deals and save money. Every bit helps, and creative efforts can make saving easier and enjoyable.

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