Aiden is sleeping through the night!

Many of you know that Aiden has been my fussy boy. While he is still fussy I am very pleased to tell you that he is sleeping in his crib (in his own room) from around 8pm to 5am! I am thrilled with this. He still sometimes wakes up around 3am and will cry himself back to sleep and occasionally he’ll wake up at 4am and not fall back asleep until I nurse him. That’s okay though because I’m pleased to be able to sleep!

I often worry about the cribs safety, but I follow the SIDS guidelines and love that I have a Babysense monitor on his crib which will alarm if he quits breathing. It definitely makes me feel better. Since he is not in my room and so far away I worry about him (as any mother does) I love that I have the Babysense and now I also have a Summer Infant video baby monitor which I LOVE. I absolutely love that I can peak in on my kids without the risk of disturbing them and waking them up.

Aiden turned 4 months old a few days ago so I tried giving him some rice cereal. The first time I gave it to him he loved it! The next few times he wasn’t a fan. We’re still experimenting with it to see if he is ready for it yet. I can’t believe my little baby boy is growing up so fast!!!

Aiden growing up leaves my husband and I talking about the “perfect” number of children to have. I’d like 4 kids and he’d be happy with 2. He is perfectly excited to have one more though. He debates #4 🙂 We’ll see what I think after number 3. So what do you think. What is the perfect number for you? I love that I already have a boy and a girl so there is no hoping for a specific gender that we don’t have yet. I always wanted a girl and I really wanted my husband to have a little boy to teach all of the boy things too. I love my family and I’m so thankful for this crazy place we are at in life! It may be busy but it is full of love and so many memories!

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  1. I'm biased because I grew up as one of three, but I feel it's the perfect number. A lot of the time one of us was left out and it always changed who was ganging up on the odd one out. This taught me a lot about life and friendships and I think put me ahead in forming relationships. It also really helps eliminate a 'favorite' I think, or the illusion of having one. Each kid has strengths and weaknesses, some overlapping, so things feel less competitive.

  2. We have 4: boy, girl, boy, girl! Frankly, with 3, there was a lot of the boys ganging up on the one girl, I think when the baby is older, things will be more even;-)

  3. lol, I'm only 18 and kidless, but I want 4. My boyfriend of 2.5 years grew up in a family of 3 boys, and thinks you should have an 'even' number because 3 always leaves one out – However, I think this is because theres 3 boys, but when my bf (the baby) was born the older boys were 7 and 9. So i think THATS why he was left out much more so than there being three. but i plan to use this to encourage him to be okay with 4. he thinks i'm a little nuts right now though. We'll see 🙂


  4. I am jealous that your 4 month old sleeps through the night. My 2 year old doesn't even do that (though usually she just wants a diaper). Maybe when the baby hits 4 months we will be closer to all night sleep.

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