Eco Friendly Saran Wrap Ball Game

Make this eco-friendly version of the popular Saran wrap ball game and you’ll have all the fun and none of the plastic! If you’ve been looking for a more Earth-friendly version of the Saran wrap game then this is it!


paper saran wrap ball game alternative

Eco-Friendly Saran Wrap Game

We LOVE playing the popular saran wrap ball game but with the attention focused on reducing plastic waste, we recognized the need for an eco friendly version of the saran wrap game. We came up with this saran wrap Christmas game alternative using wrapping paper and we will show you how to make it and play it and even what to put in it!


How to Make A Paper Saran Wrap Ball Game Alternative

Making this Christmas paper ball game is really quick and easy. You’ll start by purchasing a bunch of fun things to go inside your ball. I went to Dollar Tree and picked up a bunch of items and made my ball for the kids.


eco saran wrap game stuffer ideas

Eco Saran Wrap Ball Game Gift Ideas

You can put ANYTHING in your Christmas ball game and gear it towards kids, adults, teens, etc. It works for anyone! Here are some stuffer ideas for your eco wrapping paper ball game:


wrapping paper Christmas game stuffer ideas


There is SO much you can put in your game that the possibilities are endless! For adults I use the following gift ideas:


  • $5 gift cards
  • lip balm
  • gum
  • hats
  • zip ties
  • gloves
  • travel mug
  • socks
  • nail polish
  • kitchen utensils
  • candy
  • car wash coins
  • scratch off lottery tickets
  • water mix-ins (like the powder or liquid you add to a bottle of water)
  • bath bombs
  • face masks
  • snacks
  • window scraper
  • lotion
  • small tools
  • decals
  • nail polish


Wrapping paper saran wrap ball alternative


You will also need plenty of different patterns of wrapping paper which I was able to also buy at the Dollar Tree. They even had Hallmark brand wrapping paper there!


how to make a Christmas game for kids


Begin by wrapping the item that will be in the center of your ball. I chose a blanket for the center of mine. Wrap it in wrapping paper just like you’d wrap any gift.


eco saran ball


Next, add another gift to wrap, along with the first gift you wrapped, and wrap it in a DIFFERENT patterned wrapping paper from the first.


how to make a christmas wrapping paper gift game


Continue wrapping layers of wrapping paper and adding gifts.


Be sure to use a different wrapping paper for each layer and add gifts as you go!


alternative to saran wrap ball game


You can also add ribbon if you’d like to make the game harder! Get crazy with it if it is for adults!!


christmas party games

Christmas Ball Game Rules

To play this eco-friendly version of the saran wrap ball game you’ll need to follow a few rules! With the traditional saran wrap ball game, you would unwrap the saran wrap ball and try to uncover as many prizes as you could before the person next to you rolled doubles on the dice. For this version, we mix things up a little thanks to the wrapping paper layers.


To Play You’ll Need:

  • wrapping paper ball (directions above)
  • two dice
  • pie pan or bowl (to roll the dice in)


Sit in a circle to play the game. One person will start with the two dice and the pie pan and the person to their left will start with the ball. When play begins the person with the dice will continue rolling the dice until they get doubles. Once doubles are rolled the wrapping paper ball gets passed to them and they pass the dice to the person to their right.

While the person is rolling the dice, the person with the wrapping paper ball will be trying to unwrap only ONE layer of the ball at a time. You must unwrap a single layer and not puncture through to the next layer of wrapping paper. If you unwrap the layer without puncturing the next layer then you get the prizes you’ve unwrapped. If the person is still rolling the dice you may proceed to unwrap the next layer until doubles are rolled at which point you will pass the ball to your right. If you puncture through more than one layer of wrapping paper then your turn is over and you must pass the wrapping paper ball to the person to your right.

Play continues until the ball is completely unwrapped and all prizes have been won!


You can make this game more difficult by using lots of tape, ribbon, etc. to make unwrapping one layer at a time more difficult. For smaller kids, keep the game simple with minimal tape and ribbon. Check out all the different Saran wrap game variations you can play using this wrapping paper ball too!


Pin Saran Wrap Ball Game Alternative

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