Strawberry Shortcake Free Printable Coloring Pages & Snowberry Days on DVD! {+ Giveaway!}


Strawberry Shortcake Snowberry Days DVD

I have loved Strawberry Shortcake ever since I was little and I’m thrilled that now my own kids love her too. It’s one of those kids movies that I will gladly put in and watch because she doesn’t drive me batty lol. There is a brand new Strawberry Shortcake movie out on DVD called Snowberry Days and we just love it!

‘Tis the season for winter fun in these berry cool Strawberry Shortcake episodes. A fun-filled playtime is interrupted when someone notices that the squirrels are low on supplies in “The Berry Long Winter.” Blueberry’s success with her own specially designed ice skates have the other girls feeling left out in “The Big Freeze.” And Raspberry’s spring fashion show plans are put “On Ice” when cold weather and an out-of-control fountain covers the catwalk fruit-colored ice. Join Strawberry and her berry best friends as they discover working with others ensures a Snowberry good time for everyone.


Print off this Strawberry Shortcake free printable coloring pages Snowberry Days coloring sheet for your kiddos to color while watching the movie! It makes for great indoor fun on those cold, snowy days!

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You can pick up a copy of Strawberry Shortcake Snowberry Days on Amazon and at retailers nationwide.


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  1. Strawberry Shortcake is my favorite charachter from this show. This looks like a fun movie. Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. We like Strawberry Shortcake. I still remember watching her when I was little and I LOVED my Strawberry Shortcake doll that blew strawberry scented kisses 🙂

  3. My favorite has always been Strawberry Shortcake! I really like the new animation of her too – super cute!!

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