31 Minion Gift Ideas For Kids!

Minion Gift Ideas

My youngest son just turned 3 years old and he is obsessed with minions! We threw him the ultimate minion party (grab my free minion printables and minion birthday party food ideas here) and he also got some really cool minion gifts. I’ll share some of our favorite minion gift ideas for kids with you so you can buy your minion obsessed child something cool too!

31 Fun Minion Gift Ideas! These minion gifts are perfect for kids of all ages. Love the unique ideas.

This list of minion gift ideas includes everything from minion toys to minion bath sets. I am a firm believer in buying practical gifts as well as fun toys so this list includes some practical gift ideas that are minion themed too!

31 Minion Themed Gifts

I hope you found something fun for the minion lover in your life! My son enjoyed receiving many of these gifts and they are all kid-approved!

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