Why We Eat Grass Fed Beef From Helstrom Farms

About 97% of the beef available in the market right now is grain-fed beef. If you were to talk to a nutritionist, he would recommend grass-fed beef over grain-fed beef on any day. Before we tried it, I always thought, What difference did it make what the cow ate? But it does. There are so many grass fed beef benefits that have now I experienced myself.

So, what’s the big deal about grass-fed beef?


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What is Grass Fed Beef?

In the days of old, when there was plenty of open lands, cattle used to roam fields and open pastures. Their food was mainly grass from these pastures and fields. But as the demand for meat increased, farmers switched over to an unnatural diet of soy and corn as the main sustenance for these animals. That’s because when cows are fed grain-based foods like soy and corn, they gain weight quickly. Nowadays, farms also don’t have resources to allow their animals to roam freely. So because grain-based cows are confined in smaller spaces, they gain even more weight. This means more meat for the farmer once they slaughter it.

The beef that you usually get from your local supermarkets is grain-based. The grains that are fed to the cattle contain GMO’s as well (genetically modified organisms). Not familiar with GMO’s? You’ve likely heard of Monsanto and Roundup. The grain seeds are genetically modified to contain glyphosate and glyphosate has been proven to cause cancer. Do we really want pesticides infused INTO our food? No!

Grain-finished meat is cheaper than grass-fed beef. Grass-fed meat is more expensive because their farmers make the effort of letting the cows roam in open fields. They spend more time and energy on raising their cows and allowing them to eat their natural diet of grass. It takes longer for the cows to grow and gain weight and it also requires more land, land management and preparing to feed the cows grass (hay) in the winter as well. There are a lot more resources that go into producing healthy, grass-fed beef.


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What Difference Does it Make What The Cow Eats?

You’d be surprised to learn that just changing what your cow eats, affects the nutritional quality of the beef in the end. Some grass-fed beef benefits are:

High Nutritional Value

This reason is enough for me to change to grass-fed meals. As a mom, I want my kids to eat food that’s high in nutritional value. Grass-fed beef is high in mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content. By eating it, my family is eating their daily recommended intake of vitamin Bs, Vitamin E, Calcium, Potassium, and magnesium from their beef. Plus, it contains a higher count of Omega 3s.

Fewer Calories

The main reason most diets stress grass-fed meat is that it has lower fat content than grain-based beef. Though it is more expensive, you eat 16,642 fewer calories in a year by just switching over to grass-fed cow meat.

No Hormones

We have all heard of how hormones are bad for us. Our body has a natural hormonal balance. But when we eat food that contains all the excessive hormones, the balance in your body tips. Our body is taking in more hormones than it needs. This is one leading cause of early puberty, different forms of cancer and even the rise in obesity levels among the general American population. The diet of grass fed cows is free from these hormones.

Antibiotic Use

Grain-based cattle are often kept in poor, unsanitary conditions. This, along with their confined space, often results in illnesses and diseases. Did you know that the majority of antibiotics sold in the US are sold to farmers? Though the FDA has taken numerous steps to limit antibiotics in the human population, little has been done towards the use of antibiotics in farm animals.

This means that even though you might have cut back on your antibiotic use, you are still taking them in through the food that you eat.  In fact, when you switch to grass fed meat, you are less likely to catch infections.

Prevent Chronic Diseases

When it comes to heart health, it’s not red meat that’s the culprit. Grass-fed beef is actually good for your health. It lowers your cholesterol levels since its high in Omega-3. It’s high-fat content also helps improve blood sugar levels.


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Helstrom Farms  Grass Fed Beef

We’ve been getting our beef from Helstrom Farms. When it comes to healthy eating, I prefer buying directly from the supplier when possible. It’s reassuring knowing where your meat is coming from. Plus, it’s cheaper for the farmer and better for the environment.

I have personally visited Helstrom Farms and worked closely with Jason Helstrom and his wife Charity. They run this small, Minnesota grass fed farm together and raise their six children there. They homeschool their kids and it is truly a family effort to produce the best grass fed beef around. They truly care for the animals, the environment and your health and are committed to running the highest quality farm in Minnesota.

Also, Helstrom Beef is 100% grass fed. Ever since switching our beef, I have learned so much about what grass-fed beef really means. Let me tell you this. Not all beef labeled as grass-fed is really that. Many farmers feed their cattle grass in the summer when it’s easy to let the cattle out. But during the cold winter months, they put their cattle back inside the farms and feed them a grain-based diet.

At Helstrom Farms, the beef is true-grass fed, which means it eats grass all year round. Plus they don’t use any hormones, GMOs or artificial insemination on their cows. It’s healthy all the way!

If you are in Minnesota or Wisconsin, you don’t even have to pay any shipping charges because residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin get FREE SHIPPING.


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Tips on Cooking Grass Fed Meat

I admit grass fed beef tastes a little different from grain-based beef. I have eaten several different brands of grass-fed beef and Helstrom Farms grass-fed beef is hands-down the BEST flavor out there. It is so delicious and flavorful. I actually prefer the flavor of Helstrom Farms grass-fed beef over grain-fed beef. It’s amazing. Cooking grass-fed beef requires a few tips you should know:

  • It cooks faster than grain-based feed. So, there’s a chance you might end up overcooking it and get a rubbery texture. Cook it on low or indirect heat. I don’t cook it past medium.
  • I don’t withhold the salt shaker when cooking the meat. Putting the salt during the initial cooking process results in moist, flavorful meat.
  • Once you are done with the cooking, let the meat rest for at least 10 minutes.

If you are ready to switch over to a healthier grass fed beef, check out my Mongolian Beef recipe. It turned out really good! You can purchase grass-fed beef from a trusted farmer at Helstrom Farms website. They personally pack your order and ship it on dry ice. You’ll be supporting a small, family farm and investing in your health. There is truly no price tag you can put on that!


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