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What happens to baby when mama eats chocolate? The answer revealed!

We visited Enlightened 4D Imaging in Bloomington, MN and got to experience something that was really neat and fun. What happens to baby when mama eats chocolate? You all got to leave your guesses for a chance at 4 extra entries into the giveaway of your choice! Well here is the answer…(This is a very shortened version of the video to give you an idea!):

Did you guess right? If you did then take your extra 4 entries into the giveaway of your choice! It was really fun to see in real time and crazy that it all happened within 30 seconds! If you are a pregnant mama living in Minnesota I highly recommend checking out Enlightened 4D Imaging in Bloomington. They are so friendly and highly skilled. They did an amazing job and made our experience very special!


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  1. Wow….that's actually kind of enlightening because I've been reading lately how what you eat when you're pregnant affects your babies insulin receptors once it's born. I would guess that the influx of sugar is what caused the baby's heartbeat to speed up. I would imagine they experience sugar rushes and crashes just like us since they are a part of the woman's body.

  2. I would have guessed more MOVEMENT but didnt think about the heart rate itself. I was thinking like a sugar rush. Happens to me when I eat chocolate and I am considerably more than 6-8 lbs! LOL!

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