5 Cleaning Tips to Help You Work Smarter not Harder

cleaning tips

5 Cleaning Tips

I don’t know about you but summer usually means we are busy! School is out, vacations are scheduled, and the days are spent having as much fun as possible. That means that sometimes cleaning takes a backseat. I have come up with furniture cleaning tips that will help you get the house looking great in no time and ready for some more fun!

Use Lemon to Brighten Fixtures

Your regular cleaning will get bathroom and kitchen fixtures clean but over time it can leave them looking dingy and not as shiny. Easily brighten fixtures by cutting a lemon in half and rubbing it over the fixture. The lemon will remove the dullness and leave behind a bright new looking faucet. It also works great on stainless sinks.

Make the Beds

Often making the beds seems like a futile effort. At the end of the day we are just going to lay in them and mess them up all over again. But making the bed will make a huge difference visually in the room. It makes the room appear more organized and less cluttered. Plus it only takes a few minutes.

Work as you Go

If you are in the bathroom to fix your hair and you notice the sink is a little dirty. Take a minute and wipe it out. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the kitchen sink either. Stop walking past those dirty socks that the kids didn’t get in the hamper. Take a few minutes as you go and clean up the little things that need it. These small steps go a long way in making your home stay cleaner for longer.

Care for Wood Furniture

Wood furniture does not really take a lot to care for it. A simple mixture of dish soap and water will help clean it while a furniture polish or oil will keep it shiny. If you notice a water ring on it, holding a blow dryer over the spot then finishing with a bit of olive oil will keep it looking as good as new. If you are in the market for new furniture, Hudson sells mahogany furniture in Sydney.

Dryer Sheets are not just for the Dryer

Use a dryer sheet about once a month to go around baseboards and window sills. The dryer sheets will help keep these areas free from hair and dust. Leaving you more time to enjoy your summer.

What sort of cleaning tips do you have?

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  1. Work as you go really does help. I find I save so much time just by doing quick clean ups throughout the day. Keeping a tub of cleaning wipes under the bathroom sink really helps with that. (visiting from Welcome Home Wednesday)

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