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I am a big believer in probiotic benefits and in order to properly reap the benefits you need to be taking the best probiotic available. In my opinion, Seed Synbiotic is the best prebiotics and probiotics available to us at an affordable price. I’ll show you why!


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If you haven’t considered adding a probiotic to your daily routine, then you may want to take a moment to consider the probiotic benefits that you can take advantage of. They are numerous and we are finding more and more ways that probiotics improve our overall health. We know now that the health of your gut plays an important role in your overall health so it makes sense that nourishing your gut health leads to better overall health. Now let’s talk about the best probiotic for your buck and the probiotic benefits that you should be taking a closer look at.


Best Probiotic: Seed Synbiotic

I like to say Seed Synbiotic is an advanced version of probiotics. Seed includes both probiotic bacteria and prebiotics. They are used by our gut bacteria to create secondary metabolites. As transient microbes, probiotics travel through your colon, interacting with your immune cells, gut cells, dietary nutrients, and existing bacteria to, directly and indirectly, deliver benefits. Some enhance the gene expressions involved in tight junction signaling, which help protect against intestinal permeability—this means a tight gut barrier. Others trigger neurotransmitters that stimulate muscle contractions for increased motility—think, better, more regular poops. Yet other bacteria produce byproducts like short-chain fatty acids, which have been extensively shown to be beneficial for metabolic and gut immune health.

So basically, Seed is an advanced probiotic. It’s not the probiotic you find in your yogurt or your kefir. Seed has taken probiotics to a whole new level. They have added more strains of healthy bacteria to their probiotics. Seed’s prebiotics are plant-based, non-fermenting prebiotics sourced from Indian pomegranate and Scandinavian chaga mushroom and pine bark. The Daily Synbiotic is vegan.  Seed is a vegan probiotic and is also dairy and gluten-free (and allergen-free!). Simply put, Seed Synbiotic is the best probiotic out there in my opinion!

There are two different kinds of Seed probiotic: the female and the male version. Both of them are almost the same. It’s just that the female Seed Synbiotic contains 4 extra strains of probiotic bacteria. These help boost folate production in your body (I will talk more about that later).

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Seed as a company has really impressed me from the get-go. In your first box of Seed probiotics, you’ll find a mycelium tray which is grown by mushrooms and composts in just 30 days. Pretty impressive! The glass jar that includes your first month’s supply is intended to last the life of your time with Seed. Your refills will arrive in a compostable, bio-based pouch which can be dumped into your glass jar.


Seed travel jar


They even include a smaller glass travel jar that will hold a 7 day supply of Seed probiotics. That means your gut health won’t be disrupted when you travel because Seed probiotics don’t require refrigeration and are easy to take on the go.


Probiotic Benefits

Let’s talk about the benefits of Seed Synbiotics as they are numerous!*

Digestive Health:

I’ve talked a little about it already, but let me expand this a little more. Good gut health is imperative to good overall health. One big problem that many people have (and don’t even know they have) is “leaky gut” when the junctions between cells expand and allow food proteins to enter the bloodstream where they were never intended to be. Hence the rise in food allergies and all sorts of issues. Seed probiotics help maintain healthy gut barrier function and integrity. They also support healthy gut immune function and ‘cross-talk’ between immune and intestinal cells.


One in every 7 adults is affected by constipation. For some, the problem is chronic. Probiotics and prebiotics also improve your stool movement. Prebiotics provide hydration to your colon, which allows the stool to move easier through your colon. Probiotics are basically your good bacteria which helps to improve bowel movement and gut health.


Cardiovascular Health

The bacteria in Seed Synbiotics also improves in the digestion of bile and cholesterol. This then controls cholesterol levels in your body, which means better heart health and blood flow.


Skin Health

Most of you probably already know, but what your skin is a reflection of your body’s health. So if your body is healthy, your skin will glow and look more healthy and hydrated.

Other Benefits of Seed Synbiotic include improved:

  • Metabolism
  • Energy Levels
  • Reproductive Health
  • Gut Immune Function
  • Oxidative Stress
  • Gastrointestinal function


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How to Start Seed Synbiotic

Seed is available as a monthly subscription that you can skip or cancel at any time. By starting a subscription you’ll ensure that you always have your probiotics and don’t run out. Shipping is free in the US (yay!!). Each month, you will get your 60 capsules in amazing packaging (the packaging is sustainable too!).

I take two capsules daily as recommended by Synbiotic. These capsules are basically tasteless. They advise you to take it on an empty stomach, something to do with mixing up better with your digestive juices. So, I usually take it early in the morning.

You can also cancel your membership if you aren’t satisfied with the results. But for me, I will continue it for the first year at least. I started seeing results in less than two days. I’m also seeing an improvement in my energy levels and I’m guessing it has to be with the prebiotics and probiotics in Seed Synbiotics.

I do wish they had a variation for kids also. Remember when I said one in seven adults is affected by constipation. In kids, the number is higher. Every fourth child is affected by constipation. And they don’t even know the symptoms.



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What Does My Doctor Think Of Seed Synbiotic?

Many of you know that I see a doctor that takes a natural approach to health. She does something called nutrition response testing as well which allows her to see if my body specifically wants a supplement and will benefit from it. I brought my Seed Synbiotic with me to my last appointment. She had never heard of Seed and was willing to test it on me and see how it tested. Sure enough, I tested for two capsules a day and tested as it being beneficial to my body. This is without any knowledge on my doctor’s part so it’s definitely an unbiased opinion which I fully appreciate before starting any sort of supplement.

Afterward my doctor read the label on the jar more closely and was really impressed with the 24 strains of probiotics included in Seed Synbiotic and wanted to know more about this probiotic as she hasn’t seen a great probiotic with so many strains. We were both excited about discovering it!

After all of my research and my doctor’s opinion, I have to say that hands-down Seed Synbiotic is the best probiotic for me and one that I wholeheartedly recommend everyone try. Imagine what it can do for your overall health! The monthly cost is affordable and there really isn’t a price tag for preventive health care. It will cost you a lot more later to try and regain your health than it will to take care of it in the first place.


Seed Synbiotic Discount Code

You can try Seed Synbiotics, with a 30-day risk-free guarantee so you have no reason not to! Use my exclusive coupon code I scored for you and save 15%!! Enter Seed discount code MUSTHAVEMOM at checkout! I’d love to hear what you think of Seed once you try it!



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