Thrive Market Review: Is Thrive Market Worth It?

Is Thrive Market worth it? What kind of free gifts do you get and is it really a good way to get organic food and products for less? I’ve been a member of Thrive Market for two years now and I have the inside scoop on all of this for you.


thrive market review


Ask me what my biggest struggle is when it comes to healthy eating. I’d say it’s the grocery shopping. Not only is it difficult to find all the items in one place, but the prices also make me think twice about my healthy eating plan.

This is where Thrive Market comes in.

What is Thrive Market?

Thrive Market is a membership website offering natural and organic food items at wholesale prices.  And recently I also found out that their range of beauty and home products is equally good. So, it basically extends to natural products for the entire home.

You can get your annual membership for just $6o and unlock the ability to buy a huge selection of organic food products. They have over 6,000 organic products on their website. If there’s a product you can’t find on their website, their friendly customer service considers your suggestions also.

The prices of these products are also very competitive. Organic food is usually quite expensive. But you will see a different pricing scale at Thrive Market. They are sometimes even half of what the other marts are offering for organic food. Major Savings, here I come!

Since I live in a rural area, the prices of organic food are typically quite high around here. I have saved hundreds of dollars by simply ordering what I need from Thrive Market and it also saves me a trip to the store!


Thrive Market delivers organic, non-GMO, paleo, gluten free products to your doorstep for less than grocery store prices!


Is Thrive Market worth it?

If you plan on eating healthy, organic food then yes, it is worth it. Being a mom, I don’t always have the time to take multiple trips to the supermarket. I usually plan my meals in advance. So, I order everything I need for my upcoming meals from Thrive Market.


Thrive Market Order


It takes around 2-3 days for my package to arrive. That’s convenient, considering I don’t need to take my kids along whenever I have to get a pack of chia seeds.

And, if you eat a clean diet then you will agree that buying organic can be a hassle at times and can break the bank. I find the organic food variety is often quite limited at my local grocery store.  All the organic food just sits in a small section while the processed food takes up the majority of the shelves. This usually means a lot of last-minute improvisation and replanning in my head. Frankly, I don’t have the time for that and it’s frustrating. So, Thrive Market solves that problem for me too.

I find shopping with Thrive Market easier because they have categorized products according to the most popular healthy plans: Ketogenic, Whole30, Gluten-Free, and even Paleo. There was a time when my husband wanted to try out the very popular Paleo diet. I had no idea what ingredients I could use. But Thrive Market helped me a lot by offering me Paleo food suggestions. It made meal prepping so much easier.

When you buy from Thrive Market, you are also doing your part in feeding the world clean, healthy food. For every membership bought, the website extends a free membership to deserving peoples including students, teachers, veterans, and other low-income families. So you can enjoy your organic food thinking of the family that’s getting good food on the table because of you. If you fall into any of these categories, then you should apply for a free membership.


organic products at discount


Try Thrive Market for Free

If you have just pledged yourself to a healthy lifestyle and are still figuring out if it is for you, then you’ll be happy to hear that you can try the thrive market membership for free for the first 30 days! In these 30 days, you can shop the same selection of products as their members and at the same prices. No commitment required.

If at the end of the thirty days, you feel you are ready to commit to a healthier you, then go ahead and get the annual membership. There’s also a 25% discount for new members. Use this link to claim further savings on your first order.


Thrive Market free gift


Thrive Market Free Gift

And wait, there’s more! When you buy the annual membership of $60, you get the Thrive Market Free Gift. There’s always a free gift with every order! In my order above I received a free Invigorating Facial Mask valued at $40!! The good part is that I can choose my Thrive Market free gift. I once chose to get a bag of organic cashews with my order. Before that, they sent me almond butter. I find it’s a good way to try out new products without paying for them.

Ready to try out Thrive Market? Try it out for free here.

Thrive Market Coupon Code

You can use my Thrive Market coupon code from here to get a 25% discount on your first order. (just click the link to get the coupon) Eat healthy, live longer with Thrive.


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  1. I totally forgot about Thrive Market, as I noticed it a couple of years ago, then never heard of it again. Wow, this is a good deal, I want to check it out. I try to eat healthy, and have noticed that ordering things online can be very expensive, and then the grocery stores often don’t have anything that I’m looking for. This could be a good fit!

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