Creative Gift Wrapping For Large Gifts! See My Cute Idea!

This year for my 4 year old daughter Danika’s Christmas gift I went with the Disney Princess Dream Castle! She is going to be so excited come Christmas morning. Last year for Christmas she received the whole set of Disney Princess dolls so this castle will be the perfect new home for them! My only dilemma was how to wrap it. I wanted a creative way to wrap it so I started wracking my brain for creative gift wrapping for large gifts. I thought of using a plastic tablecloth but feared it would be too see through. Then it occurred to me that a large blanket or comforter would be perfect. It would have to be Disney Princess of course! I also picked up some ribbon and hair bows to use in my gift wrapping.

Disney Princess

I went with a twin size Disney Princess Comforter and it fit perfectly around the large box of the Dream Castle. I laid it out on the floor and placed the box in the center and wrapped it up like a gift, folding the excess to the back. I then used my ribbon to secure the comforter around the box, tying it around the back.

Disney Princess

I tucked a copy of Cinderella into the ribbon in the front of the wrapping.


I then used the hair bows to decorate the package, perfect for any princess. I used them on top to create the perfect bow to top the gift!

Disney Princess

Just clip the hair bow onto the ribbon to create your bow. It’s quick and easy!

Disney Princess

Then attach your remaining bows to the ribbon around the package to decorate it and make it fitting for your princess.

Disney Princess

I think half the fun of a large gift is the anticipation of opening it and what could be inside. The comforter makes for such a fun gift and is a lot more fun and practical than wrapping the large gift. Then once they open it they have two gifts in one and can snuggle up with their new comforter on Christmas morning! I love the finished product and how adorable it turned out.

Disney Princess

I cannot wait to see my daughter’s face on Christmas morning when she wakes up to this princess package!

What kind of creative gift wrapping for large gifts do you use? I’d love hear your ideas!

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    1. Thanks! Isn’t this more fun than the bags? I’ve used those before too and they are certainly easier than gift wrap!

  1. Creative & practical. Much better than any wrapping paper b/c it will really catch your daughter’s eye Christmas morning. She’s a lucky little girl!

  2. How clever! And I love to do “theme” gifts like this. I’d have never thought of this. I might do this for my daughter’s bday when I redo her room in a different color this late summer. Using a comforter or even curtains for the wrap job for a desk ( in box). thanks for sharing a great idea!

    1. Thanks Eileen. I love doing the themed gifts. they are so fun to put together! This would be perfect for when you redo your daughter’s room!

  3. This gift wrapping is very creative and perfect for a little girl! I typically tend to try to wrap big gifts with wrapping paper, but it’s sometimes a stretch trying to get wrapping paper big enough or that won’t tear while I am doing it.

    1. I seem to have the same problem with getting the wrapping paper to fit or to keep it from tearing. This was definitely much easier!

    1. She was SO excited when she saw it! The Dream Castle was by far her favorite Christmas gift. She’s played with it everyday since then!

  4. omg, i needed to see this! BAD! i am HORRIBLE at wrapping anything that is big or not square! this is such a great idea!

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