Brady Turns ONE Year Old Tomorrow! His Frightening Beginning & Joyous Days Since {+ Pampers Giveaway!}


Brady newborn pic

The day my sweet baby Brady was born was filled with joy and trepidation. We had learned just one week before his delivery that he was missing a kidney. It was a blow we weren’t prepared for and no one knew if he would suffer from an unknown condition or disease process or if he would be perfectly healthy but missing a kidney. His birth was unlike my other children in that I really didn’t know how he would be once he arrived. Would he be healthy? Would his life be filled with struggles? It was a heavy weight on my shoulders.

When he came out crying and beautiful I let go of my fears and drank up his beautiful presence in my arms. It turns out my baby is healthy and the happiest baby I’ve ever met in my whole life. He is filled with life, love and smiles. Tomorrow he turns one year old. We still don’t fully know the status of his kidney function and how it might effect his future but so far he is doing amazing. I’m looking forward to a follow up appointment in which we will re-scan his kidney and pray for super kidney growth as it was lacking during our last check up. He’s my little miracle baby and I cannot even begin to express the joy he brings to my life each and every day.

Baby's First Milestones

Now here we are 364 days after his joyous entrance into this world. Tomorrow Brady will turn one year old. Once again I find myself filled with emotions. I’m so happy that he is healthy and has hit so many milestones. I’m also so sad that his first year flew by SO fast! He is my last baby and it’s so bittersweet when you know you are done having babies and they hit those milestones because you know that it’s the last time you will watch your child crawl for the first time, or take their first steps. I’m desperately trying to soak up each and every special moment because before I know it he will be heading off to Kindergarten.



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  1. I enjoyed them all and it’s fun to think back at them. My son had some bizarre ones like the first time he climbed out of the window (15 months). Or, the first time he unlocked the deadbolt and went to the neighbors house while I was asleep after working all night (2 1/2). Or the first time he used a box to climb on something (8 months). But probably the first time he walked by himself was the best. (that was early, too, 7 months).

  2. my son’s first milestone was his first steps !:)
    so cute!!! and my daughter when she first said “i love you” melted my heart!

  3. Leave a comment telling me your favorite first milestone that your child reached.

    i dont have children,but it would have to be walking..thanks

  4. I remember feeling so sad realizing that my third daughter was my final baby and the milestones I loved witnessing were all reached……until 3 years ago,when my oldest daughter presented me with a beautiful grandbabe, who looked so incredibly like her and I realized that the milestones were not over! I will never forget hearing Eleanor call me “gramma” for the first time, after much urging. Now she has a brother Ben who has just started crawling, and I am reliving that milestone again. And my second daughter is now expecting her first baby, a little boy, in April. Can’t wait to see his little face!
    So I guess my favorite milestones that my kids have reached would have to be blessing me with grandbabies who I can enjoy the fun with all over again!

  5. I am currently expecting my first, due May 1st. No milestones experienced yet, but I am overjoyed just thinking about all of the milestones that my daughter will reach!

  6. My most exciting firsts was hearing the first words. It is an incredible feeling to hear that first “mama” or “dada” or in my first daughters case, she skipped that and said pretty light. Yes, it was one of those funniest video shockers where something so bizzare came out of here mouth.

  7. My favorite was when my youngest son learned to walk. He had some delays with it and required a physical therapist, so I was overjoyed when he took his first steps.

  8. My favorite milestone always seems to be the most recent one. Two weeks ago, it was dolly pie’s first tooth. Now she pulls herself up onto everything, and that’s my new favorite.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. My daughter is 10 months old. Her first word was “mama”. I remember when she said it clear as day. I couldn’t believe she said it. I was in total awe. She is my little love bug. Her smile brightens up my day! Julie [email protected]

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