Ruggable Machine Washable Area Rugs Are A Must-Have!

Ruggable machine washable area rugs are a must for every house with floors. Yes, you read that correctly. If you have a floor, you need these rugs. These are head and shoulders above every other area rug out there and we’ll show you why we fell in love with them!


ruggable linear aztec black rug


Many of you know that I have been busy renovating my entire house. From my small bathroom makeover to my master bedroom makeover to my farmhouse bathroom on a budget, I’ve been doing it all. I just discovered Ruggable machine washable area rugs and I am SO in love with them! Oh my heavens, these rugs are amazing and gorgeous to boot.

Ruggable provides a selection of area rugs and runners that are machine washable and perfect for people with pets or kids. Ruggable’s 2-piece Rug System consists of a removable, waterproof and stain-resistant Rug Cover and a non-slip Rug Pad. They are hypoallergenic and made from non-toxic materials. Ruggable has the perfect rug for your living room, bedroom, entryway, or kitchen.


Ruggable gray rug

Ruggable 5×7 Rug

With two dogs and four kids, we definitely needed more than one Ruggable for our newly installed hardwood floors. I ordered two different rugs and they arrived neatly rolled up and in record time.

The first rug I ordered was the Ruggable 5×7 Maral Border Vintage Grey rug for my entryway. I wanted a farmhouse style area rug to go with my new makeover. This rug is timeless and perfect and looks even better in person.


ruggable maral border vintage grey rug


The Ruggable 5×7 rug worked perfectly in my entry space. It fills the space beautifully and gives guests a great place to sit and take their shoes off. It’s a beautiful, welcoming space that greets guests as soon as they enter the house.


pet friendly rugs


I don’t have to worry if they’re shoes are dirty either because Ruggable area rugs are machine washable. The top of the rug simply removes off the pad and can be machine washed and dried! It’s amazing and so convenient. I don’t even have to chase the dogs off the rugs anymore!


ruggable two piece rugs

Machine Washable Area Rugs

The Ruggable machine washable rugs are comprised of a two-piece system. Simply roll out the pad and then place the rug over the top. Line up the edges and allow an overhang on each side. Smooth it out and that’s it!

Ruggable Washing Instructions

The Rug Cover, once removed from the underlying Rug Pad, can fit comfortably in a standard or large capacity top or front load washer (with or without an agitator). 

Dry the Rug Cover in the dryer on tumble dry, low heat. Avoid high heat. The Rug Cover can also be hung and air-dried if necessary.

The Rug Pad can only be spot-cleaned using a household disinfectant that does not contain bleach or using warm soapy water.


ruggable linear aztec black

Ruggable Linear Aztec Black Rug

I absolutely fell in love with the Ruggable Linear Aztec Black Rug and couldn’t wait to create a cozy space with it. It works perfectly with Scandinavian decor and modern mountain decor. I paired it with a cozy fur blanket, light wood coffee table and black arrow throw pillows.


ruggable warranty


This is the 6×9 linear aztec black rug. It’s great for a large space!



Ruggable Reviews

The Ruggable reviews are overwhelmingly positive and for good reason. I have found these rugs to be of high quality and they are stunning. I love the vast array of designs they offer and I can’t wait to order more rugs from Ruggable.

In the past, when my area rugs got dirty I was forced to spot clean them and that always produced less than amazing results. With Ruggable, I simply toss it in my washing machine and it comes out looking new again. I am sold on this idea and with four kids and two dogs, I’ll be a customer for life.


Go check out the variety of sizes and designs that Ruggable has to offer. I guarantee you’ll love them once you try them!


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  1. How often have you washed them? Have you found that the corners or edges curl up after washing? Other reviewers have mentioned this so it’s the one reason I am hesitating!
    PS: your house and decor are beautiful!

    1. Oh thank you for your sweet words. I haven’t washed them many times yet as I have only had them a short time but so far I haven’t had any issues!

  2. I’d like to know exactly what these rugs are made of? If they are “stain resistant” as advertised my guess is the rugs are treated or are they claiming that because the rugs are machine washable? I’ve been searching for rugs for the main area of our home. Would like to avoid VOC’s and off gassing. I don’t mind wool but most inexpensive wool is treated with chemicals and truly eco friendly non toxic rugs are very pricey. If you have any more information on the material that would be great.


      1. Courtney – curious what you found and whether you think it would be low VoC. They don’t explicity say that on the website

        1. They are definitely not low VOC. I just brought mine into my house and before even removing from the box, my air quality monitor immediately had the VOC ppb shoot up over 1000, which is dangerous levels.

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