BBQ Beef Ribs Pressure Cooker Recipe! BEST Way to Cook Them is in a Pressure Cooker!

BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe

Each Spring we buy half a cow from the farmer down the road. It’s a fantastic way to save money on beef as you pay less per pound for all cuts than you would for just ground beef. That means we pay less than $3 a pound for all of it from the ground beef to the T-Bones! It’s fantastic and the taste can’t be beat. Organic, grass fed beef that is fresh from the farm is unbeatable by any grocery store meat.

We’ve had beef ribs in our freezer since last Spring because I was intimidated by the cooking process. Everywhere I read said they often come out tough if not cooked properly. After much research I concluded that the best way to cook them would be to use my pressure cooker. I couldn’t find a good BBQ Beef Ribs pressure cooker Recipe anywhere so I set out to create my own. The results were amazing! My husband was hovering over me the whole time because he couldn’t wait to dig in. We were blown away by how tender, fall off the bone, delicious these were!

BBQ Beef Ribs

You are going to start by trimming as much fat as you can from the ends of each cut. Make sure they are cut into serving size pieces. After you trim the fat rub them with rib rub and brown all sides in your pressure cooker by heating the oil and browning them. You will have to do them in batches and once you are finished browning all sides you can pile them in a bowl. I also added onions at this stage and removed them when I was done browning the ribs.

Next insert your cooking rack into your pressure cooker which will function to keep your ribs above the liquid so they aren’t boiling in the liquid. This will deliver a better taste. Add 2 cups beer (or you may substitute water) and fill with ribs. Be sure to refer to your pressure cooker’s guide so you don’t overfill it.

Cook at 15 PSI for 40 minutes. Let pressure drop of it’s own accord.

Pressure Dial

Heat your oven’s broiler. Remove ribs from pressure cooker once pressure has dropped to 0. Place on greased broiler pan.


Once cooked your ribs will be falling off the bone! Take care to remove them gently to keep them as intact as possible.

Beef Ribs Pressure Cooker

Next baste the ribs on your broiler pan with your favorite BBQ sauce. Broil on high 2-3 min until sauce is caramelized and bubbly. Flip ribs over and repeat.

BBQ Beef Ribs

These are SOOOOOOOOOOO amazing! You won’t cook them any other way once you’ve tried this method!

BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe! BEST Way to Cook Them is in a Pressure Cooker!

Sarah @ Minnesota Mama's Must Haves
Amazing, fall of the bone BBQ Beef Ribs Recipe
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 40 minutes
Total Time 55 minutes
Course Main Dish
Cuisine BBQ
Servings 6


  • 5-10 lbs beef ribs fat trimmed and cut into serving size pieces
  • Rib Rub I used Famous Dave's Rib Rub or make your own
  • 2 C Beer
  • 3 T Oil
  • 1 Onion sliced thick
  • 1 bottle your favorite BBQ Sauce I used Sweet Baby Ray's Sweet & Spicy


  • Trim fat and cut ribs into serving sized pieces.
  • Apply dry rib rub
  • Heat oil in pressure cooker and brown ribs on all sides. Add onions at the same time while ribs are browning. Do them in batches and remove to a pan or bowl.
  • Remove onions once all ribs are browned.
  • Insert your cooking rack in your pressure cooker.
  • Add 2 C beer. Add ribs and onions.
  • Cook 40 min at 15 PSI
  • Let pressure drop of it's own accord
  • Heat oven broiler on high.
  • Remove ribs from pressure cooker carefully as they will fall apart.
  • Place on broiler pan and baste with BBQ sauce.
  • Cook 2-3 min until BBQ sauce is bubbly
  • Repeat for other side
  • Enjoy!

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  1. never thought of putting them in a pressure cooker & we are bbq freaks in my house. yours look devine! i’ll have t show this to the hubby for sure

      1. I was looking at them on Amazon after this post! What kind do you have? I really want to start canning too. I am going to double check with my mom to make sure she doesn’t have one (my dad would always buy all kinds of kitchen/cooking gadgets that would get used once and never again), if she doesn’t… I may have to keep my eye open for one.

        1. You can only can In the stove top ones. The electric ones are fantastic for cooking but do not reach high enough pressure to can.

  2. Awesome! It’s a great idea to cook BBQ Beef Ribs in a pressure cooker! It will help us save time and make the beef taste more delicious! I really love your recipe 🙂
    Thanks a lot for sharing it!

  3. OMG ! They look so juicy and delicious. Thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t been making ribs myself because I worried they would be to tough. I don’t have a pressure cooker but I know I can borrow my sister’s to make this recipe. 🙂
    Carol L

  4. Sarah,
    At 76 years of age I have been BBQing longer then you are old and never thought anything could beat my ribs. I happened upon your recipe for “ribs in a pressure cooker” and finished what I believe to be the best tasting ribs I have ever had…..fall of the bone succulent. So good in fact that at our next garage sale, ALL my high priced outdoor stuff (grills, spatulas, charcoal, cleaning equipment, etc.) will be cleaned out .
    Pressure cooking is truly the only way to accomplish in a short period of time great tasting food and without all the cleanup that grilling requires. But your recipe and directions are OUTSTANDING! I thank you and all the people I have yet to feed thank you. Sincerely, Ron Lundwall

  5. Oh wow! I have never thought of cooking them this way! They look so good! I cannot wait to try these for my family this way!!!

  6. What a fabulous looking dinner this one is. I made baby back ribs yesterday for the kids but used the slow cooker. This just look excellent

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