Do It Yourself Vertical Garden!

I am SO excited to be planting a garden this year. It’s exciting to finally have a yard big enough for a huge garden! If you don’t have a yard that is big enough for a garden then check out this really neat DIY vertical garden idea! It’s SO cool!
DIY Vertical Garden Wall
Source: Bridgman

Leave me a comment if you’ve ever done this before or plan to do it. I’d love to do this with an herb garden! Anyone have experience with this?


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  1. A vertical garden is so smart to keep the critters (and weeds) out! I have no gardening abilities but if I were to start one, I'd like a box rather than a straight-to-the-ground style.

  2. I'm definitely going to do this! I love gardening and I'm at the end of my last semester so I'll have a lot more time for it! We don't have a lot of room for gardens either so this is perfect!

  3. Do you think this can be done for flowers too? I think it's really cool and I'd love to plant flowers if there was enough there for the roots to hold to.

    Thoughts? Is that what it's designed for?

  4. I love this, I'd love to do something like this for an Herb garden! Right now we have 2 raised beds and a few containers.. I want atleast one more raised bed (maybe 2).

  5. I've never done this, but it sounds interesting. I just wonder about keeping it moist enough here in the South where it can get so hot and dry in summer.

  6. I'm glad you all like it. We created it because we found that there were no clear instructions anywhere on how to create your own vertical garden.

    @won – you can plant almost anything in them, including flowers!

    @Christina – if you are going to create a herb garden, be sure to check how the pallet has been used. It would be a good idea to fully clean the pallet before use if you intend on growing food in it.

    If any of you decide to try this at home I would love to see the results! You can contact me on Twitter (@gardent1ps).

    Thanks! Robert.

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