Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller Review!

A trip to anywhere can be a challenge with a 1, 2 and 4 year old in tow. Having the right stroller is such an important aspect to making your trip a little easier and more enjoyable for everyone. I had the chance to test out the Joovy Caboose Ultralight stroller with the Caboose Too seat. I was excited about the possibilities this stroller offered. It can convert from a double stroller with two full size seats to a sit and stand functioning stroller once they get a little older.


 Aiden is on the verge of no longer wanting to sit in a stroller but on trips that require a lot of walking he still needs a stroller. The Caboose Too seat offers the versatility that I need in this transitioning stage. It quickly and easily attaches and detaches to the Caboose Ultralight stroller. I keep it in the van with the stroller so I can use it however I wish.

The Caboose Ultralight stroller weighs in at a very light 21 pounds. The size makes it ideal to maneuver narrow spaces and conquer tight areas with ease. The single sun shade in the middle provides shade for both seats.


One thing I found needing improvement is the under stroller basket. For a double stroller it was really hard to access and difficult to get my diaper bag into. It would be great if there was a back access for the basket rather than having to maneuver between the seats to get your things into the basket. You won’t be storing much in the basket if you have a child sitting in the Caboose Too because their feet will need to go down into the basket to sit comfortably.


 I love the parent cup holders and organizing pockets on the handle. It has velcro and zippered pouches to store all of your things.

When we go for shorter trips the sit and stand option is ideal because it gives Aiden a feeling of independence while still keeping him safe and secure in the stroller.He loves being able to sit or stand on the stroller and feel like a big kid. It’s also perfect for Danika and Aiden to take turns walking and riding in the back of the stroller. Since they can’t walk too far it works great for rotating who gets to ride.

 When they are sitting there is a buckle so that you are still able to buckle them in even with just the bench seat.

The Joovy Caboose Ultralight is a very light, maneuverable stroller with multiple options for your children as they grow. With the Caboose Too seat it works great for little ones and as they grow and become independent they can choose to sit or stand on the back. I’d love to see larger wheels for more tough terrain and an easier to access storage basket. The parent tray is great! It folds easily and is really easy to get in and out of my vehicle. The Caboose Too seat is easy to take off and put on. It’s quick enough that I leave it in the vehicle and configure the stroller to meet our needs for each trip.

You can get the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand On Tandem Stroller for $269.99 on Joovy’s site. It comes in lots of bright, modern colors too! The Caboose Too seat is also available on Joovy’s site for $69.99.

*I was provided product for review and was not compensated for this post. My opinions are 100% my own.

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