Fun weekend with the family!

I had such a fun time with my family this past weekend. We went out in the woods exploring and found this great little shelter to have a picnic at!

It was so much fun! Danika had a blast. She learned so much too. We saw lakes, deer, horses, butterflies and tons more. Danika thought that it was so cool to see all the animals.

I’m so excited that the weather is getting nicer so we can do these things!


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  1. I am with YOU sister! Love to get outside and we are the outdoor type also…WHAT a cool little cabin lean-to! I have never seen anything like that! Watch for the ticks though…not fun to be sick with tick borne diseases…

    I have not been looking closely at your family posts…I didn't know your little one was named Danika…that was one of my favorite names for our last, but we went with Morgan since our other daughter was an "M" name too. CUTIE PIE!

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