Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike ~ Top Picks For Christmas {Review & Giveway}

One thing that was hard for me to learn as a child was how to ride a bike. I was ridiculously old when I finally learned how to ride it and conquered my fear of falling. One thing I wish I had as a child was the Balance Bike from Prince Lionheart. A critical skill to learning how to ride a bike is to learn to balance. The balance bike teaches your child how to balance before they move up to a pedal bike and master balancing and pedaling at the same time. Why send them off with a push and hope they learn to balance before they fall?! Teach them the skill of balancing before they get sent off into the bushes like I did.

Prince Lionheart Bike

Aiden is 3 years old and this Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike is just perfect for him! He LOVES it! You can just watch as your child’s sense of independence and self-confidence become apparent as they learn to balance and steer at their own pace: first walking, then gliding! It’s an awesome transformation to watch their confidence grow!

Prince Lionheart Bike

The Chop Balance Bike is for kids ages 2-5 years and has a height adjustable, padded seat (14.8in – 17in). It’s made with 100% birch frame from an FSC certified forest and has solid rubber handgrips. It’s a very well made bike and it’s quite impressive. It screams quality!

Prince Lionheart Bike

We often find Aiden’s legs are too short for him to reach pedals and even on his trike he has a hard time reaching the pedals. Giving him the ability to learn to balance and glide on his bike before mastering pedaling is great.

Prince Lionheart Bike

You can buy the Prince Lionheart Chop Bike on Prince Lionheart’s site for $110.

Prince Lionheart Chop Balance Bike

They also have a super cute girl version, the Whirl Balance Scooter.

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    1. So…. it’s ‘cool’ to piss money away on crap products? That’s what you are doing with these Prince-Lionheart products.

    1. Now…. talk about overpriced crud. Those guards are a total waste of $$$.

      I have to agree….Prince-Lion-Heart products are overpriced and a scam.

  1. This Prince Lionheart bike is an overpriced piece of junk. Not worth the $$$$. In fact, all of their items are WAY WAY WAY over priced. Not worth anything…..

    1. It’s very sad that a recent (former) Princelionheart employee told me that they have a staff that write their own reviews on-line for all of their products. An entire staff??? That’s insane !!! Now I know why they have all these positive reviews on-line. Sounds like they are very shady and something always up their sleeves. I have purchased many of their products and I agree… they are very expensive and the quality is poor. Sounds like the company is falling apart at the wagon wheels.

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