Create Your Own Outdoor Oasis On A Budget!


How To Create An Outdoor Oasis On A Budget!

I have always wanted an outdoor oasis where I could sit and relax and enjoy my gorgeous country view. I work in the garden all Summer long and having a relaxing spot to take a break is much needed! Not to mention the fact that after I put the kids to bed and the house is quiet, it’s my favorite time to go sit outside and unwind! I set out to create an outdoor oasis on a budget. I knew I didn’t have much to spend and I wanted to see what I could do with very little budget. The outcome was very pleasing! I hope it inspires you to create your own outdoor oasis even if your budget is small!

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Flower Pot Makeover! Use old pots and make them look new again!

First up I knew I wanted some sort of plants to be a part of my outdoor oasis. I love gardening and plants mean Summer to me so I transformed a .99 flower pot into a much prettier piece with just a roll of jute and some hot glue!

DIY Flower Pot Tutorial - Easy Flower Pot Using Jute

I used a cheapie .99 plastic flower pot that wasn’t too appealing to makeover and give a fresh look. You’ll also need some hot glue and a roll of jute which you can find in the craft section.

DIY Flower Pot Tutorial - Easy Flower Pot Using Jute

I began by hot gluing the jute to the bottom of the lip of the pot.

DIY Flower Pot Tutorial - Easy Flower Pot Using Jute

Then I continued to go around and around the pot, hot gluing as I went and pushing the jute into place. I tried to keep the layers as close together as possible.

DIY Flower Pot Tutorial - Easy Flower Pot Using Jute

Once I reached the top of the pot I went around it again from top to bottom to give it a nice thick covering that you couldn’t see through. Then I simply glued the end in place.

DIY Flower Pot Makeover and Outdoor Oasis ideas on a budget!

Next I added a potted plant that I snagged on clearance at a garden center. It was apparently a leftover from Mother’s Day so I got it for a couple dollars. So far my outdoor oasis has cost me about $3.

DIY Outdoor Oasis with DIY Flower Pot tutorial too!

Next I took a cheap plastic table that we had lying around that had seen better days. I added a couple of placemats and my DIY flower pot to the top of it to dress it up! I added some big citronella candles behind it to give it a nice color pop and deter the bugs. The candles were around $1 each! That takes us up to $7.

DIY Outdoor Oasis on a budget! Great suggestions for a very inexpensive outdoor relaxation area!

Next I needed seating. One thing I have always loved is a great hammock. I knew I wanted to sit and not lie down so I searched for hammock chairs not expecting to find any in my price range. I lucked out and found an amazing deal on these hammock chairs! They are gorgeous, comfortable and super affordable! I found them at LTD Commodities and they were only $17.95! What a steal!

DIY Outdoor Oasis on a budget! Great suggestions for a very inexpensive outdoor relaxation area!

I half expected them to be awful because they were so affordable but I was very pleased to find they are excellent quality and comfortable too! Turns out the dog even thinks this is a great oasis. He is always laying down there now!

How To Create An Outdoor Oasis On A Budget!

Not far from my outdoor oasis I added these beautiful color pops to my garden so I could do some bird watching while I relaxed! The flower stakes are both beautiful decor items and they also function as a bird feeder! Plus they are only $12.95!

DIY Outdoor Oasis on a budget! Great suggestions for a very inexpensive outdoor relaxation area!

My entire outdoor oasis, including the flower stake bird feeder not seen in this photo, cost me under $70! I was thrilled to have this beautiful new outdoor area for such a steal! It’s become my favorite spot outside!

Be sure to check out LTD’s Time To Bloom page too! They’ve got fun DIY projects and tips to get your garden growing!


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