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Magic Elves Aren’t Creepy & They Don’t Tattle! Our Elfcapades!

Elves reading a story

I see all this chatter about elves looking creepy and tattling to Santa. If that is what you think of when you think of elves then read on! There is a better way! If your child wants an elf but you aren’t ready to welcome in the creepy little spying elf then check out Magic Elves! Our kids have Magic Elves and we love our elves. They are always embarking on Elfcapades (adventures at night!). Each night the kids sprinkle them with magic snow and they come alive while the kids sleep. They go back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve to help Santa. Our elves aren’t spies and our kids are welcome to play with them during the day!

Here are a few of our Elfcapades! One night our elves gathered around one of our family photo books to check it out. They enlisted the help of some of the other toys too!

Elfcapades Snowmen

This year Santa sent two new friends along with our elves. Ho Ho Husky and Pom Pom the Penguin joined our family of elves and they have been having so much fun! The other morning the kids woke up to these adorable snowmen that the elves made while they were sleeping!

Meredith & Reindeer Magic Elves

Danika was thrilled that Meredith brought her reindeer friend with her again this year. Apparently they like chocolate cereal!

Davis and Pom Pom Magic Elves

Carson was thrilled that Pom Pom joined his elf, Davis, on his elfcapades this year. He even brought his igloo!

Ho Ho Husky Magic Elves and Sleigh

Aiden was excited that Ho Ho Husky brought a sleigh and a dog bed too! He even has a harness so he can pull the sleigh!

Elf Magic Zachary

This year Brady got an elf too! His name is Zachary and the kids were so excited that Brady got to join the elf fun this year too!

Mitchell and Ho Ho

The elves made the kids breakfast the other day. They were excited to wake up to find the elves had poured them each a bowl of cereal.

Elf Magic Elves

 The kids love our Elf Magic Elves! I do too 🙂

See other elfcapades and join in the fun tradition, minus the creepy elves 😉

Do you have elves?

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  1. We just have one elf and it just moves around to a different place everyday sitting on something new. My grandsons just love trying to find it every morning.

  2. These elves are absolutely adorable. We were majorly thinking of doing the Elf on the Shelf this year but decided against it. I will have to try something like this next year instead.

  3. how cute,havent seen this type of elf before,,my grandkids had fun with their elves this year too

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