Baby Food Ideas! How To Introduce Your Baby To The Flavors You Love

Baby food ideas! Exotic flavors baby will love

Baby food ideas outside the box! How to introduce your baby to the flavors you love. Exotic baby food ideas and more!

Introducing your baby to new flavors can be overwhelming! There are so many rules and it can feel like you are in uncharted territory. Fear not! Introducing your baby to new flavors, and even exotic flavors, isn’t as intimidating as you might think! Beech-Nut recognized the desire moms have to feed their babies the same unique flavors they are eating. Beech-Nut has a new line of flavor options that are sure to stimulate your baby’s palate and get them just as excited about food as you and me. Not only that, but what you see is what you get with Beech-Nut. They don’t use preservatives or extra ingredients. Their Organics™ just mango is exactly that, just mango. Check the ingredients on each jar. You’ll be amazed! It’s just like what you would whip up yourself in your own kitchen but without all the time and mess involved! Here are some new baby food ideas to add to your baby’s menu.

Baby food ideas outside the box! How to introduce your baby to the flavors you love. Exotic baby food ideas and more!

Beech-Nut is dedicated to infant nutrition and helping moms and dads make the best choices for their families. They have a deep understanding of the need for babies to develop a palate for unique tastes, textures and colors early on to set the path for healthier choices later in life. With the new fruit and meal varieties, you can ensure your baby is getting the nutritional benefits of a well-balanced diet made with organic whole fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. New flavors include Beech-Nut(r) Naturals™ stage 1 prunes, stage 2 just mango, and stage 2 bananas as well as Beech-Nut(r) Organics™ stage 2 bananas, stage 2 just mango, stage 3 mango, chicken, curry & rice, stage 3 macaroni rings & meat sauce and stage 3 corn & potato chowder.

I was asked to taste test these myself and see what I thought. Now if you’ve ever cruised YouTube and checked out the various reactions of parents tasting baby food you’ll find an assortment of hilarious reactions to the less-than-appealing baby food flavors. I’m happy to report that wasn’t the case here! The Beech-Nut(r) Organics™ stage 2 just mango was my favorite. It was vibrant and flavorful just like a mango! I also tasted the Beech-Nut(r) Organics™ stage 2 bananas, Beech-Nut(r) Organics™ stage 3 corn & potato chowder and Beech-Nut(r) Naturals™ stage 1 prunes. I have to say that after tasting them and checking out the minimal ingredient labels I’m very impressed! They were all very delicious and tasted like the real foods they are made from!

Baby food ideas! Exotic flavors baby will love

Here are some fun meal pairing ideas for baby to inspire you! Chipotle Mango Meatballs for you and Beech-Nut(r) Organics™ stage 2 just mango for baby. Introduce your baby to the vibrant taste of mangoes with this yummy jar of organic mango! You can enjoy the taste together!

Baby food ideas! Exotic flavors baby will love

Authentic corn tamales for you and Beech-Nut(r) Organics™ stage 3 corn & potato chowder for baby!


Find these exciting new flavors from Beech-Nut near you! Check out their store locator to find your nearest store.

Not sure if your baby is ready for baby food? Check out this free Beech-Nut’s guide to what baby eats now!

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen flavors like these in baby foods. I think it’s a great idea though. I don’t know why baby food always has to be baby carrots and peas.

  2. Man, I tell you, my kids all loved Beech-Nut. I loved the assortment of flavors for them and especially how good it was for them. Thanks for sharing

  3. Baby food has come so far since my kids were eating it. I a, glad there are so many great options now without weird additives!

  4. Who said it has to be boring? I always started with single ingredients to ensure there weren’t allergies, but after that it’s time to add some flavor.

  5. I’ve never heard this before but I’m so glad that this is good for my kids too. And at the same time it is made from organics, I love them now. Wanna try it.

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