Cheese Puff Monster Party Food Idea

We had the cutest monster party for my son and this cheese puff monster was a huge hit! Not only is he adorable, but he’s tasty too!!


cheese puff monster


Cheese Puff Monster Party Food

This cheese puff monster is so adorable and so easy to make! It looks difficult, but it is actually super easy! We made this to go along with our monster party food which also included these yummy eyeball monster cookies and Rice Krispie bar monster treats! Here are the supplies needed to create your own cheese puff monster!


Cheese Puff Monster Supplies



cheese puff monster

Cheese Puff Monster Party Food Instructions

To make your cheese puff monster, begin by setting the foam ball on top of a dish or glass to hold it. I used a sundae dish for mine. Anything that has a wide enough opening to keep the ball stable will work.


cheese puff ball monster


Next, insert a toothpick into the end of each cheese puff and then press it into the foam ball. Repeat until you have covered the entire foam ball with cheese puffs.


monster ball antennae


Next, wrap one end of the white pipe cleaner around a toothpick as shown in the photo above.


pipecleaner antenna


Then, attach the large googly eye to the other end of the pipe cleaner.


monster cheese puff ball


Insert the toothpicks into the cheese puff monster to attach the eyes to the monster. Repeat these steps for the other pipe cleaners as well to create the two antennas. You may want to insert them before you finish adding cheese puffs to this area in order to make it easier.


monster party food


Serve your cheese puff monster alongside a glass jar of the extra cheese puffs that are leftover after creating your cheese puff monster. Add two more googly eyes to the glass jar to make it look like a monster too! Guests can eat from the jar or the monster!


Free Monster Birthday Party Printables

monster party printables


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Pin Monster Party Cheese Puff Monster

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