DIY Finger Puppet Kits For Kids! + Free Printable & Box Tutorial

DIY Finger Puppet Kits + Free Printable and Box Tutorial
I made these adorable DIY Finger Puppet Kits with the kids this week and they were a HUGE hit! They were so much fun, even I enjoyed making these cute little finger puppets. These would be the perfect thing to have on hand this holiday season as you entertain guests. They keep the kids entertained with a fun, fairly mess-free craft and then afterwards as they can put on their own puppet show! These are inexpensive, easy and fun.

DIY Finger Puppets from Old Gloves
To make the finger puppets you can use old gloves that have gotten holes in them like we did, or you can buy packs of finger gloves for really cheap. I got two packs for .99 at Walmart. You could also check the dollar store. Plus you’ll get 10 puppets out of each pair so you don’t need too many to make a lot of kits!

DIY Finger Puppet Kids Free Printable Tags
Save your toilet paper rolls to create the finger puppet kits. Then print off my free printable finger puppet kit tags and cut them out.

DIY Gift box from toilet paper tube
Next cut out a colorful piece of scrapbook paper, brown paper bag or even comic newsprint into a 7″ x 4″ rectangle. Then use glue or double sided tape to attach to the toilet paper tube.

Finger Puppet Kit Free Printable Tags

Then cut out your tags and glue them onto the center of the tube.

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Free printable finger puppet kit

 Bend the ends of the tube in to create a cute little gift box!

How to make finger puppets with old gloves
Then you will fill each box with the necessary items to create their finger puppets. Cut off each finger from the gloves and that will serve as one finger puppet.

DIY Finger Puppets

 Once it is decorated with eyes and a mouth it will take on a character of it’s own!

How To Make A Finger Puppet Kit
Be sure to include everything they need in each kit. We used pom poms, googly eyes, bows and yarn. You could also add little felt pieces, paper to make hats, etc. Any little trinkets will work for decorating the puppets! Put enough in each kit for a puppet or two. Then close up the kit.

Kids Finger Puppets
Once your guests arrive you can hand out the finger puppet kits or keep them in a basket for the kids to pick. They can create a cute finger puppet friend!

Kids Craft Finger Puppets
I put a little tacky glue on a plate for the kids and then gave them a Q-Tip to apply it to the eyes and decorations they were affixing to their finger puppets.

DIY Finger Puppets Kids Craft

 They dumped out their kit onto a plate and started crafting!

Kids Finger Puppet Craft

 They had SO much fun making these! They turned out adorable!

Kids Finger Puppet Craft and Free printable boxes

Then they put on a puppet show for us!

Start saving those toilet paper tubes and be sure to print out the free finger puppet tags too!

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How will you be keeping little holiday guests entertained this year?

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